ClassiPress 3.0.4 is Now Available

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A ClassiPress patch has been released which addresses a couple of important bugs. You can download it immediately from your customer account dashboard.

This patch includes over 20 fixed tickets ranging from bugs to a few nice enhancements. The most noteworthy additions are PayPal IPN support, a new bank transfer gateway option, and a smart payment drop-down engine.

For details on what has been fixed and added, see our previous ClassiPress 3.0.4 Upcoming Release Details. To see all the changes and which files were affected, take a look at the changelog.txt which is included in the 3.0.4 download. Upgrade instructions are just like previous upgrades. Just make sure to backup your theme before uploading the new version.

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  • Cristian

    too bad you are forced to register to can post an add, 1 less customer.

    • author

      Registration only asks for a username and password and takes a few seconds to complete.

      There are far more benefits to having a registration system vs none. I’d be happy to explain a few if you like. 🙂

      • Cristian

        David isn’t that. The thing is that i have tons on visitors who have few knowledge about internet/emails , i want to have it simple for them, to be simple for advanced users but same to beginners. I really like all the features listed, this is a great classifieds don’t get me wrong, i have only told what i dislike and what stops me from buying it.

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        • customer
          Shaesta Shams

          Glad users have to login/register to post an ad, fraud is very risky in classified marketplaces. I can point out to you 70% of fraud users right now on

          It’s absolutely vital to have real users posting real genuine ads.

      • Barbara

        David –

        In terms of PAID listings – I would like to SWITCH the pathway/process.

        The example being the CLassiPress sales page itself.

        Click the FEAURES tab & you are served a comparison of 4 different licensing/price options – each with a BUY BUTTON.

        When the customer clicks a specific BUY BUTTOn – the are then served a product signup page and registration page – ALL ON ONE PAGE.

        This is ideal for me – it forces customers to purchase then create a registration.

        making people register before they see pricing seems backwards to me.



        • author

          Hi Barbara, changing it all around would be a lot of work.

          I see what you mean though and it’s something we could explore further.

        • Barbara

          Hi David –

          Yes – it would be great if you could explore this.

          Think of how NOT having the BUY NOW buttons would impact AP Themes?

          What if you forced potential customers to register first – PRIOR to seeing license/pricing information?

          You would no doubt LOSE a ton of customers.

          • Barbara

            Hi David –

            I had an idea – what about having alternative page templates that have a kind of skip logic.

            Standard Template (default) – Users register first

            Alternative Template – Users are presented with pricing page & BUY NOW buttons – THEN are served the All In One Checkout/Registration page.

            Just thinking.

  • Jonas

    a “no registration” option would be great. My visitors are not familiar with internet/email as well. They dont have to pay for ads and it works fine for years… with registration, i will loose many visitors.

    apart from that, i really like classipress, its the best ad script i found on the web… is there no possibility to run classipress without regsitration?

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  • Lisa

    Not everyone wish to spend time and troubles for registeration.

    Would be great if visitors can post an ad w/o registeration.

    When adding and ad, they will be recieve a code to their email so that they can delete the ad later on.


  • Jay

    One big problem with registration is the confirmation/password email going directly into the spam folders of over zealous free email providers. You can’t imagine how often I get contacted by users because of this issue.

    • author

      @Jay, this is something we can’t control unfortunately.

      The best solution is to post a message on your site to have the customer add your wordpress email address to their whitelist or address book. That will help prevent the email from going into their spam box.

      We also plan on changing the ClassiPress signup like we did for JobRoller where they choose their password when creating an account. Then they won’t rely on that new reg email to login.

  • Hey Ho

    Please, look at functions. The user can post ad without registration using simple capcha, and confirmation from e-mail link is essential to list the ad. The mail includes links to disable, edit or delete ad. This is perfect to fight spam and flakes. The only flaw is that dev’s of the script doesn’t want to implement autoexpire.
    I agree with Jay, Linda and Cristian that there should be an option to post ads w/o registration – but with capcha like on contact page. Let the site admin decide wether/and what to charge. One is site for closed group of bikers, another is listings for a medium sized town, right?
    Other good feature should be limiting posting to defined locations /area, town/, adding links to video – not just youtube – there is vimeo, dailymotion..
    As it concerns locallization, codestyling localization WP plugin does the job. Everybody could make it his own way and taste… if you don’t block it on purpose.
    And one good suggestion – add activation to your good old theme, like
    MaxBannerAdds do.

    • NS

      I personally think anonymous ad posting always turns out to be fraudulant. They think they can be untraceable by not sharing contact details and therefore how can you prove it’s a real user.

      I would strongly ignore this, it’s too troublesome.

  • Jay

    There is no denying that many customers and potential customers are asking for the option of a non registration feature. The reasons quoted for this feature are real. Many people use free emails nowadays and these providers like gmail are systematically sending automated script emails directly into the spam box.

    The password is assigned by the script. With the password potentially going into spam box, you are going to face the issue of users who tell you they didn’t receive their password. Not all classifieds users are that savvy.

    The present Classipress also don’t allow the user to use their own password. To change the password to something they usually use would require them to change it in their profile.

    So the process of posting a simple, and probably a one time ad would require the user to find the register link, check her inbox then check here spam box, copy or remember the system assigned password, go back to the site to login and maybe finding the profile link to change password. The same user would have already posted a few ads on your site if it’s non registration.

    Even the present version of WordPress allow you to set your own admin password during installation. Even Twitter or Facebook enable you to set your own password.

    If registration is wanted, the process should be like major classifieds sites. If you want to register, the registration form is together with the ad posting and you can use your own password.

    For non registration, if you realized, even WP core enable users to post comments without name and email address. You are given an option to enable or disable it. You also have a choice to moderate or auto approve your comments.

    Many blogs allow you to post a comment without filling even a name and email address.

    Does this features lead to frauds? No, it leads to choices on how you manage your site. You can choose to moderate your comments if there are any links inside the comment, or you can moderate every comment, and there is also an IP address assigned to each comment.

  • J

    No registration is important as a choice for webmaster to choose. You need to understand that not all classified ads are about selling products and thus have to deal with frauds.

    There are also many websites that are mainly advertisements about services offered, discount coupons etc and enforcing registrations turn many of these potential traffic away unnecessary.

    Logically it should be quite straight forward to create an Anonymous WordPress account, and if the webmaster decide to turn on a no registration option for the website, then just post it under the Anonymous account.

  • Lerry

    Hi David;

    I have question regarding Classipress.

    1) Does classipress have credit card payment feature for buyers directly pay to the sellers?

    I am guessing Callipress doesn’t have that feature, the classified business model doesn’t allow it – to avoid the complexity of transaction, the whole different game. I understand …

    2) If it doesn’t have, can the sellers CREATE A “BUTTON” link on their ads – straight to their product page on their website. The link is NOT an URL link but more kind of BUTTON link within Classipress.

    The point #2 is very important for me … I really hope you /your team can figure it out to make it happens (with simple HTML or PHP script)

    3) In case you can’t … Is there any possibilities your certified partners develop small program to accommodate my need? Is there any chance?

    Please advise.
    Thank you

  • Lerry

    Hi David:

    Following up my earlier question :

    On your classipress demo:

    Is that possible (on this product page) to create button such as “BUY NOW” that link directly TO THE PRODUCT PAGE (and exactly to the product shows on ad) of the Sellers website?

    Thank you;

    • author

      @Lerry, no, that feature doesn’t exist. ClassiPress is more of a classifieds site than an ecommerce site.

  • Diogo Guerreiro

    Good afternoon David, I love ClassiPress but I think it could be an added feature. I think a space FEEDBACK would be extremely helpful to us all and is something we always try to find any buyers, sellers information.

    Think this could be added to ClassiPress?

    • author

      @Diogo, that’s not a bad idea but it’s almost more of an auction theme feature instead. We might consider adding it but will need to discuss further. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • João

    I can not access the VIP area. I tried to recover my password but the email does not arrive.
    I want to access the area to obtain the upgrade patch.

  • João Machado

    I can not access the VIP area. I tried to recover my password but the email does not arrive.
    I want to access the area to obtain the upgrade patch.

  • Matt

    is it true that a user cannot choose his own password? if so, what kind of passwords are given to the user? thanks.

    • author

      Yes, users can change their passwords. In the next release, users will be able to choose their own passwords when creating their account.

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