Introducing our Latest Theme, Ideas

Build your own customer feedback site with our latest theme, Ideas. Give your customers their own space to create, discuss, and vote for ideas or suggestions and engage them on your site.

Ideas is a productivity theme which allows you to listen and engage your customers. Whether it’s a Web site suggestion, a new feature request for your product or a debate site — the Ideas theme will help bridge the communication gap.

Forums are an effective tool for discussion but not so effective if you need to monitor customers feedback. Ideas collects and prioritizes feedback from customers in a structured way. Customers post their suggestions, organized in categories, and others vote up or down. Votes are limited, which helps focus on the essential.

Ideas makes use of our “app framework”, meaning it’s fast, highly flexible and extensible. It also means a simple effective admin panel to control all the theme settings. We even use our own version of the Ideas theme for our own customers to provide feedback.

Learn More

Ideas Home Page
Ideas Home Page
Ideas Single Idea
Ideas Single Idea
Ideas Submit Idea
Idea Submit Idea
Ideas User Dashboard
Ideas User Dashboard

Main Features

Control Votes
Site owners have full control over the total available votes for each user. Votes can be automatically reset each month.

Moderate Ideas

Control new Ideas before they are published. Idea authors are instantly notified by email as soon as their ideas are approved.

Independent Statuses & Categories
Ideas categories and statuses are custom taxonomies. You can add any statuses and/or categories separately from the posts categories and statuses.

Address Each Submission
Your response to ideas are displayed at the top of the page so your customer base knows exactly where it currently stands.

Integrated Discussion Settings
Ideas integrates with WordPress discussion settings. Control any discussion related options like threaded comments or comments moderation, directly from WordPress discussion page.

Fully-Functional Backend
Admins can add, edit and moderate ideas directly from the backend and there are additional panels that help communicate each idea’s status, publicly or internally. You can also view the total votes for the idea being edited and instantly reset it.

Widgets, Widgets and Widgets!
Ideas works with all the native WordPress widgets plus custom widgets including: popular ideas, recent ideas, recent comments, quick info, idea voters and stats, for different locations in the theme.

There’s plenty more features but we’re gonna stop here. Visit the Ideas product page for more details and screenshots.

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 Comments (18)

  • customer

    Nice one AppThemes. Keep up the good work.

    Luke Moore

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  • customer

    Do you normally install Ideas in a subdirectory? Will it work with a single login with all appthemes?

    • Shannon Dunn

      Do you normally install Ideas in a subdirectory? Not necessarily. You can install it on a root, subdomain or subdirectory. We have ours on a subdomain (

      Will it work with a single login with all appthemes? We use multisite with a single log in on our demo sites. That does not mean that the themes can interact. It just means you can have one sign on for several themes. Not sure what we use for single sign on, but I’m sure there are plenty of solutions out there.

  • Chris

    It would be great if you could integrate responsive design into your themes. Since it is such as an important feature in websites now, many people wont buy the themes simply due to not being responsive.

    I will wait for a responsive version of Vantage and Ideas before purchasing.

    Good Luck!

    • Shannon Dunn

      We are working on responsive versions of all our themes now. We’ll have more announcements on this soon.

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  • Ngan Son

    Do you have any coupon for this theme ?

  • customer

    hi i intalled everything is fine but people cannot response on idea it says reponse not allowed. and plz tellme how can i edit sumit page clauses and how can i add a option where they can attach file doc or pdf.

    • author
      Bruno Carreço


      …but people cannot response on idea it says reponse not allowed.

      Please make sure the Ideas closed for responses are using a status set under ‘Slugs for ‘Open’ Ideas’ (Ideas Theme > Settings > General). Check your Ideas slugs and add them to the option, ‘Slugs for ‘Open’ Ideas’.

      how can i edit sumit page clauses

      Please read our article on translating themes. You can also use it to change the text. This is done be editing the provided ‘ideas.pot’ file.

      how can i add a option where they can attach file doc or pdf.

      Currently, it’s not possible to attach any files.

      Please post any additional problem or support questions you find with the Ideas theme on the related forum.

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  • Andreas Ostheimer

    Cool theme but if I am not mistaken there is some important feature missing: One can’t use this theme to collect ideas for different categories, right?
    So if this would be used on a website to collect ideas for small city communities I could not display/search by city as taxonomy – or is that built in and I did not see it?

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    • author
      Bruno Carreço

      Andreas, you can organize Ideas in categories. If you take a look a the demo site you’ll see the categories widget on the right sidebar.
      Ideas uses it’s own category taxonomy so you can easily add anything as your categories, including city names.

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  • customer

    Thats really a great “idea” 🙂

    I think i will use this script in another project of me. Thanks a lot for this great article and the tip.

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  • Mumtaz

    I have joined BllueHost in October, but had not done anything with my site. BlueHost suggested your site for my website. Do I qualify for 50% as in reality I would be commenceing now and I have already registered with them/

    I hope you agree as this will motivate me to commence and work with my website!
    Thxs Mumtaz

    • staff

      @Mumtaz, unfortunately not. Our partnership with BlueHost requires that new accounts must be setup through our referral links in order to qualify for the 50% off.

  • candeed

    Congratulation Appthemes for the new theme..


  • Gagandeep Singh

    Great post..Thanx for sharing it…

  • Jelle

    When do you release the responsive versions of your themes?

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    • Shannon Dunn

      Vantage and Quality Control are already responsive. ClassiPress and JobRoller will be responsive by the end of March. Clipper will be responsive within the next couple of months. No timetable on when Ideas will be responsive.

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