3.0 Beta Testers Needed – Inquire Within

Many of you have been asking how to be part of the 3.0 beta testing program. Well, today we’ve officially launched the first ClassiPress beta testing program and now is the time for you to become part of ClassiPress history.

Being a beta tester actually requires a lot of work on your part so before signing up, please make sure you are ready for the commitment. You will need to dedicate several hours of your time (over a two-week period) to help flush out any bugs before 3.0 is ready for a GA release.

Beta tester requirements:

  • You must be an existing CP customer (prior to 12/1/09) and in good standing
  • Actually using ClassiPress in a live environment (your site url is required)
  • Understand how WordPress should work and how to identify potential bugs
  • Document each step you took, what page you were on, and the bug behavior

What a beta tester is not:

  • Someone just looking for an early copy of 3.0 (There will be bugs)
  • Someone who is a customer but not currently using ClassiPress
  • Someone just looking for an early copy of 3.0
  • Someone just looking for an early copy of 3.0

I’m sure you get the point. If you are ready for the challenge, please register below. You will be sent a confirmation email as soon as you register so please click on the validation link to complete the reg process. Also make sure to enter the email address you used when purchasing ClassiPress. We will be validating all registrants against our customer list to ensure you qualify.

Once the beta program is ready to begin (and you qualify), you will receive communications from us and expect to begin the beta test script. We can only take a certain number of beta testers so I apologize in advanced if you aren’t selected.

UPDATE 3/5/10 – Thank you for your interest but we have reached the maximum number of applicants and are no longer accepting any new beta testers. If you have already registered you will be contacted the week of March 8th for further information.

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 Comments (24)

  • YES

    ALRIGHT! This is exciting, I can’t wait for the general release, I want it yesterday.

    Wish I could be a beta tester, but I don’t meet the qualifications, DARN!

  • Leland

    Word. I’m on board.

  • Greenlife

    I don’t meet the qualifications either, Pffff, wish I bought a Classipress license last year 🙁

    How long do you think before launching the general release???

  • Albert

    Bought the license in end of the Jan 2010. But yet my project is not live. I’m running demo site as sub domain.

    Also applied for beta testing. I’m very much interested in this 3.0 update… Please finish all the beta test and release the updates…

  • groan

    I also applied. My site has had lots of customization and it is reachable through it’s proper URL but it is not “live”.
    Hopefully I will be accepted anyways.
    David please accept me!!!
    dont make me beg!
    wait, i already did.


  • Bryan

    I would love to help you squash those bugs David! Either way, I’m excited for the 3.0 release!

  • anunturi

    i’m in, but as you know my site is broken for the moment. let me know.

  • peter

    Hi it would be nice if you could install new 3,0 classipress demo for registered costumers, and we can try to find bugs to?

  • NetPotion

    I would love to help but I don’t meet your requirements. I have done a lot of beta testing before – so if you decide you could use me, I’d be happy to help. : )

  • Natetronn

    I do not meet the requirements either since I put two projects on hold once I heard about the update, which was like 6 months ago! So technically I don’t meet the live site requirements either but I do however want to help get the release out asap. Let me know if you need more help.

  • Anton1987

    Greetings from Russia. Forgive for my English language.
    Help to understand with options. I use version 2.9.2.
    At click by buttons to edit or pause of add at the dashboard page I get on page 404.

    • David

      Anton, make sure you read the installation guide. You need to manually setup a couple page templates before it will work correctly.

  • Leigh

    Go testers go! So excited for this to come out!!

  • pedrox

    Some of the testers can post a link to show the demo of 3.0 ? 🙂

  • Rich Murphy

    Count me in, s’il vous plait!

  • Vincent

    Count me in!

  • Jakarta Apartment

    When will you release the 3.0 version ?

    • David

      We are currently underway with beta testing and the goal is to have 3.0 released by the end of March.

  • Caryl


    I’ve just bought the single user licence. So I would like to be your 3.0 beta tester before using it.

    Is it possible ?

    Thanx in advance…

  • Rick Adlam

    Hi David,
    I will be buying your classipress 3.0 to replace a competitors classifieds product on buyersangels.com This product had serious issues that the owner refuses to acknowledge, that can be seen by trying to use the site. [and testing the results]
    I would like to try your beta, after reading your features and seeing that you are a specialist in this area. You are already in front of your competitors, because you are beta testing before sale.

    Rick Adlam

    • David

      Hi Rick, I’m sorry to hear about your poor experience with that other classified ads product. You will be much happier with ClassiPress that’s for sure.

      So beta testing is limited to current customers and we are finishing up on the 2nd round this week.

      3.0 should be available by the end of the month assuming we don’t come across any large bugs. The price will also be going up so you might want to lock in the lower rate now by purchasing 2.9.3 and just hold off on the install until 3.0.

      Either way, you can expect a far superior product. 😉

  • Jon Hall

    When someone has a beta site up, it would be cool if the address(es) could be shared so that we could take a look at the real program in action!



  • Jual Apartemen

    Does your product have multi currency price?
    We are running rental site, where it can be rented in local currency or USD currency.

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