How to Create a Classifieds Website to Sell Second Hand Goods

The days of rummaging through tables of goods at garage sales early on a Sunday morning are diminishing as those items are now being listed on virtual marketplaces also known as classified websites. If you live within an area where you see a large pool of interest in second hand buying and selling, creating a Classifieds website can allow you to not only earn advertisement income but also gives you a platform where you can post your own second hand items for sale. In this article we will look at how the ClassiPress AppTheme can be used to create a second hand classifieds website where the administrator can earn listing income and third party advertisement payments.

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JobRoller Version 1.9.0 is Here

A new version of JobRoller, 1.9.0 is now available which allows users to implement the new AppMaps Plugins. Along with the ability to implement alternatives to Google Maps on a JobRoller website, users can also take advantage of the recently added currencies and improved help texts within the settings menu.

Any issues our users of JobRoller have previously reported have also been addressed in this latest version. This includes a handful of typos and minor map issues. We appreciate the feedback we have received from our customers in terms of the JobRoller AppTheme and hope this latest version has addressed any mentioned issues.

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Using ClassiPress to Showcase Local Dogs and Puppies for Sale

Perhaps you dabble in dog breeding on the side and wish to create a site where you can list the puppies you currently have available?

Or maybe you have found that many local breeders cannot find a site where they can specifically post the dogs and puppies they have for sale?

If you plan on creating a WordPress classifieds website either to list your own puppies for sale or create a place where other locals can do so, why not use the ClassiPress AppTheme? ClassiPress is a powerful WordPress theme that includes functions required to create a classifieds website. This AppTheme allows you to edit and design your very own classifieds website in under an hour. Not only does a ClassiPress website look professional, but it also includes all the necessary features to begin listing your own ads, and collect revenue through visitors listing their ads.

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Creating a Website to Advertise Local Photographers Using Vantage

Is there a large pool of photographers in the area in which you live?

Are you considering creating a site where individual photographers can show case their work in hopes of obtaining new clients?

Vantage, a business directories AppTheme is the ideal platform to set up a local photography register. Vantage is among the top business directory themes that comes with inbuilt eCommerce features. This means that not only can visitors to the site list their business, but you can also sell them an ad package to do so. Alternatively, your motive may be to compile a collection of local photographers which you advertise for free in hopes of making money through Google Adsense.

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New Update for Vantage: 4.2.0


A new version of the popular Vantage AppTheme is now available. In this new version 4.2.0 our lead developers have addressed a couple of minor issues brought to our attention and have implemented some exciting new features.

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Introducing ClassiPress Version 4.1.0

We have received positive feedback from our long term and new customers regarding the ‘new look’ ClassiPress 4.x.

A new update; 4.1.0 is now available. This new version addresses some minor fixes and comes with a couple of useful features.

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How to Setup a Smart Phones Classifieds Website


You have come up with an idea to start selling smart phones online. You have a physical products yourself or wish to make an income from selling ad spots but are unsure what the next step is you should take. You may be wondering if it is possible to get your idea off the ground and start earning an income.

We are here to tell you with a little hard work the classified site possibilities are endless.

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The Launch of ClassiPress 4.x

The new version of ClassiPress is here and we cannot wait for you to try it out!

A new era called for a new look ClassiPress. We would like to introduce our loyal and our future customers to ClassiPress 4.x. In this major release we have addressed all fixes, added some valuable new features and updated the interface. ClassiPress 4.x is now the newest classifieds ad theme on the market.

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New Version Release: Clipper 2.0.0

We are excited to release a new version of the popular Clipper AppTheme: v2.0.0!

Note: 2.0.0 is a major release- ensure you test this version separately and backup your WordPress site. 

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