Who we are

AppThemes is a privately funded startup that designs and develops professional WordPress applications. Our goal is to build high-quality products that are affordable and easy to setup for businesses of all sizes. Building our applications on WordPress helps take out the learning curve and technical knowledge required of most traditional software.

If you have a basic understanding of WordPress, then you can easily use our products. This allows our customers to focus more on running their business instead of struggling with infrastructure and implementation.

We take pride not only in the quality of our themes and efficient code, but also our support and customer service. We employ a world-class support staff that is first required to install and use all of our themes. This gives them the proper domain expertise so they can provide the best support possible to our customers.

We absolutely love WordPress and wouldn’t use any other CMS solution. You will love our themes and it will help take your business or personal site to a new level.

Where we are

The AppThemes headquarters is located just a few blocks away from Automattic in the heart of SOMA San Francisco with employees spread out across the globe. We share a collaborative office space with 20+ incubator startups—some of which include:

Our development team is located in San Francisco, Tokyo, Portland, San Diego, Lisbon and Krakow. Our support team can be found in the US, New Zealand, Brazil, Greece, Cyprus and the Philippines. Additional team members hail from India, London and other parts around the globe.

Modern technology helps us work efficiently and effectively across different timezones as a virtual team. Having such a global team helps us “think globally” when developing our products which passes on value to our customers.

How are we different?

AppThemes takes a unique approach to WordPress theme development. We are the first to market our products as “Premium WordPress Applications” vs the more well known phrase of “Premium WordPress Themes”.

Creating this unique niche has helped us become the clear leader in this space. With each release of WordPress, theme development is heading more towards building WordPress Apps to run businesses which will eventually become a multi-million dollar market. Our objective is to continue to build great products and use our leadership and experience to expand as quickly as possible to capitalize on this phenomenon.

We predict that open source software such as WordPress will continue to grow quickly and become a necessity for every business. Your WordPress site will be installed in “The Cloud” so there’s no hardware or software for you to manage. All you need to worry about is which WordPress App you wish to purchase to help run your business. That’s where AppThemes can help.

AppThemes Headquarters

Our headquarters is located in San Francisco, California. We prefer to be reached via email since it’s not only faster but it saves trees.

AppThemes mailing address:
548 Market St #93064
San Francisco, CA 94104

AppThemes Headquarters - San Francisco, CA

AppThemes office

Entryway to the AppThemes collaborative office space

AppThemes building across from the AT&T Ballpark