Video: Creating a Listing in Vantage

We would first like to announce that the response to Vantage has been phenomenal. We are really encouraged by how much people like the theme and have posted some very supportive comments. Thank you everyone. We look forward to adding even more features to Vantage as soon as possible.

Quite a few people have asked us about the checkout process after an end-user creates a listing in Vantage. It’s not possible to see this with the demo, so we thought it would helpful to create a video.

The video below shows the entire process of creating a listing in Vantage including making a payment with PayPal.

Next week, we’ll take a look at the fantastic, new custom form builder for Vantage.

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 Comments (12)

  • customer

    Thank you Shannon, very intuitive, simple and helpful.

  • Alvin

    Great stuff 😉

  • customer

    If i want to have unlimited days listing would it be enough to just leave the “Duration of Listing” empty in the options panel?


    • author

      You do not want to leave duration empty. We are creating an option for unlimited duration. For now, just put a lot of days in there.

  • customer


    How do I change email for customer receipt’s email in Vantage? My customer received email from us when they submited a listing or new registration like this​m. How do I change it to our email like

  • customer

    Can I give a customer the option to receive an invoice, if they aren’t able to pay by credit card?

  • David

    If, as in your video, a person creates his paid advertisement but an administrator refuses it. Whether and how this happens there in the payment when it has already been done?

    (sorry for my english, i’m french)

    • author

      The payment goes through at the time the listing is created. If the site-owner does not approve the listing, it is up to the site owner to make the refund to the creator of the listing.

      This is how we have always done it in ClassiPress and JobRoller and we have had very few comments from customers about it. However, we are looking into the possibility of charging only after the listing has been approved.

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