New 3.0 Multi-Step Ad Form Demo

It’s a beautiful Friday here in San Francisco and I’m crazy for staying indoors and making this video now but I really wanted to reveal the new 3.0 multi-step ad form. So I just put together a screen cast to show you all how the new multi-step ad form submission works. In this demo you will see exactly how your customers will submit, review, and then pay for their ad via PayPal before it automatically appears live on your site.

For one of my ad categories called “Boats”, I created a custom form layout and then added my two custom fields.  I then reordered the fields and made them mandatory all within a matter of seconds. I also demonstrate how the new form validation works for both fields and image uploads.

In step two of the new ad submission form you’ll see a summary of the ad as well as a breakdown of how much it will cost. There is also a “terms of use” text box that you can easily modify to your needs. Once the ad has been submitted, you automatically get redirected to PayPal to make your payment. After payment has been made, you’ll be sent back to ClassiPress to see your new ad published.

In addition on the new ClassiPress dashboard, the developer’s edition (professional edition) will show you how much money you’ve made thus far. Watch the demo below to see it all in action.

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  • Lester

    I checked my download link and it still says:

    “Click here to download ClassiPress v2.9.3 – Developer Pack.”

    What time will it be officially released?

  • Lester

    oops..nevermind, I just read the previous posts. Tomorrow it is!

  • Aleksandar

    Will there be a module or menu for advanced search?

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  • pedrox

    How do I download the 3.0? I lost the email with a link to download. My email is Please help me …

  • pedrox

    I have proof of purchase by paypal:

    2010/02/03 Payment To Niche Blog Media Done … – $ 79.00 USD

    Payment Cart sent (No. unique transaction ID 5HW11023RH1814613)

  • David

    Version 3.0 is now live and available to download via your original e-junkie email.

  • pedrox

    I lost the “original e-mail junkie”

    What should I do to resolve, please?

    Date of purchase by Paypal:
    2010/02/03 Payment To Niche Blog Media Done … – $ 79.00 USD
    Payment Cart sent (No. unique transaction ID 5HW11023RH1814613)

  • pedrox

    Please see picture of the transaction at Paypal:

  • Michael


    Where is the must have multi-category search?

    Why don’t you develope what your customers need?

  • studly

    where is the patch david , as promised on wednesday ????

    3.01 ??

  • Hollywood

    Is there a way to have the image size converted automatically in Classipress to a smaller size without the users fiddling with the image size?
    Similar to Facebook imaging upload.

    • Andy H

      can a consumer buy more than one post (ad) at a time without having to go through a payment merchant for each one individually, thus saving time and money on transaction costs and making life less frustrating for the buyer who wants multiple ads. Sort of like a cart system or maybe even a prepay a credit system so you can encourage payment up front.

  • Cristian Weiser

    I will buy this script after integration with


  • Fahad

    Is it possible change the language or design?

    • author

      Yes, you can easily change the language. To change the design, you will need to know programming (css, html).

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