Theme Release Status

Below you will find the estimated release dates for our products. This is our way of communicating to our customers where each product release stands.

Software release cycles have many moving pieces which makes scheduling accurate completion dates difficult. It’s important to note that the “target date” is our best guess as to when each product may be released.

It is highly recommended to NOT schedule client projects (or your own) based on these target dates since they could change. **

Product Version Target Date Notes
3.5.4 2016-03-01 General maintenance release
1.6.4 2016-03-08 General maintenance release
1.3.6 2016-02-15 General maintenance release
1.8.6 2016-02-06 General maintenance release
1.3.2 2016-02-06 General maintenance release
3.0.6 2016-02-21 General maintenance release

** We do our very best to meet our “target date” but it doesn’t always end up that way. We reserve the right to push dates back as need be.