Introducing JobRoller, A Premium Job Board Theme

Please welcome JobRoller – the newest edition to the AppThemes family. JobRoller is a premium WordPress job board app designed to instantly turn your site into a professional job listing site.

JobRoller takes full advantage of the latest available features in WordPress 3.0, specifically custom post types, custom taxonomies, and a custom write panel. This gives you several key advantages to better manage your site.

From an organizational standpoint, it allows you to keep your blog posts and categories completely separate. Easier to manage and much cleaner.

From a technology standpoint, it allows us to create a separate write panel layout specifically for job listings. This means we can control what fields are visible that are relevant to your business (job listings in this instance).

JobRoller also uses a lot of the same framework as ClassiPress which will be very familiar to those of you who are existing customers. It also makes editing files and code easier to follow since it uses a very similar naming nomenclature.

JobRoller is packed with easy-to-manage features – some of which include:

  • Five Different Color Schemes
  • Five Widgetized Sidebars
  • Custom Post Type & Taxonomies
  • Dedicated Blog
  • Charge for Job Listing
  • PayPal IPN Support
  • Job Submission Wizard
  • Featured Jobs
  • Customer Job Management
  • Apply for Job Form
  • Facebook, Twitter, and ShareThis Widgets
  • Auto-Complete Fields
  • Transaction Logging
  • Multi-Language Support
  • AJAX & jQuery Features
  • Child-Theme Support
  • And much more!

For a complete list of features, visit our JobRoller product page. You can also view the live demo to see how things work first-hand. Below are some screenshots of different pages and option panels from the back-end.

If you are an existing customer and wish to purchase JobRoller, you automatically qualify for the AppThemes customer loyalty program which entitles you to a 25% off discount. Just send our support team a quick message and include your customer username and we’ll fire back a unique coupon code you can use.

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 Comments (106)

  • Sid

    You need to add Captcha in the apply form to stop spamming. This is a common problem with job boards. I am not sure if this is integrated already.

    • author

      @Sid, your visitors first need to create an account before submitting job listings so you shouldn’t really have any spam issues.

      • Sid

        Issue is with when employers starts getting spam , when spammers use the apply field to apply to jobs. I run a few job boards already ( with millions of vistors) with this very common problem ( Have not tried your theme, but evaluating).

        Anyways, I could see that issue has been resolved, you have already put a question field before someone could apply.

        Thanks David for your prompt response. The Jobs theme is fantastic.

        Is there a option to pre filling with jobs from other job sites like indeed, simply hired ( This will help the new job board owners to get started).



        • author

          @Sid, we are actually working on integrating Indeed and possibly Simply Hired. Ideally it will automatically pull in jobs and attach your affiliate link to it for another way to monetize your job site.

          • Sid

            Great stuff.. also any possibility of adding Resume database/search facility in the coming days ?

          • Alvin

            Include Indeed and Simplyhired ? I love you man!
            I want to run multiple Job sites and am struggling with indeed right now , so now i can sit back and wait for this release 🙂

            So if a future update gives me a location option and feedsupport i will jump through the roof!

          • Yevie

            When will this be ready ? Any time soon ?
            Im urgently looking for this and needed it like yesterday… 🙂

            Could you give me a date on this update ?
            If any time soon then i will become a happy customer !

  • Ekaterina

    Hello,i live in Russia, how do I pay for this theme ?

  • Ekaterina

    We in Russia do not have paypal .. I do not have a credit card..I pay for this theme through the system WebMoney and Яндекс.Деньги..I really need this theme..If you gave me a theme JobRoller,i can make a Russian localization.

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  • Jim

    I was just wondering if there was any plans for a widget that could be embedded on other sites that would list the latest job posts? I see this on alot of sites/blogs where the blog would be about technology for example and then on the right hand side there would be a widget module showing the latest jobs from a jobboard website. I think this would be very valuable in order to get ones website out there and get more traffic? Also obviously this same principle could be applies to almost all of your themes as in most cases it would be a good addon to have? Good idea maybe? anyone any thoughts to add to this?

    • author

      @Jim, you can actually do this already via the job listing rss feed. Just plug in the url into a WordPress rss widget and it should work on any site.

      • Jim

        Thanks David il give this a try

      • Sid

        I think what Jim meant was having a widget of the job roller website which can be placed in other sites. It indeed is a an excellent viral method.

        Example :

        So if someone runs a very popular site he may like to offer his content to other sites. So the other site will just copy the HTML code and put it on their site, this will allow lot of bloggers and popular site owners to pull content from the job roller site.

        • Jim

          @Sid, that is pretty much exactly what I was talking about. Offering a widget/module to other popular blogs so they can embed this on there site no matter what the type of platform would be excellent. I know you could go down the rss route but maybe something a little bit more styled would be nice – i think a widget element could work across pretty much all the apptheme sites so hence I brought it up

        • Carlos Takemura

          @Sid Workosaur runs off the Jobber Base script. In order to build a widget like the one on that site you would need to build an API.

          What I really like about JB is the way it builds a list in the sidebar of the recent jobs viewed. Very nice touch!

        • author

          @Sid, that’s a good idea and something we can consider for an future release.

          Like Carlos said, we need to build an API before it can work.

          Thanks for the suggestion and link.

  • Alvin

    When will the update containing locations be ?
    This is crucial for me as i am planning to create a jobboard for airports , would be nice to add an airport name on top of the specific adres.
    And the banner management , when will this be added ?

    Can you give me an estimate on those releases ?

    Thx man , love the theme

    • author


      We’ve just released v1.1 which contains some general bug fixes and enhancements. You can download it via your dashboard.

      Banner management should be in the next release which will be in a few weeks. In the meantime, you can easily put banners in sidebar text widgets which works well.

      • customer
        Josh Snow

        I don’t see the 1.1 download unless I go to my account page at And even then there is no info I see about what bug fixes and new features are in 1.1. Can you point me to the right place? thanks


        • author

          @Josh, once you download v1.1, there will be a changelist.txt file inside. That will list out the fixes/changes. A blog post will soon follow with more details.

          • Josh

            Got it. thanks. So no new search filters? I was one asking for ability to filter by category and/or type and location

          • Erik

            There is an urgent need for user and company profiles and smart filters (category, location, etc).


      • Alvin

        Thanks David , so it will be a matter of weeks for the location update will be released also? ok , you got yourselves a new client!

  • Ekaterina

    Beginning to translate into Russian,the evening will be ready.

  • Ekaterina

    JobRoller translated into Russian,can be translated into Russian the other themes: ClassiPress,Clipper,Vantage,Sage.

  • Erik Lydecker

    Hey David!

    Love this theme! We are missing the “Job Seeker” login and profile page though =(

    Company profile page and a widget “Other jobs from this company” is also needed =)

    That would be an awesome feature for your coming release!

    • author

      @Erik, thanks for the suggestions. In v1.1 a profile page is now included for job posters.

      We are looking into building out the job seeker features in a future release.

      • Erik

        Great! When can we expect 1.1 to be released?


        • author

          @Erik, v1.1 was actually released last week. 🙂

          • customer
            Oscar Rydman

            But I can’t see the upgrade from wordpress admin??? How come? I really need this.

          • customer
            Oscar Rydman

            Major problems we have:

            1. The RSS feed for the job listing is not working
            2. The “Edit” job is not working

            We thought that, when you said that you will release “Job Poster Profiles” in version 1.1, the job seekers could visit the job poster profile page to read more about a particular company? But we can only see “My Profile” and edit account information, that’s not the same as a “Profile Page”.

            Please have a look at

  • Alvin

    Any interest in a Dutch translation?
    Would you upgrade my subscription if so?

  • Sid

    Suggestion for the Payment gateway. A very famous payment gateway

  • author

    @Oscar, it appears your permalink settings aren’t setup correctly. Please read through the JobRoller install guide for instructions.

    Any other support-related questions can be posted in our forum where someone can help you out further.

    • Erik

      Hi David,

      We (Oscar and I) could not upgrade from version 1.0 to 1.1 from WordPress, something was wrong? So we had to place the 1.1 folder in our themes folder in the FTP to get the 1.1 version of JobRoller. But that should work too, according to your docs and any other WordPress standard?

      We can’t understand how this has anything to do with the “RSS feed for latest jobs” and “edit job”?

      PS. The support forum never answer us =(


      • NS

        Unusual… hundred’s of users including myself have had no issue’s with upgrading to 1.1

        Just re-upload the whole file.

  • Chris

    Hi, I am just wondering if you can set up an RSS feed for the jobroller. To fill the sites full of jobs until I get more jobs posted? Thanks, Chris.

  • Derci

    Great Work!

    The Job Board is near to perfect.

    One thing is of insanely important is the COUPON CODE that enable the e-marketing people to set the discount arte freely and to promote the Job Board with more flexibility.

    Hope that it will be in the next update.


  • Nitin

    Tried the demo. I could not search jobs the way I could at

    I mean though categories, regions, job type etc.

    May be this is already in your notice?


  • Carlos Takemura

    @Nitin, you won’t have much joy with location filtering, as this is a long awaited feature and one that can only rely on using WP’s categories to control.

  • Derci

    Yeah @Nitin~
    The searching criteria in r cool…

    – Location
    – Job Category
    – Salary Range
    – Full,part-time etc.

    Would be great to include these in the theme

  • Mark Strong

    Greetings fellow commentators:

    I am seeking to add a job board AMD ATS app to my current WP “niche” site – which is “high tech jobs in Vancouver, BC Canada”.

    Focused on this as I already do well in search rankings and want to deliver a modern (demographic engineer / science degreed 25-40 y/o) job board and resume submission system for those who want it – before launching (after I learn by the ineveitable bumps and bangs) a more inclusive board as I own and have not developed it yet. Any advice at all would be GREAT! I do well with Vanjobs – my tech jobs search site in Vancouver so feel I should work on that first. Anyone want to help / charge / partner – my ears are open. 😛

  • Jim

    Another shout here for the “job seekers” part of the site to be built out – this is key really in terms of growing the user base. Great theme with great potential.

    Obviously location based search is a must but i know this on the radar for classipress and vantage.

  • Jim

    Just curious is there any information of what is included in V1.2 of Jobroller? any response would be much appreciated

  • Jim

    So any place to see what is coming in V1.2? Also will the upgrade from 1.1 to 1.2 be simple? I want to know should I purchase now or wait? Any help would be great here.

    • author

      @Jim, there’s no reason to wait. You can get started now since the upgrade will be feature-related and won’t impact any settings on your site.

      • Jim

        I have just purchased David and works great, but I was just wondering what features are being enhanced in the new version – will there be an update on this?

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