New 3.0 Multi-Step Ad Form Demo

It’s a beautiful Friday here in San Francisco and I’m crazy for staying indoors and making this video now but I really wanted to reveal the new 3.0 multi-step ad form. So I just put together a screen cast to show you all how the new multi-step ad form submission works. In this demo you will see exactly how your customers will submit, review, and then pay for their ad via PayPal before it automatically appears live on your site.

For one of my ad categories called “Boats”, I created a custom form layout and then added my two custom fields.Β  I then reordered the fields and made them mandatory all within a matter of seconds. I also demonstrate how the new form validation works for both fields and image uploads.

In step two of the new ad submission form you’ll see a summary of the ad as well as a breakdown of how much it will cost. There is also a “terms of use” text box that you can easily modify to your needs. Once the ad has been submitted, you automatically get redirected to PayPal to make your payment. After payment has been made, you’ll be sent back to ClassiPress to see your new ad published.

In addition on the new ClassiPress dashboard, the developer’s edition (professional edition) will show you how much money you’ve made thus far. Watch the demo below to see it all in action.

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  • taker

    That is really cool David. I really can’t wait for 3.0. Hope BETA is running smoothly.

  • Yari

    Digg it man! I want my 3.0 yesterday, but I will gladly wait for a stable release.

    Keep up the great work David, very nice interface indeed!


    Would you please make it xhtml validated through w3c. As I have validated my current 2.9 but don’t want to do it again.
    Anyway I love this new theme and new features.

  • groan

    very cool.
    let me at ‘er! I can’t wait.
    OK, I can wait.

  • kim

    March 20 .. The end of the month approaches… Another postponement, NO, please

    • David

      We have been beta testing the last two weeks and fixing bugs as they pop up. Once the product is ready to go, it will be available. Target date as I’ve said before is the end of March.

  • Anders

    I like this. I have today 2.9.3. Anyone who know if there is a function so you can select and see if the product is sold private or by a company?


    • David

      Not sure what you mean Anders. Can you clarify?

    • Anders

      Ok, sorrry aobut my english πŸ™‚

      If someone are at a classipress site and looking for ex. buying a car. Say that there are 300 cars listed. But 90 % is listed from companies, BMW etc, and 10% is listed by private persons.

      Say that the buyer only want to buy from a private person…

      Can you in a simple way separate this, ex. when you post an Classifed, a click-box privare or company..


  • Fuzzy

    Nice work David.. Must say itΒ΄s the best i have seen here so far..

    • David

      Thanks Fuzzy. There’s plenty more….I just haven’t had time to put together more videos since I’m trying to finish up 3.0 by the end of the month.

  • Pop

    Looks really cool. Is there any new cool social shopping things like:
    – rates and comments about advertisers
    – connect with friends

  • Frank

    The new ad submission form looks fantastic- can’t wait for 3.0.

    How can I set up Classipress to allow submitters to make their own categories?

    • David

      There is no option for ad submitters to create their own category. I would advise against it anyhow since it could get full of junk and spammy categories. You’d want to maintain more control so instead just have a contact form or something asking for category suggestions.

  • Fuzzy

    @Frank …. That will be nice if the user could create their own categories.

  • Dee

    Hi, I am currently running 2.9.3 version and am anxiously waiting for the 3.0 version to come out. My questions for David are:

    1) Will the 3.0 version have the ability to accept subscription payments as appose to one-time ad fees? I was holding out publishing my site because I really want to charge a monthly recurring payment for my type of business niche.

    2) My custom logo is currently white, it appears the new themes will all have black headers? Will I be able to select a theme with white background/header so i can add my custom logo which is not transparent, but white background?

    Thanks in advance!


    • Waiting Patiently

      David, I too would LOVE to see a subscription model, as I intend to use clasipress as more of a business directory than a classified website.

      The option to charge posters an ongoing monthly fee for their ads OR an option to charge based on listing length, such as a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscriptions would be fantastic. I imagine this option would be beneficial to others as well, and really expand your market.

    • David

      No subscription payment option in 3.0 but the plan is to include that later in the professional edition (developer’s edition). The main reason being is that the standard paypal functionality doesn’t really work with subscriptions so a separate script will need to be built.

      • Waiting Patiently

        Thank you David. I appreciate that no subscription model will be available in version 3.0.

        How about a model that allows you to choose the length your ad / listing will run? ie. 1 Month $50, 3 Months $125, 6 Months $200, etc…?

    • David

      You can change the css and remove the black image and coloring in the header if it doesn’t fit well with your existing logo.

  • pedrox

    what I like least in 3.0 is the home page show only categories … My site has only one category

  • Darren

    It will be great to be able to personalize the categories, and so looking forward to getting the update. Just wondered about existing posts being uploaded to the new design. Will the default custom fields be the same as now? If I change fields for different categories, will posts submitted prior to this still display ok?

    • David

      Any legacy existing ads should work fine without any changes. Any new ads will use the new CP framework so it’s basically backwards compatible.

  • Leigh

    Can’t wait! I check in every day hoping to see a download link! πŸ™‚

    Can someone let me know what all the benefits are of having the Professional version besides being able to use it on more than one site? I hadn’t considered it since I will only be using it on one site, but now I am wondering if there is more?


    • David

      There will be a feature comparison chart showing you all the benefits of each edition. The main advantages of CP Pro will include unlimited site license usage, design .psds, transaction history of all your paypal sales, and a running total of your site income. It will eventually also include paypal IPN and Google Checkout.

  • studly

    hello david

    lovely job , thanks for giving us a video , please would you let us know whether 3.0 will have a free option like 2.9 .

    i mean paying by paypal will be an option i hope , i want to have a free classifield website . please let us know

    thanks , πŸ™‚

    • David

      Yes, the option to still accept free ads by category or for your entire site will still be available.

  • kim

    March 22 .. missing 8 days for the end of the month …

  • Carlos Takemura

    Very nice work David. I’m growing more confident about CP every time you post a video.

    A couple of questions if I may:

    1. How does the confirmation work in instances where the ads require reviewing prior to publishing?

    2. As I stated in other thread, I want to be able to assign custom taxonomies to each listing from the backend, i.e. the ad poster doesn’t see these when submitting. I presume that is possible?

    My workaround to handling custom taxonomies (and eventually custom post types) is to assign these myself prior to publishing.

    I’m planning a niche directory with listings on an annual basis, so it’s not too much trouble for me to do this.

    Rather than spend resources on custom coding I am confident you will support custom taxonomies and post types as CP 3.0 matures along with further UI enhancements to these features in the WP core.

    Would I be right in making that assumption?

    • David

      1. It shows a confirmation page stating that ad has been successfully submitted and needs to be reviewed before being published.

      2. That’s fine. You can use the built-in wordpress custom taxonomies to do whatever you like. On the front-end ad details page it will only show the tags though.

      As WordPress releases and supports more options ClassiPress will be able to start utilizing them too. I’m just as eager to start seeing custom post types and write panels as you are.

  • Carlos Takemura

    David, thank you for the reply, appreciated.

    We don’t intend on using regular tags at all. All tagging will be done manually by us in the backend using custom taxonomies until a) WP supports a UI for this, and b) CP starts utilising them too πŸ˜‰

    The whole front end of our site will be customised to look totally different to the default CP theme.

    So, would I be right in assuming we can show whatever we want, and how we want, on the front-end?

    • David

      Yes, you can customize the design however you want by just modifying the .css and creating a child theme essentially. Any coding changes can be done as well to fit your needs.

  • kim

    March 23 .. My crystal ball tells me that the wpclassipress 3.0 will be released on Friday …

    • David

      It won’t be until at least next week. This week is all about bug fixes and then this weekend will be preparing all the different software bundles. On top of that I still need to write the new install guide and features on the website. Lots left to finish still but the product is looking strong!

  • ppro

    I just bought it today and really waiting for the Ver. 3 release, I already had the experience of working with another WP classified which is free but decided to switch my site to your design. I was wondering if I can get a beta release of your theme and test it myself.

    anyway thanks for your nice work,

    • David

      Welcome to the ClassiPress family ppro. πŸ˜‰ Beta testing is already underway so at this time we don’t need any additional help. Thanks for your offer though.

  • Mashfiq

    is that possible to add affiliate system with Classipress?

  • David

    There is no affiliate system built into ClassiPress at this time.

  • Jack

    This looks great! A quick question:

    Will there be an increase in price in the Developer License when 3.0 is released? Its currently at $149.

    If one was to purchase today would they get free upgrades to 3.0 or would there be an upgrade fee?

    thanks for all the hard work and we have been following via rss feeds.

    • David

      Thanks Jack. Yes, all versions will be going up in price after 3.0 launches. If you purchase CP now, you’ll lock in the lower rate. Upgrades are included for free.

      • Stefan

        David, i want to add a bidding system option to your theme and the option to charge per membership for ads, extra cash for additional images and so on.. Can you get in contact with me by email to discuss more about this ? I want to add this features to the new version.

        • David

          Hi Stefan. Those features will not be included in 3.0. Maybe in a future release if enough people are interested in having them.

          • Stefan

            Hi David, i was talking to implement this features myself… a bidding system and a subscription management.. as long as other features.. Get in contact with my by email to explain you more what i want to do..

  • Wasee

    Just want to confirm one thing from you david is possible to integrate built in wordpress registration/login into this multi-step form which will be only visible to the new users or not logged-in users so that if a new users come to website he can create a new account while creating a listing or an old member can login during the post and ad i think it can be helpful for some some people its kind of annoying that first submit the registration form and thn come back to site and post an ad.

    • Carlos Takemura

      @Wasee – this is a good point.

      Perhaps if the process involved a double opt in, such as new members having to verify their account by clicking a link in an email, then this would solve that problem and kill two birds at the same time?

      When returned to our sites, after clicking the link, they would then be required to login whereupon they would be able to create their ad/listing.

      I think double/triple opt in such as I have just described, is vital for us to operate our sites within the law.

    • David

      Yes, that could be done but it won’t be part of core 3.0.

  • Daniel Hall

    This looks awesome, I cannot wait for the new version.

    Thank you for giving us videos, and training videos would be much appreciated.

    I bought my full developers license last year, this is awesome.

    Keep it up!

    • David

      Thanks Daniel. I plan on having training videos at some point. Once I get 3.0 out the door I will hopefully have the time.

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