JobRoller v1.3 is Now Available

The latest version of JobRoller has just been released. This is a maintenance and feature release so existing customers should upgrade. There was a total of 16 tickets fixed. A break down of tickets can be found below.


  • PayPal urlencode issue
  • Salary field bug
  • Hide salary field option added
  • Pack expire date fix
  • Search now uses lat long box so that search covers a larger area rather than a point
  • Fixed return error after payment
  • Fixed re-listing/moderation bug
  • Current url trailing slashes
  • Job Packs formatting
  • Job Packs expire calculation was backwards
  • Expired job fixes (after moderation)
  • Search results pagination added
  • Wrapped text in contact form template with localization tags
  • Fixed spacing issue with tag sidebar widgets
  • Fixed naming issue with certain widgets and css classes
  • Fixed tab index on creating new user accounts


  • Added wp_remote_post check on system info admin page
  • Added terms and conditions page option with checkbox
  • Option to disable user-created password fields & send auto password via email on reg form
  • Added cron job viewer on system info admin page
  • Added new appthemes api and hooks (doc to come soon)
  • Added separate comment templates for page, blog, job objects
  • Added disable WordPress 3.1 admin toolbar option
  • Added disable WordPress version meta tag option
  • Separated comments from pings/trackbacks
  • Removed search-xml.php which wasn’t being used

What Files Have Changed?

Many of our customers have done customizations to the core theme files and want to know exactly which files have been added, modified, and removed.Β  The good news is we’ve made this process going forward much easier. In addition to providing the latest full version download, we also now include a patch release. This will be a much smaller download and only include the files that have changed since the previous release.

So instead of having to read through the change log and figure out what files have been modified, you can just download the patch and ftp the files directly into your existing ClassiPress theme folder. You’ll still want to deactivate and then reactivate your theme so everything gets updated correctly but this will improve your upgrading experience.

Make sure to read the “Installing a Patch” guide if you decide to go this route.

Here’s the list of all files affected in the 1.3 release (from v1.2.1).

includes/appthemes-hooks.php	Added
comments-blog.php	Added
comments-page.php	Added
includes/theme-hooks.php	Added
archive.php	Modified
changelog.txt	Modified
comments.php	Modified
footer.php	Modified
404.php	Modified
includes/admin/admin-options.php	Modified
includes/admin/admin-orders.php	Modified
includes/admin/admin-post-types.php	Modified
includes/admin/admin-values.php	Modified
includes/admin/install-script.php	Modified
includes/admin/write-panel.php	Modified
includes/appthemes-functions.php	Modified
header.php	Modified
includes/classes/orders.class.php	Modified
includes/classes/packs.class.php	Modified
includes/forms/confirm-job/confirm-job-process.php	Modified
includes/forms/edit-job/edit-job-form.php	Modified
includes/forms/edit-job/relist-job-process.php	Modified
includes/forms/register/register-form.php	Modified
includes/forms/register/register-process.php	Modified
includes/forms/submit-job/submit-job-form.php	Modified
includes/gateways/paypal.php	Modified
includes/theme-actions.php	Modified
includes/theme-comments.php	Modified
includes/theme-emails.php	Modified
includes/theme-footer.php	Modified
includes/theme-functions.php	Modified
includes/theme-header.php	Modified
includes/theme-login.php	Modified
includes/theme-sidebars.php	Modified
includes/theme-widgets.php	Modified
index.php	Modified
jobroller-no-admin.po	Modified
jobroller-no-admin.pot	Modified
jobroller.po	Modified
jobroller.pot	Modified
README-FIRST.txt	Modified
loop-job.php	Modified
loop.php	Modified
page.php	Modified
search.php	Modified
sidebar-blog.php	Modified
sidebar-job.php	Modified
sidebar-page.php	Modified
sidebar-submit.php	Modified
sidebar-user.php	Modified
sidebar.php	Modified
single-job_listing.php	Modified
single.php	Modified
style.css	Modified
taxonomy-job_cat.php	Modified
taxonomy-job_salary.php	Modified
taxonomy-job_tag.php	Modified
taxonomy-job_type.php	Modified
tpl-add-new-confirm.php	Modified
tpl-blog.php	Modified
tpl-contact.php	Modified
tpl-edit-job.php	Modified
tpl-job-cats.php	Modified
tpl-jobs-by-date.php	Modified
tpl-myjobs.php	Modified
tpl-profile.php	Modified
tpl-submit.php	Modified
search-xml.php	Deleted

How Can I Get This Version?

Existing customers can login to their customer account and download the latest version and immediately start taking advantage of these cool new features.

Got some ideas for new JobRoller features? Head on over to our new Ideas Exchange and submit/vote for your favorite ideas!

How Do I Upgrade?

If you haven’t made any changes to the theme files then the easiest method is to just do a complete upgrade (download the full 1.3 version). Then follow the “How to Upgrade Versions” guide. If you’ve made modifications to the core theme files, then we recommend installing the patch version instead. Then follow the “Installing a Patch” guide.


Anything related to support should be posted in the JobRoller support forum where our dedicated support team can assist you. For specifics about the new features, feel free to ask them below via comments.

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 Comments (41)

  • Bart

    Nice work! Waiting still for the Vantage theme : )

  • jim

    Great work – and great to see the constant development and constant great standard being maintained. Jobseekers is a big feature for me will this be in 1.4? Also keen to see vantage πŸ™‚

  • Alex

    Nice..but Vantage should have priority from now on…

  • John

    So, if I received some help to fix these issues, should I go ahead and change to 1.3?

    • author

      @John, not sure what you mean? Did you make changes to your theme core files already? Probably a better question to ask in our support forum.

  • Mike

    There are 4 important features I would like to mention for the next release:

    1. job listing syndication (simplyhired, indeed, etc.)
    2. employer ability to enable/disable “apply now” form
    3. coupon/promo code that admin can use to give discounts to employers
    4. ability to charge either jobseeker, employer or both

    Overall, you guys are doing an amazing job.

  • customer


    I would LOVE to have that coupon code field…when possible yeterday.

    But a great team… i can say im a “by experience on spending to much money on other job themes” specialist in job themes.


  • customer

    Will be in the forums. Thanks!

  • Pete

    Looks Great. Am patiently waiting or Vantage to come out!!!

  • Allan

    Nice looking theme. Defiantly planning on investing on this one very soon.

  • Kenneth

    Nice work, but like everyone else, I want to have Vantage NOW!!!

  • Oppy


    is it possible to have other payment gateways integrated(2checkout) for credit card processing – to the system apart from Paypal.

    Pls. add other payment gateways to upcoming releases and fixes thanks

  • tbase

    Employer profiles in v1.4, fantastic!

  • Bob

    Can I disable PayPal and use another script?

    • author

      @Bob, right now JobRoller only supports PayPal. If you have a developer, he/she could implement a different payment gateway.

  • Dr Ron Suarez

    I can guess what jobroller probably does, but here is a usability suggestion. Some people may come to this post before they see anything else about jobroller. Don’t make users have to search for what jobroller is or where the main page for it is located.

    • author

      @Dr Ron Suarez, thanks for the suggestion. Usually people come our site via the home page and then browse the blog so it’s typically not an issue. πŸ˜‰

  • Bob

    @David, I suggest the free Option for payment confirm(maybe Captcha code) during the beta job website.

  • RaiYai Pattaya

    Very nice guys, just getting into the “job roller” scene but the future looks promising. Keep it up.

  • Tinh

    Is this version compatible with WP 3.1 which has just been released?

  • FreshDivine

    Anyone know if there’s going to be any kind of pre-screening questions functionality added at any point? So on a job posting the employer could post three questions like 1) WordPress experience Y/N and it could help the employer filter out the crap applicants from the good?

    • author

      @FreshDivine, not at this point. The questions can easily be added to the job description though.

  • plywood

    Very nice guys .. Thanks

  • Glenn

    Nice work! Waiting still for the Vantage theme : )

  • Alvin

    What happened to the status page? I think it needs a little update by now πŸ˜‰

  • customer

    πŸ˜‰ keep it coming !

    I really love the jobroller theme , fully automated and rising in the rankings without lifting a finger!
    Really looking forward to the updates as i have a real good project coming up!

    2 thumbs up

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