Version 3.0.1 is Now Available

Today I have released a general bug fix release which patches up 25+ bugs found in the original 3.0 product. It is highly recommended that you upgrade immediately to this release to benefit from the fixes. Existing customers should use their original e-junkie email download link to get it.

You will need to replace your existing /themes/classipress/ folder with this new version. Deactivate the theme first before doing this. Then reactivate 3.0.1 because there are some items that need to be updated in your database.

Below you will find a list of all fixes and changes in this release. For specific files affected, please see the changelog.txt file accompanied with the 3.0.1 download.

Anyone who has already translated ClassiPress into their native language will have to update their .mo file. I have written a tutorial on how to do this at the bottom of this page: How to Translate a WordPress Theme

Bug Fixes

  • fixed the “access denied” error that some people were experiencing.
  • added parameter for uniqid() function to comply with php 4.3 or earlier.
  • added substr function on directory home page featured titles to help prevent wrap.
  • fixed problem with some profile fields not saving data.
  • fixed profile sidebar twitter and facebook urls so they now show updated links
  • fixed minor css bug by removing the float: left for ad thumbnails
  • fixed disappearing nav drop-down issue. changed z-index to 999
  • added two new currency position options so you can have spaces
  • fixed image uploads so more than six now correctly get uploaded.
  • fixed search so it respects the category selected and shows those results.
  • forced image names and extensions to lowercase on file check. some systems threw error if .JPG, etc
  • add inquiry emails were missing the reply-to email address.
  • text on search button wasn’t setup for localization. added correct _e wrap.
  • added missing custom url logo field to the settings page.
  • when using ad packs, ad length wasn’t getting passed into paypal correctly. it was using prune length instead.
  • price per category wasn’t showing up for new CP customers. replaced legacy get_option tags with correct ones.
  • changed admin alert to check for “contains” /%postname%/ instead of exact match so other permalink styles can be used

General Changes

  • changed security check from user levels to roles. also added new value to disable this feature
  • moved featured home page ads price under the image and removed the (). Added a trim function so long titles get cut down.
  • added a “pending listings” total to the account statistics profile sidebar.
  • added a new option to hide/show the featured ads section on the home page.
  • added a new option to control the featured ads title length before trimming occurs.
  • setup single ad page to display custom fields in order they were set in custom form layout. created new function and moved duplicate code from edit item page.
  • added two new sidebar widgets called “top ads today” & “top ads overall”. made the search widget usable on multiple sidebars. unregistered the default search widget.

If you discover any new bugs or something that should be working that isn’t, please post it in our 3.0 bug forum. First make sure you do a quick scan to see if someone has already logged that bug to prevent duplicates.

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 Comments (37)

  • Prototype

    David, I did a lot of customization my to ClassiPress 3.0. What’s the best way to upgrade from 3.0 to 3.0.1 when someone has customized the majority of the script.

    Thanks For Your Time

    • David

      Look at the changelog.txt file included in the download and see which files have been modified. You could also do a line by line comparision by using something like WinMerge.

      One of the nice things about CP is how the general theme pages are separated from the functions. Hopefully you didn’t go too deep in your customization.

      That’s also why I advised existing customers to hold off until 3.0.1 was released.

      Good luck.

  • Hani

    Hi David,

    I’ve translated almost %75 from the 3.0 to Arabic, Should i start over again?


  • David

    Hani, no there’s no need to start over. Please read the section above that explains how to update your .pot file.

  • Prototype

    David, Thanks. I took a look at the changelog and only uploaded the files that you fix. All of my customization was still their accept for what I did to my sidebar. The sidebar was easy to fix back.

    A smooth upgrade and again thanks for such a wonderful script.

    Have a wonderful day!

  • Tim

    I deactivated the old theme, then installed the new them but it would not activate saying a “Stylesheet is missing” – Please advise.

    • David

      You must have missed uploading the stylesheet. Try upgrading again and if you keep having problems, please post them in the support forum. Thanks.

  • Automated Video Blog

    Thanks David for such fast bugs fixed.

  • pooya3d

    thanks David for your hard work, we really appreciate it.

  • equilibria

    Okay… I already posted about this on the forum. Your instructions did NOT work for me at all.

    I logged into my Dashboard and deactivated the classipress 3.0 theme by activating the default WordPress theme.

    Then I uploaded via ftp the new 3.0.1 theme to: wp-content/themes/

    Then I activated it and all I got was a blank white screen.

    So then via FTP, I deleted the new classipress folder and once again, activated the default theme.

    Then through the Dashboard’s theme upload utility, I uploaded the new 3.0.1 zip file and activated it.


    But this time I got locked out of Admin so I had to go back into ftp and rename the old classipress 3.0 theme back to classipress from classipressOLD and then I deleted the new classipress 3.0.1 theme and LUCKILY, everything is back to normal with all the bugs you’ve apparently fixed in 3.0.1.

    So now what?

    I followed your directions but it’s not working.


    • David

      equilibria, please PM me a link to your forum post so I can take a look. The blog is not the right place for support.

  • Carlos Takemura

    David, is CP built as a framework in the same way that Thesis and Hybrid are, i.e. they provide hooks and filters so that when we design our custom themes they do not interfere or require any of the main theme’s framework being touched?

    • David

      Carlos, frameworks work well for regular themes but not CP. CP is essentially an application so a framework isn’t as easy to do (nor really necessary to be honest). It is built so you can make child themes, however.

  • Diogo Guerreiro

    David when using HTML in post the first time we do that then it gives the field is mandatory and only the second attempt (click again on the next) is not giving error.

  • Thomas

    Hallo David. In this version can I disable registration before post new ad?

  • zazik

    How can I allow unregistered users to publish ads? After all I could do this in previous version.

  • Catalin

    Hi David,

    Congrats for 3.0 version launching! Also v.3.0.1 is very welcomed due to fixed errors. Another approach may be the script optimization in order to work well with pretty high number of ads in database ( > 50k ads ) in high traffic conditions ( > 100k accessed pages / day ) – is it enough to use a wp caching plugin to solve this issue?


    • David

      It has definitely been optimized compared to 2.9 but I highly recommend using the wp-super-cache plugin as well. Chances are your server will be overloaded before CP would even be an issue.

  • Faheem Mumtaz

    How can i buy it without paypal. Is there any other way ?

  • pedrox

    To update we have to uninstall Wpclassipress before?

    “Unpacking the package.

    Install the theme.

    The destination directory already exists. / Home/meuboy/public_html/wpclassipress30/wp-content/themes/classipress /

    Installing Theme failed.”

  • Albert

    Hi David,

    Thanks for the for 3.0.1 release. Hopefully I can do more with this package.

  • Kevin Tan

    Hello David,

    It’s been 3-4 days since the version 3.0.1 has been released but I still haven’t received the download email from E-Junkie. I didn’t receive the version 3.0 email either.

    I’ve sent you an email regarding this. Please send me the download link.

    Thank you.

    Kevin Tan

  • Benjamin

    @David Thanks for the brilliant job; CP has come a long way! Unfortunately i still can’t download v3.0 due to an expired download link, and i guess u still have a load of similar requests. Looking forward to the new version.

    Many thanks


    • David

      Benjamin – thanks. If you’ve already sent me an email then I will eventually get to your request.

  • Kirk

    David, can I add a search values like on other classifieds site to your template? (ie. a price range or bedrooms)

    Thanks for the for 3.0.1 update/release.

    • David

      Kirk, there isn’t an easy way to currently do this but it’s on the roadmap for later this year.

  • Lester

    Hi David, did the upgrade to 3.1 shorten the ad text on the featured listings? It now only shows 7 characters…

    Also, is there a way to show featured listings for each category page?


    • David

      There is a new option which allows you to control how short/long the featured ad text should be before it gets trimmed.

      No featured ads per category with 3.0 at this time.

  • John Sabados

    Hi David

    Terrific work on the 3.0.1. Everything works perfect, except that there is no default Ad form showing up. Can’t make Ads without it and can’t make customized forms either. I have tried the support forum, but no one seems to have an answer. I absolutely tried everything.

    • David

      John, the default form is automatically setup when you activate the theme. Try deactivating and then click on the “Activate” link again and that should run the install script.

  • Matt

    Hi David, terrific work on the new release!

    Sorry if this one’s been asked but can’t find my answer in the forum…can multiple categories been assigned to one advert?

    Many thanks, M

    • David

      No, it’s a one category to one ad relationship mainly because the price per category model wouldn’t work well.


    How can i allow unregistered visitors to post ads.

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