Introducing JobRoller, A Premium Job Board Theme

Please welcome JobRoller – the newest edition to the AppThemes family. JobRoller is a premium WordPress job board app designed to instantly turn your site into a professional job listing site.

JobRoller takes full advantage of the latest available features in WordPress 3.0, specifically custom post types, custom taxonomies, and a custom write panel. This gives you several key advantages to better manage your site.

From an organizational standpoint, it allows you to keep your blog posts and categories completely separate. Easier to manage and much cleaner.

From a technology standpoint, it allows us to create a separate write panel layout specifically for job listings. This means we can control what fields are visible that are relevant to your business (job listings in this instance).

JobRoller also uses a lot of the same framework as ClassiPress which will be very familiar to those of you who are existing customers. It also makes editing files and code easier to follow since it uses a very similar naming nomenclature.

JobRoller is packed with easy-to-manage features – some of which include:

  • Five Different Color Schemes
  • Five Widgetized Sidebars
  • Custom Post Type & Taxonomies
  • Dedicated Blog
  • Charge for Job Listing
  • PayPal IPN Support
  • Job Submission Wizard
  • Featured Jobs
  • Customer Job Management
  • Apply for Job Form
  • Facebook, Twitter, and ShareThis Widgets
  • Auto-Complete Fields
  • Transaction Logging
  • Multi-Language Support
  • AJAX & jQuery Features
  • Child-Theme Support
  • And much more!

For a complete list of features, visit our JobRoller product page. You can also view the live demo to see how things work first-hand. Below are some screenshots of different pages and option panels from the back-end.

If you are an existing customer and wish to purchase JobRoller, you automatically qualify for the AppThemes customer loyalty program which entitles you to a 25% off discount. Just send our support team a quick message and include your customer username and we’ll fire back a unique coupon code you can use.

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 Comments (106)

  • customer
    Shaesta Shams

    Just purchased my copy, can’t wait to start using it! ๐Ÿ˜€

    When can we see previews of Vantage?

    • author

      We hope to have some Vantage screen shots ready to share next week.

      • customer
        Shaesta Shams

        Cant wait!

      • Carlos Takemura

        @David, I’m really looking forward to seeing this theme in action as I feel it could provide me a solution better than Classipress.

        Will listers be able to:

        – submit photos and videos?
        – plot their location on a Google map?
        – select from a selection of PRE-DEFINED custom tags?

        Will categories be used exclusively for geographical values, but renamed ‘location’?

        Will users be able to filter results by tag?

        You say that Vantage will be a business directory, but could it be used to list hotels and vacation rentals?

  • Jean

    encore une bonne idรฉe, merci du temps que tu passe ร  dรฉvelloper tous รงa, si cela est possible, je serrais satisfait de tester le theme.



    • customer
      Shaesta Shams

      English translation?

    • Jen Knox

      Jean is saying that it’s another great idea and thanks for the time taken to develop it. The second part says either that he’d be happy to test the theme or that you have managed to make him satisfied in his test of the theme.

      My college French is a little rusty…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Mary

    I think your themes are awesome!!! The only feature I wish you would implement into the themes is search by “location”. This is a must have feature on Jobroller and Classipress and would elevate your themes to industry best.


    • customer
      Shaesta Shams

      I strongly agree. That would be so useful for job seekers and makes it more user friendly.

    • author

      Thanks Mary. We will be adding location and other filters in the next release.

      • Josh

        Any sense of when the next release will be? In addition to location filtering if would be great if you could use a combination of search and filtering. So I can enter search terms, job_type, job_category, and location all at once and get results back.

  • Carlos Takemura

    @David: Great looking theme and nice to see that you’ve succumbed to custom post types and custom taxonomies ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But why no location filtering?

    Tip: use categories for geographic values as they’re hierarchical. Site owners can easily create and manage all the nested locations they need for their sites.

    Do not use custom fields for such data!

    • author

      Hi Carlos, thanks for the positive feedback. It’s not that we’ve “succumbed” to custom post types and taxonomies, it was always our intention to use them. ClassiPress will be moving to this model as well.

      Good suggestion for the locations and we might end up going that route since it does make it easier for people to edit and filter on.

      • Carlos Takemura

        @David, you’re welcome but as far as geographical values go I don’t think there’s any other way to do it.

        Another advantage of this approach is the ‘description’ field for each category. Few people use this but I think with some careful consideration it opens up great possibilities for on-page SEO.

        If you look at the Estate theme by WooTheme, for example, you will see that they are using categories to store geographical values and instead of being listed in the admin as ‘Categories’, they’ve named them ‘Locations’.

        This is a very nice touch.

        Custom taxonomies, as I understand them, allow for hierarchies. So I’m guessing this would be good for regular categories.

        In terms of custom fields, I’ve been researching this a lot lately and testing out various plugins. There seems to a problem with how they handle permalinks.

        The WP codex states that it’s not wise to start custom permalinks with categories or tags.

        For our forthcoming project we want to start our custom permalink structure with post ID, as it’s better performance and is recommended by WP to start the permalink with a numeric value (post id, or date etc)

        But, using custom post types this is not possible as far as I can see.

        Just something worth bearing in mind.

        • Carlos Takemura

          Just to clarify my comment above: In terms of custom fields, Iโ€™ve been researching this a lot lately and testing out various plugins. There seems to a problem with how they handle permalinks.

          What I meant to write was: Custom Posts (not fields)

      • Nitram

        gpress or geolocation (officially endorsed by automattic) might be the way to go, allowing you to read out all posts with a location set.

        i’d love to have jobroller and classipress combined – any chances?

  • Ryan

    Please can you make it like Flippa where it would say ‘XXX’ jobs open right now at the bottom in big.

  • James

    Cant wait to see how Vantage is progressing – I have been waiting patiently so the second it comes out il jump on it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • customer
    Shaesta Shams

    Is there an option for bulk job posting or will this be added soon?

    I like this example –

    • author

      Thanks a good example. Thanks for sharing. We hope to have a packages option available soon.

  • customer
    Shaesta Shams

    Hey David,

    I can’t seem to find the option to change listing duration… it’s currently set to 30 days, employers usually post upto 60-90 days.


    Can you seperate the “Featured” category from the dropdown list in “Submit a Job” because if we have job categories, it would be impossible to choose the Featured category aswell.

    An option to disable “Apply Online”, some recruiters prefer the jobseeker to apply via their own website and not recieve resumes.

    • author

      Hi Shaesta, thanks for your suggestions.

      Also, please post your support-related questions in the forum where someone from our support team can provide assistance.

  • customer
    edward melville

    Do we have to have two sets of wp installed or can this be done via classipress?

    • author

      Edward, since these are themes, you need to have two installs of WordPress to run them both.

  • Ngan

    1. It would be great if it comes with a simple function to create a list of items for the posters to select via radio/checkbox.

    2. The description and how to apply box is kind of small.

    3. will you be implementing ‘Breadcumb’ feature?

    4. Advance search and advance filter according to location

  • customer
    Imtiyaz Momin

    Is there a way to implement/link new themes with classipress. In classipress, I created Job category and custom fields for it. For now it does the job but if I get lots of Job posting then I might consider getting JobRoller however, I don’t want to have separate site. I do not want user to feel like they are leaving classipress UI and going to totally different site which doesn’t link back to classipress or doesn’t share common links like about us, contact us, posting new ads, etc.. I am waiting for Vintage and I am planning to have a menu in classipress called directory. If I can’t merge, classipress and vintage then I might have to get plug-in (

    Please advice.

    • author

      Imtiyaz, ClassiPress has to run separate. The themes are designed for different purposes so they’d need to be on separate WordPress installs.

  • customer
    Shaesta Shams

    A couple of suggestions for your next update, david;

    1. Text box in “submit a job” page for closing dates and salary range.

    2. Display salary range on index page under title.

    3. Sidebar widget to display “partners/company logo’s”

    4. An option to “Shortlist” jobs and apply to all jobs in another page at once. E.g upload cv to selected jobs on 1 page.

    5. An option to enable employers to edit jobs in the backend area.

    6. Integrate Shortcode functions for buttons, multiple column layout etc.

    7. Implement unlimited sidebars. E.g to assign an advertisement to a specific category. Similar to StudioPress’s Simple Sidebars plugin.

    8. The password recovery page is broken in your demo and our current downloaded themes.

    9. Locations entered in the submit a job section should be replaced as tags, so we can display this in the sidebar and allow ease of access.

    10. And lastly, I mentioned this before but this is top priority. Seperate the “Fetured” from the category section in “Submit a job” page.

    If all these are taken into consideration, JobRoller will be incredibly powerful and favourable within the wordpress community.

  • Carlos Takemura

    @Shaesta Shams: I agree with most of your wishlist items except 9. It’s much wiser, strategically, to use categories for locations as they are hierarchical, allowing you to nest locations, .e.g.

    – Continent
    – – Country
    – – – Region
    – – – – City/Town

    I would never use tagging for such data types.

    Anyway, a feature that I saw on JobberBase was ability to see a history of items viewed. Each job browsed appeared in the sidebar so users could easily see which jobs they’d viewed.

    This browsing history technique is also used on the Vanilla Forum script. It’s a great feature and one that I have never seen on any WP blogs/sites.

    The ability to save jobs/posts would also be welcome, so too ability to share your lists on social networking sites., a WP gallery, has a neat function for you to save sites and view the list without the need for registering on the site. has a similar feature.

    These features would be useful across all AppTheme sites, given the nature of the themes, i.e. directory and listings.

  • jim

    I see Vantage has made a sneak appearance on the themes page – can we expect some screens soon ๐Ÿ™‚ I have been waiting on this months now so i am getting a little excited haha.

  • Hayato

    Hi, I have been searching for themes for Classified website,

    and I feel that I just found the right one, ClassiPress.

    With the upcoming release the search and filtering like ?

    • author

      Hayato, the next release of ClassiPress will include much better search and filtering options.

  • WpDezign

    Looking at the screenshot of Vantage in “Themes”.. I’m not sold by it.

    The blog style doesn’t do justice to the “Business Directory” style… I think it could be more refined obviously after user feedback/suggestions.

    I’ve been building my local business directory with Genesis framework for over a year.. it blows yelp, yell, trustedplaces and any other business directory outta the water. Using 3 column layout is much easier for a user to find all information in one page.

    I have 10 very strong USP which totally differentiates me from the competitors. So much so that AOL is interested in my site.. now looking at their “Local Business Directory”, they must be desperate to get in the game.

    Conclusion: Vantage doesn’t look interesting, first impression on the front page must be strong or the users quickly bounces off.

    • Carlos Takemura

      I have to agree with you, I felt a bit deflated when I saw the screen teaser – not what I was expecting at all. Nowhere as good looking as JobRoller.

      However, I reserve judgment until I see how it all works. David has built some nice modules, namely the registering, creating and paying for listings aspects.

      This site offers a good example, though not perfect, of what I want to do with my directory:

      It has nice filtering controls when you start browsing the archives.

      Hopefully, the Google mapping aspect in Vantage, if there is one, isn’t as flaky as the so-called ‘premium’ WP Geo Tag plugin over on CodeCanyon ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Jim

    If you dont mind me asking – are you making these judgements on Vantage from the single small screen or is there more screens available somewhere? Just curious if there are more screens to judge the concept of vantage on. Thanks

    • Carlos Takemura

      @Jim, although I have said I will reserve judgment on Vantage until it has been released, my disappointment stems from the single small screen currently in the ‘themes’ collection.

      I would NEVER use a theme ‘design’ out of the box as I always customise themes anyway.

      Btw, in terms of directories, this is the new look Yellow Pages site:

      Lots of nice things about this design, particularly how the teasers’ hover states are designed – very nice! This is the sort of thing we would be seeking to do with Vantage.

      I like how the filtering works too, very neat and clever, though under the map in the sidebar is loads of empty space – which I presume they will use for featured ads perhaps?

      Since Yellow Pages is one of the biggest directories in the world, if not the biggest, this is the sort of experience users will come to expect from a directory.

      As long as my listers can do the following with the Vantage theme, out of the box, then just leave the design and usability aspects to us:

      – Select geographical location using pre-defined ‘categories’ (not from comma separated values stored in custom fields)

      – Select from a pre-defined series of check boxes of ‘custom taxonomies’ (no freestyle tagging as it’s redundant)

      – Select from a series of pre-defined custom fields

      – Upload a series of 5 photos for a gallery (but not powered by the inaccessible lightbox technique, instead we’ll use a slideshow as seen on WooTheme’s ‘Object’ theme)

      – Embed a YouTube video (simply paste the code into a field and the video will then be embedded in their listing)

      – Plot a location on a Google Map, with the choice of showing exact address or partial location as seen on (some listers, and this certainly goes for classifieds, do not want to publish their exact address online. I can tell you some horror stories about when I used to sell rare records via classifieds!)

      – Pay for their listings

      – Be able to amend their listings

      – Be able to easily renew their listings

      We’ll then use the categories (which we’ll exclusively use for locations), along with the pre-defined taxonomies relating to our niche, to create a sexy front-end filtering process which should be a breeze to execute if the Vantage theme is structured correctly.

      A really great idea, and one that we’ll possibly have to custom develop, would be the ability for the lister to use their Twitter account to communicate with their listing. In other words, they could send tweets about special offers directly to their listings without having to login to their listings.

      That’s about it. As I said, although the first impression of Vantage is one of disappointment, I’m not too bothered if it has the functionality/features we need as we won’t be using the default theme anyway.

  • Jim

    I understand Carlos, I was just maybe thinking there might have been more screens. Seems like you have done your homework here so great points. We usually work heavily on the interface ourselves so something that maybe is easy to style from that point of view is desirable.

    I would think if the ambition is to work towards those points you stated then it would be an exciting theme to work with.

    • Carlos Takemura

      @Jim, I think many of the points I’ve stated are essential for any self-respecting listing directory.

      If Vantage falls down in any of those respects then that will be a shame.

      I’m running a couple of successful niche accommodation sites which are not only receiving more than decent traffic, but media attention too. But we create the listings manually ๐Ÿ™

      And although we don’t want our sites to be fully automated, as we like to hand tweak the SEO and write original teasers for each listing, it would be great if a lot of the heavy lifting could be done by a very decent directory theme.

      I also think our Twitter idea is one that would work well and I don’t see anyone taking this approach, i.e. using Twitter to communicate to their listings.

      More and more people in our niche are joining Twitter so it would be a great little tool if used in the way I’ve described in my previous comment.

  • Josh

    Is there anyway for you to share what new features/fixes will come in the next version of Jobroller? I am building out features/functions that I need now but certainly if they are in scope for the next release I won’t bother. Thanks

    PS I understand if you can’t publish a “list” like this at the moment. Just thought I would ask.

    • author

      Josh, what features/functions are you looking for? Did you post them in the JobRoller feature request forum? That is the channel we use to collect customer input.

  • NS

    Hey David,

    I found a perfect example for multiple listing fees for the next update.

  • Josh

    I was hoping you could add a variety of different theme colors to jobroller! It’s essential that you do that. Thanks!

    • author

      @Josh, there are actually 5 different color schemes that come standard with JobRoller. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • NS

    I really cant wait until the next release! Do you have an approx release date?

  • Don


    JobRoller is a great site!!

    One thing I am wondering is a credit/coupon feature.

    For example, if I want Client X to not pay anything for his posting or allow him/her to use a coupon that will discount the amount of the listed price. So if I gave Client X a coupon for 100% off each post.

  • Joe

    Would you consider adding a resume data base in the near future?

    • author

      @Joe, that’s something we are considering. Make it into a full service job search and listing theme.

      • jim

        I would also think the ability to store resume information on users would be super – is there a roadmap for this theme anywhere that we could sneak a peak at ๐Ÿ™‚

  • eJobsViet

    Love this theme

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