How to Create WordPress Custom Forms and Fields

One of the most talked about features of ClassiPress 3.0 is the ability to create your own custom fields and forms. This cool new feature will make it easy for you to have a different form for each category.

For example, say you have a WordPress category called “Cars” and you want to have fields called “Year”, “Make”, and “Model” that are all drop-down lists. No problem. Just create each custom field, add the drop-down values, and then add those fields to your “Cars” custom form layout. That form will only display when someone is posting a new ad under the “Cars” category.

In this video demo I show you how to create a custom form for a category called “Electronics”. Then you’ll see how it dynamically shows up on the ad form page. It’s that easy to create your own forms and fields all from within the WordPress admin.

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