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New Update for Vantage: 4.2.0



A new version of the popular Vantage AppTheme is now available. In this new version 4.2.0 our lead developers have addressed a couple of minor issues brought to our attention and have implemented some exciting new features.

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Introducing ClassiPress Version 4.1.0


We have received positive feedback from our long term and new customers regarding the ‘new look’ ClassiPress 4.x.

A new update; 4.1.0 is now available. This new version addresses some minor fixes and comes with a couple of useful features.

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The Launch of ClassiPress 4.x


The new version of ClassiPress is here and we cannot wait for you to try it out!

A new era called for a new look ClassiPress. We would like to introduce our loyal and our future customers to ClassiPress 4.x. In this major release we have addressed all fixes, added some valuable new features and updated the interface. ClassiPress 4.x is now the newest classifieds ad theme on the market.

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All About the Updater Plugin


Tutorial Tuesdays
With the anticipated release of Vantage 1.1 coming this week, we have prepared and released our new AppThemes updater plugin. The plugin is going to make updates easy and a simple. Dave has created a full blog post about the updater. We suggest giving it a quick read to see what the updater is all about.

This tutorial Tuesday is going to be sweet and simple. We’re going to show you how to install and use the new updater plugin. Dave has a nice written tutorial with instructions on how to install the new AppThemes updater plugin. Once you have it installed, check out the video created by Vantage developer Josh Ronk. In the video, Josh shows us how to use the updater plugin to update a theme.

These tutorials are very brief. But that’s because the updater is that straightforward and uncomplicated. It’s also the best way to update all our themes. So hop on over and check it out then download your own copy of the AppThemes updater plugin.

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AppThemes Updater – A New Plugin to Keep Your Themes Healthy


We’ve just released a new plugin called the AppThemes Updater which now handles automatic theme updates. Previously, this functionality was baked directly into our themes but there were some limitations prompting us to separate it as a plugin.

Why the change?

As our product offerings continue to grow, we want to provide updates to our API more quickly — without having to wait for individual theme releases. Here are some other benefits:

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