JobRoller Version 1.9.1


While the JobRoller Version 1.9.1 is only a minor release, there is one new feature that our AppTheme’s developers have been working on recently that we thought was worth sharing with our user base. To keep up to date with the way in which Google directs traffic, a markup to the job posting schema of structured data ensures all the Job Listings created on your JobRoller website are eligible to appear in the special experience Google Search Results. This special experience is currently only available in specific countries and regions, although for those listing jobs within eligible countries, the possibility of further traffic becomes a possibility with this new feature.

Structured Data has been added by our developers to the following pages:

  • Front Page Website and Organization
  • Blog Posts
  • The Author’s Page
  • Static Pages

The developers have added basic schemas that can then be extended using actions and filters.

If you are now wondering why this feature is worth noting, adding this feature to the JobRoller AppTheme allows those with the latest update (1.9.1) the ability to:

  • Be Included in Enriched Google Search Results 
    If eligible one or more of the job listings on your website will be featured with your logo, reviews and further details.
  • Be Found Through an Exact Google Location Search
    For instance someone searching ‘Barista Jobs in Los Angeles’ may come across one of your Job Listings for that exact location. Clicking on the listing further will direct the user to your website.
  • Increase Conversion through Further Traffic
    If one or multiple of the Job Listings found on your JobRoller website are included in an enriched Google search results popup or interactive feature, this may increase the traffic to your website and in turn increase conversion.

Upgrading from JobRoller 1.9.0 to 1.9.1

While the decision to upgrade or not is entirely your own decision, we recommend this update as it gives website owners the opportunity to increase their website traffic.

Ensure you have completed a full site back-up prior to updating to the latest version of this AppTheme just as recommend when completing any update on a WordPress website. Once you have your backup saved, you may choose to update the JobRoller AppTheme automatically via the Appearance ‘Upgrade’ button. If you prefer to download the full version to your computer prior to activating it on your WordPress website (perhaps you have made changes to the core theme), you will need to visit our website to login to your account.

If you are new to the JobRoller AppTheme and you are interested in finding out more or making a purchase please click here

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