The Launch of ClassiPress 4.x

The new version of ClassiPress is here and we cannot wait for you to try it out!

A new era called for a new look ClassiPress. We would like to introduce our loyal and our future customers to ClassiPress 4.x. In this major release we have addressed all fixes, added some valuable new features and updated the interface. ClassiPress 4.x is now the newest classifieds ad theme on the market.

New Look ClassiPress: 4.x

ClassiPress 4.x provides one with the necessary tools and foundations to create a potentially successful classified ads site.

Note: ClassiPress 4.x is a major release- ensure you test this version separately and backup your WordPress site. If you are upgrading from ClassiPress 3.x to ClassiPress 4.x please review our considerations documentation here


ClassiPress 4.x has a sleek modern design with advanced search functions. Administrators have the ability to design their site to suit potential customers.

Additional Color Schemes

Using ClassiPress 4.x admins are in complete control of their website’s appearance. This new version comes with additional built in color schemes. The green color scheme is displayed in the example below.


Ad Thumbnail and Header Images

When a user posts an ad they now have the ability to specify which photo they would like to use as the thumbnail and which photo they would like to use as the header. This makes each ad visually appealing to potential buyers. Furthermore, admins have the ability to set a universal category banner that will apply to ads that do not have a banner.


Featured Listings

A featured listings slider allows you to offer a prime advertising spot for an additional fee. This increases your sites revenue.


Latest Listings Grid

Your latest listing can be displayed on the homepage in a grid format. This allows customers to view new listings that have come on the site.


Site Icon, Tagline and Logo

Admin can easily customize their site icon, tag line and logo from within the WP customizer. This allows visitors to associate a name and logo with the classifieds ad site.


Social Media

Linking social media to your site is quick and simple with ClassiPress 4.x. Advertisements can then be shared via social media in just a few clicks.


Grid Display Blog

Using ClassiPress 4.x, your blog is displayed in a neat grid. Each blog image can be customized as well as the blog banner.



ClassiPress 4.x comes full of new valuable features.


Admin now have the ability to add widgets to their homepage and single ad listings. Our developers have included a large range of new widgets to suit an array of classified sites. In the new ClassiPress our users can take advantage of the following widgets:

  • Home Latest Listings
  • Home Featured Listings
  • Home Latest Blog Posts
  • Listing Author Stats
  • Account Info
  • Single Listing Photo Gallery
  • Single Listing Comments
  • Single Listing Description
  • Single Listing Custom Fields
  • Single Listing Author
  • Single Listing Map & Contact Info

Functions Through Shortcodes

A number of shortcodes have been included in the new ClassiPress so that additional functions can be added where they are needed. The typed elements display, listing categories, a search field and social network sharing can now all be achieved by adding a simple shortcode.


Refine Search by Location

In the new ClassiPress, users can refine their search by location. By default the search bar is on the homepage of the site. Users can enter their location followed by the search button. They can then refine the ads that appear by proximity. This feature allows users to search for ads that are within their area.



The additional features included in ClassiPress 4.x make it easier for administrators to manage a site and for customers to post an ad.

  • If a user is logged in, the contact form is automatically filled with their details
  • Search results are extremely accurate and the accuracy of Google Maps has been significantly improved
  • Users now have the ability to upload a header to their public author page

Compatibility with ClassiPress 4.x

Prior to updating please ensure that any marketplace items you have previously purchase are compatible with ClassiPress 4.x. The marketplace offers items that give you additional functionality while using ClassiPress. If you have not visited the ClassiPress marketplace you can check it out below:

ClassiPress 4.x Marketplace 


Issues We Have Addressed

Thank you to our customers who have brought any issues with ClassiPress 3.x to our attention. ClassiPress 4.x has been tried and tested on all devices and proves to succeed in all aspects.

If you love the sound of ClassiPress 4.x click here to find out more about pricing.

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