JobRoller v1.3.1 is Now Available


The latest version of JobRoller has just been released. This is a maintenance release and all customers should upgrade. There was a total of 7 tickets fixed mostly related to issues from the WordPress 3.1 update. A break down of tickets can be found below.


  • 3.1 Compatibility issues
  • caller_get_posts -> ignore_sticky_posts
  • TinyMce init fix
  • job_salary field renamed to job_term_salary to prevent 404’s on submit page
  • Back button lost data fix


  • Improved indeed feed jobs display
  • Indeed, added api js and onmouseclick code
  • Expire date now uses wordpress time offset
  • Expire job notifications tweaked

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JobRoller v1.3 is Now Available


The latest version of JobRoller has just been released. This is a maintenance and feature release so existing customers should upgrade. There was a total of 16 tickets fixed. A break down of tickets can be found below.


  • PayPal urlencode issue
  • Salary field bug
  • Hide salary field option added
  • Pack expire date fix
  • Search now uses lat long box so that search covers a larger area rather than a point
  • Fixed return error after payment
  • Fixed re-listing/moderation bug
  • Current url trailing slashes
  • Job Packs formatting
  • Job Packs expire calculation was backwards
  • Expired job fixes (after moderation)
  • Search results pagination added
  • Wrapped text in contact form template with localization tags
  • Fixed spacing issue with tag sidebar widgets
  • Fixed naming issue with certain widgets and css classes
  • Fixed tab index on creating new user accounts

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ClassiPress v3.0.5.3 is Now Available


The latest version of ClassiPress was made available yesterday which is a maintenance release for v3.0.5. v3.0.5 was released last month and included a bunch of new features – many of which were scheduled to be in v3.1. In all, there were 158 tickets closed out.

We made the decision to break apart v3.1 into two different releases mainly so we could first take advantage of a important WordPress 3.0 feature.

  • Custom Post Types and Taxonomies

This was the biggest change and required us to move the entire theme over to custom post types and taxonomies. It was a huge undertaking from a development standpoint and took the majority of our time to complete.

It made more sense for us and our customers to release this huge change in a pre 3.1 release instead of lumping everything into one gigantic release. This will essentially ease everyone into the new UI and feature-set.

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JobRoller v1.2.1 is Now Available


We just released the latest version of JobRoller yesterday which includes a bunch of great new features. Some of the highlights include:

Advanced Search

New advanced search filtering available in v1.2

You can now further refine your search results with a whole new set of filters. First and foremost, we enhanced the existing search bar to include “location” and “radius”.

This allows your job seekers to narrow down their criteria within a mile/kilometer. It’s super accurate since it’s integrated with the Google Maps API.

We’ve also added a new sidebar widget where you can filter results based on job type, job salary (new field), job category, and date posted.

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Vantage Business Directory Theme Preview


Update! We’ve released Vantage. Please make sure you view the following blog posts to see the current state of this theme and future plans:

We’ve been quietly working away on a special theme which will be our most advanced WordPress App to-date. Vantage is not your typical business directory. It’s a powerful social networking business directory and can be better explained by breaking it down into three primary pieces:

Local Search

Vantage provides online local search capabilities for site visitors. Typically a visitor will search for a specific thing (i.e. a sandwich shop) and the location (i.e. a specific address, city, state, or zip code). This is all done using the Google Maps API and leveraging geo coordinates since they are the most accurate measure of distance.

Each business listing result contains details such as the business address, hours, website, description, etc. It also includes a 5-point rating system and reviews from other site members which are built up over time. The business owners can directly update their own business’ listing information via the Vantage customer account area.

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ClassiPress 3.1 Preview


It’s been a while since we’ve released a major feature update to ClassiPress but the good news is there’s one just around the corner. Version 3.1 has been in the works for a while now and will include lots of sought after features.

We actually planned on releasing it a while back but wanted to wait for WordPress 3.0 to first be released so we could benefit from its new features.

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ClassiPress 3.0.4 is Now Available


A ClassiPress patch has been released which addresses a couple of important bugs. You can download it immediately from your customer account dashboard.

This patch includes over 20 fixed tickets ranging from bugs to a few nice enhancements. The most noteworthy additions are PayPal IPN support, a new bank transfer gateway option, and a smart payment drop-down engine.

For details on what has been fixed and added, see our previous ClassiPress 3.0.4 Upcoming Release Details. To see all the changes and which files were affected, take a look at the changelog.txt which is included in the 3.0.4 download. Upgrade instructions are just like previous upgrades. Just make sure to backup your theme before uploading the new version.

ClassiPress 3.0.4 Upcoming Release Details


Not far behind our previous release comes version 3.0.4 which addresses a couple important bugs. We preferred to wait and fix these in v3.1 which is scheduled for the end of September, but felt these couldn’t wait.

The main bugs fixed in this patch release are as follows:

  • Cron Jobs Not Triggering – Ads were not being correctly expired due to a hard coded table prefix.
  • Ad Editing Resets Values – Some customers were having problems with their ads losing custom field values when editing them.
  • Home Page Sidebar Widgets – Using language packs prevented the home page sidebar widgets from being changed.
  • Child Category Search – Searching a parent category for something that existed in a child category returned no results.
  • Relist Ad Date Issue – Non-standard dates caused an issue with the free ad re-listing process.
  • Child Theme Login Page – Issue where changing the header and footer did not effect the login page.
  • Ad Edit TinyMCE – Editing an ad with HTML enabled was not loading the TinyMCE editor controls.
  • A couple other minor fixes.

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ClassiPress 3.0.3 is Now Available


The latest and greatest version of your favorite Classified Ads Theme has just been released. You can download it immediately from your customer account dashboard.

This patch included over 60 tickets ranging from bug fixes and a few minor enhancements. The most noteworthy change has to do with child themes. 3.0.3 takes full advantage of child theme capability including pluggable ClassiPress functions. No need to modify the core functions and risk losing your changes when it’s time to upgrade. You can override certain functions with your own modified version instead. Seth will be writing a tutorial on how to do this soon.

In addition, this sets the stage for an aftermarket of ClassiPress child themes built and contributed by our community. The door is now open for all you developers and we look forward to seeing your child-themes. An official AppThemes Marketplace will be announced later this year.

To see all the changes and which files were affected, take a look at the changelog.txt which is included in the 3.0.3 download. Make sure to read the 3.0.3 upgrade instructions if you are upgrading from 3.0.2. For a high-level of fixes, check out our previous blog post.

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ClassiPress 3.0.3 – Out Next Week


A new version of ClassiPress is scheduled to be released next week. It is a general patch release that will address a handful of bugs along with a couple of new enhancements. Not all fixes are listed below but rather just the higher priority issues.

This release was actually delayed a few weeks because two important things had to happen first. The release of WordPress 3.0 (to make sure we didn’t have any compatibility issues) and the launch of AppThemes (so you can login to your account and download 3.0.3 instead of searching for your original e-junkie email).

Now that both of those milestones have been reached, it’s time to push out 3.0.3.

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