Clipper v1.1 is Now Available

Clipper Link Cloaking & Stats Engine

The latest version of Clipper has just been released. This is a new feature and bug fix release so all customers should upgrade. There was a total of 30 tickets completed which include several new features. A breakdown of tickets can be found below.

The most notable features in this release include: coupon and store link cloaking, affiliate link click-thru and CTR tracking, new dedicated store & category TOC pages, new “unreliable coupons” section (success rate 50% or less), and store moderation option.

This release makes Clipper the most advanced coupon management theme on the market. Existing customers can download it from their customer dashboard. If you haven’t purchased it yet, now’s the time to pull the trigger!


  • issue where new store is created (with no coupons yet) and displays the incorrect url and website screenshot
  • importer now includes store url & coupon destination url fields
  • footer widget display issue where left side text was being cut off
  • clipper top of header logo was being cutoff by a few pixels
  • styled the rss sidebar widget so it better matches the theme
  • added singular text for one coupon listing
  • coupon type drop-down in WordPress admin coupon edit now shows/hides field based on selection
  • issue where a broken image would show even if no ad was set on the store page
  • issue where total “coupons active” count was incorrect when there were multiple pages
  • issues with Safari & Chrome where css box-shadow wasn’t working
  • issue where store url and thumbnail weren’t displaying for new empty store
  • issue where chart widget didn’t show up in IE9. upgraded to flot 0.7
  • issue where some servers errored b/c mb_strlen function wasn’t enabled
  • changed menu tab width so it accommodates larger menu text strings


  • added new stores page template listing all stores by first letter
  • added new coupon categories page template listing all categories by first letter
  • added destination & display URL fields for coupons and stores
  • built new masked coupon & store URLs engine to hide affiliate links
  • built new click-thru tracking engine and CTR stats for each coupon
  • built new store moderation option so newly submitted stores can be reviewed first
  • added new store, category, & tag sections for unreliable coupons (less than 50% success rate)
  • added destination field to the coupon submission form
  • restyled the coupon WordPress admin write panel and added metrics (views, clicks, CTR)
  • added new clicks/views and CTR columns to the coupon WordPress admin page
  • added new clicks and active columns to the stores WordPress admin page
  • redesigned the coupon meta box on edit coupon WordPress admin page
  • updated colorbox to the latest version

How Can I Get This Version?

Existing customers can login to their customer account and download the latest version.

How Do I Upgrade?

If you haven’t made any changes to the theme files then the easiest method is to just do a complete upgrade (download the full 1.1 version). Then follow the “How to Upgrade Versions” guide. If you’ve made modifications to the core theme files, then we recommend installing the patch version instead. Then follow the “Installing a Patch” guide.


Anything related to support should be posted in the Clipper support forum where our dedicated support team can assist you.

What Files Have Changed?

Many of our customers have done customizations to the core theme files and want to know exactly which files have been added, modified, and removed. In addition to providing the latest full version download, we also include a patch release. This will be a much smaller download and only include the files that have changed since the previous release.

So instead of having to read through the change log and figure out what files have been modified, you can just download the patch and sftp the files directly into your existing Clipper theme folder. You’ll still want to deactivate and then reactivate your theme so everything gets updated correctly but this will improve your upgrading experience.

Make sure to read the “Installing a Patch” guide if you decide to go this route.

Here’s the list of all files affected in the 1.1 release (from v1.0.1).

tpl-stores.php	Added
tpl-coupon-cats.php	Added
images/page_go.png	Added
images/key.png	Added
includes/theme-links.php	Added
style.css	Modified
clipper-no-admin.pot	Modified
taxonomy-coupon_category.php	Modified
images/logo.png	Modified
includes/appthemes-functions.php	Modified
includes/forms/submit-coupon/submit-coupon-process.php	Modified
includes/theme-actions.php	Modified
includes/admin/admin-post-types.php	Modified
includes/admin/admin-values.php	Modified
includes/admin/admin-importer.php	Modified
includes/admin/admin-style.css	Modified
includes/admin/write-panel.php	Modified
includes/admin/install-script.php	Modified
includes/theme-functions.php	Modified
includes/reports/reports-main.php	Modified
includes/js/colorbox/jquery.colorbox-min.js	Modified
includes/js/colorbox/colorbox.css	Modified
includes/js/flot/jquery.flot.min.js	Modified
clipper-no-admin.po	Modified
taxonomy-stores.php	Modified
featured.php	Modified
clipper.pot	Modified
loop-coupon.php	Modified
taxonomy-coupon_tag.php	Modified
changelog.txt	Modified
single-coupon.php	Modified
tpl-dashboard.php	Modified
clipper.po	Modified
examples/coupon-import-template.csv	Modified


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 Comments (19)

  • NS

    I’m loving the quick communication via email, support forums, comments and twitter!

    This is how it should be.

    You guys are releasing new updates so fast, I’m having trouble keeping up.

    Massive round of applause for everyone’s hardwork & dedication, ‘we’ your customers greatly appreciate it 🙂

  • Rick Adlam

    Thanks David. You have addressed all the issues I brought up and heaps more besides.
    I have started to use the first release and starting to see the depth of work that has already gone into this theme. [on]
    The breadth of improvements you have added is amazing.
    I’ll try the installing the patch route to upgrade.
    Great work.


    • customer

      BTW David I can’t find the upgrade instructions or patch install instructions for clipper 1.1
      I will check out classipress instructions.

    • customer

      Great Site Rick I have the coupon site also having some trouble understand some of it but it is a great site wish someone would do videos on how it works.Keep up the great work.

      Sandi Romero

      • Shannon

        Sandi, video overviews and tutorials are something we will be adding to the site along with other learning resources in the coming months.

  • Steven Gliebe

    Thank you for getting the essential features and bug fixes out so quickly. I’m excited to upgrade and start using the new goodies.

    • author

      @Steven, certainly. We listen to what our customers have to say which helps us shape the next release.

      Good luck with your WordPress coupon site!

    • Alessander Raker

      I am confused about one thing.
      How do you monetize your site?

      I plan on using the theme but I’m afraid I could not generate income from it.

      How can I do this?


      • author

        @Alessander, there are several ways. The most popular way is to create a niche coupon site (i.e. web hosting, WordPress themes, clothing, etc) and then fill it with affiliate linked coupons. You’ll then get commission each time someone clicks thru and purchases something. You can then sign up with Commission Junction or one of the other many affiliate programs to get aff links. In addition you can make money from advertising.

  • Hoang

    Looks great, themes here just keep getting better!

  • Kiran Chikkala

    Amazing features with all bug fixes at an unexpected timelines. Thanks for AppThemes Team.

    Long Live AppThemes.

    We the customers or fans of AppThemes were really happy to see such an update/patch this quickly after the theme release and very much happy that we could not express.

    Now, every customer of AppThemes – Clipper will agree that, it was the ultimate and feature-rich theme for coupon site.

  • Alessander Raker

    I’ve been researching and thinking about a whole day on how to make good money with clipper and I think I saw an interesting model.

    The method of monetizing RetailMeNot looks good to me

    you can sponsor the category, and this is interesting.
    You think of entering something like this in the next update?

    • author

      @Alessander, yes we have plans for a more complete advertising system for all our themes. Probably not in the next release, however.

  • John

    Hi, I like your theme and I have two questions:

    1) Is it available in Dutch?
    2) I don’t want to show the succes as a picture at the coupon code. Instead of that I want a small picture of the website or a logo. Is that possible?

    Regards, John

    • author

      @John, we don’t have a Dutch language pack for Clipper yet but would love it if you could help. We even offer a 40% off discount for translating!

      Yes, you can also change the image if you’re comfortable with sftp and making a change to the css code.

  • customer

    Amazing and Too Funny
    I was busy creating and coding a “store listing page” when I saw your updates for Clipper. Installed it and low and behold it had been created for me. Thanks AppThemes!

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