One-Click ClassiPress Theme Installation

Besides all the great new features included in ClassiPress 3.0, I also wanted to bring up the much improved installation process. Most Premium themes or plugins you install (including ClassiPress 2.9) require you to manually create pages, assign them to a custom template, name the permalink/url a certain way, publish them, find the page id, paste it into another field, and then save.

Not only is that process a real pain, but it takes time and allows the opportunity for mistakes. It also means those who don’t like to read instructions or cannot read English will have a lot less trouble getting their site setup. It also is a good thing for those who are new or aren’t very comfortable with WordPress in general.

This functionality is revolutionary with premium WordPress themes and in 3.0, all this will be fully automated once you activate the theme. We like to lead by example and you’ll see several other trailblazing features including the WordPress custom fields GUI built into 3.0. Yes, you will still have to go in and adjust the ClassiPress setting pages but the manual process of creating pages and assigning templates will be done behind the scenes within the install script.

Oh, and for those of you who noticed the screenshot, the featured ad listings will be much smaller and located across the top on the home page. This is one of two available home page layouts in 3.0. It’s also using a jquery carousel which automatically rotates through your featured ads. You’ll also notice that ClassiPress is by AppThemes which will be a premium wordpress theme site launching later this year.

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  • ph

    ” for those of you who noticed the screenshot, the featured ad listings will be much smaller and located across the top on the home page. This is one of two available home page layouts in 3.0. It’s also using a jquery carousel which automatically rotates through your featured ads.”

    – Now, that’s an improvement!!! I’m glad to say I am happier now with that design. =)

    • David

      Glad you like it. It was one of the most popular change requests after I released screen shots of 3.0. It’s much less like a typical blog theme and more like a classified ads theme! πŸ˜‰

  • lucas

    I think in the future must bet more on visual πŸ™‚

  • ClassifiedsNext


    the features are looking good, but one feature worth considering is the City, Region & Country integration. Meaning if someone selects country he gets region and on clicking region gets city.

    Further the current feature which allowed adding classifieds without need for registration was good, but am surprised that it has been removed. I think you should reconsider adding that.

    Rest looks good.

    • BJ

      Totally agree with this… If it could do this I would thrilled.

      I am looking on behalf of client who is currently using PHP Classifieds. Their sorting by location is very good but upgrading the the script and plugins is a pain and time consuming so I suggested we try WordPress and look at a plugin you offer. But until this feature is included, I don’t think he will bite.

  • taker

    Looks good, lets hope it launches very soon. I have put my site on hold for this, as Im sure many other people have.

  • lucas

    February has passed, we are March 5 and the release of 3.0 is still a mirage …

    • David

      3.0 is slated for beta testing next week. If all goes well, it will be released by the end of March.

  • Lara

    I know we are all very excited about proceeding forward with 3.0, however, a stable 3.0 is absolutely critical, so please extend some further patience and understanding and you will ultimately be very satisfied that you did.

    Just my 2cents worth.

    • David

      Thanks Lara. That is how I feel as well. I wish more people were patient like you and understood that quality products take time to gather requirements, build, test, re-test, and release when it’s ready.

  • pedrox

    We can change the size of photos in the carousel?

    And we can choose the ads shown on the carousel?

    Instead of showing ads randomly, would be even more interesting charge for destake

    • David

      Yes, you can change the sizes easily via the WP media page but I don’t recommend going larger than 50 x 50.

      The ads in the carousel are featured ads (sticky posts) which you can charge extra for when selling ads.

  • groan

    Very exciting David.
    I cant wait to get my hands on it and get moving on y project. I too have put my site on hold for this. I also understand the importance of getting a stable site out so please, take your tie testing. it’s a very important stage.

  • masfiq“

    is that possible to install Classipress theme with wordpress mu, where register user can get a blog & access to post classified ads?

  • pjeaje

    “Most Premium themes or plugins you install (including ClassiPress 2.9) require you to manually create pages”

    Ummm not really… I know of a free classified plugin that does this automatically… eg. AWPCP

    • David

      Most quality themes/plugins that I’ve seen require you to manually create the pages.

      I did give that plugin you mentioned a try and noticed it does automatically create pages but it doesn’t automatically remove them from your navigation. Kind of overwhelming if you are a newbie and wonder what all these new pages are doing in your primary nav and how do I remove them.

      CP 3.0 automatically creates those pages and doesn’t include them in your nav.

      In general, I think WordPress should have a flag or something to set which allows you to make page templates that are standalone. Theme and plugin developers are just being creative by either using page templates or using a query string with a parameter to load up specific pages.

  • studly

    hello david ..

    i just found this theme which does the exact thing classipress does mostly and its even just one step to install , i purchased classipress and struggling to find what classipress has more for 79 dollars this free theme doesnt ..

    have a look if you havent come across this ..

    • David

      Yes, I’ve seen that theme and it’s actually a modified version of ClassiPress. If you look at the code, you’ll see lots of similarities.

      It does have some cool features but lacks in several areas compared to 3.0 which is due out at the end of this month. You’ll be happy and see the amazing price/value once it comes out.

  • studly

    thanks david for the reply..

    cant wait for 3.0 , take your time and give us a brilliant product πŸ™‚

  • Albert

    Anyway we are going to get an another version of excellent product. Advanced thanks for that..

    Already I’ve planned one good business plan for my Classified site. But waiting for new version. No problem. Take your time and test it properly.

    And do you know one of my friend, Integrated CCAvenue Payment gateway in this last release package. So Indian customer can pay for the featured ad via Indian bank debit cards as well as Net banking method. But we afraid of the new values in next 3.0 release. Hope we can integrate it easily..

  • Maurice


    I really like the all the hard work that you’ve put into Classipress 3.0. I think that the modifications that you have made are brilliant.

    Do you have a tentative lauch date for 3.0 at present?

    Take care and thanks again!

    • David

      Thanks Maurice. We are a little behind with our beta testing but the tentative launch date is the end of March.

  • Michael

    Do we need to have WordPress 3.0 in order to get all of the benefits from ClassiPress 3.0?

    • David

      Hi Michael – no you don’t need WP 3.0 but you will need at least 2.9 in order to benefit from all the options in ClassiPress 3.0.

  • Deb

    Can this be used in addition to posting articles on one’s blog or would it solely be set up as a classified site? Also will any of the older versions work with some versions of wp before 2.9 in case I don’t want to update a blog from a year or two ago?

    • David

      Deb, ClassiPress would be your main site and then the blog would be included with it. So basically you’d have your classified ads site and a blog running within it (in 3.0).

      I recommend upgrading your older WP versions more for security reasons than for compatibility reasons. CP 3.0 will best work with WP 2.9 but will work fine with 2.8 and probably 2.7.

  • Chris Brown

    I just purchased the developer package yesterday, and was chomping at the bit to get it installed and using it.

    Well, if your a simpleton like myself, anything technical at a certain level is mind numbing.

    It says I need to create a subdirectory in wordpress and then install another instance of wordpress etc. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP..

    I was able to create a subdomain in wordpress thru cpanel which is Will this work? But now I don’t get how to create install wordpress? I used Fantastico which is in my hosting account for the main domain and it’s good.

    Can anyone help me? It sounds easy in the instructions but I’m not very confident in my expertise……


    Chris B

    • Albert

      @Chris B: What is your problem exactly…?

      You can install the WordPress in your root directory also. If you want you can install it in Sub Directory and can install this ClassiPress theme.

      But do not install WordPress via Fantastico. Upload the files via FTP and run the installer.

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  • Ryan

    I’ll still pay someone to help install it. I’ll just take notes.

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