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WordCamp San DiegoRoad Trip! We’re getting ready to attend three WordCamps this summer and we want to meet you there.

The first WordCamp is just a few days away in Reno. We’ll be making the beautiful drive over the Sierra Nevadas to attend WC Reno. We’re really looking forward to it.

Next up is WordCamp San Diego on July 16. This will be San Diego’s first WordCamp and they have had a great response. The 200 available tickets sold out in no time. We’re even more stoked about WCSD as it will be the first WordCamp sponsored by AppThemes. To top it off, the World Champion Giants (yes, we are fans) will be in San Diego to play the Padres. WordCamp on Saturday and hot dogs and baseball on Sunday – how could it get any better?

Of course, the big event will be WordCamp San Francisco in August. There’s no way we’d miss this one. We’re making plans to do something fun that weekend and we will have more news later.

If you are planning to attend any of these events, let us know. We’d love to meet you in person. Also, if you are local to the San Francisco Bay Area, try dropping in at a WordPress meetup. David is one of the organizers for the San Francisco WordPress meetup and will be speaking at the next meeting.

It’s going to be a great summer. Hopefully we will get a chance to meet you in person.


WordCamp Reno:
WordCamp San Diego:
WordCamp San Francisco:
San Francisco WordPress Meetup:
East Bay WordPress Meetup:

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 Comments (7)

  • Dwight

    When will a blog post be done for the new JobRoller? At the moment I’m wiating for the features list so that I can make a call between this and another product.

  • Dave

    Look forward to hearing news regarding Vantage. Will there be updates on the release?


    Good luck at the word camp.

  • Amy

    Hi Shannon,

    Thanks for the info and good luck for sponsoring.!

  • jko5

    Thats great and all, but wordcamping instead of using that time finish classipress doesn’t make much sense IMHO. Remember not to spread your resources too thin…

    • author

      Hey jko5 – I hear You. But we really do have a good purpose for going to these events. Some very talented developers attend WordCamps. We are making an effort to connect with these developers and give them a reason to join our team. With a solid, capable and intelligent team of developers on staff, I know that we are going to be able to deliver products more reliably and on time.

      While I can see that attending WordCamps might seem frivolous, please know it is part of a larger plan to make better products and be more responsive to our customers.

      Also, we are still on track to deliver ClassiPress 3.1 in June. Attending WordCamp will not change that.

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