Vantage Introduces the New AppThemes Custom Form Builder

Our new custom form builder is going to make your life easier! Do you need more than basic contact info for a business listing? Is your business directory in a niche market that requires unique data? Well, get it done with the new custom form builder.

With push-button simplicity, the new custom form builder makes it a snap to add custom data to your theme. The form builder allows you to create custom fields that will show up on the Vantage “Create a listing” form. After your customer enters data into the custom fields, it shows up on their listing. Simple as that.

We created a short video tutorial to show you how to get the most out of the new custom form builder for your site. Check it out below.

This video – and a text tutorial to be added later – can also be seen on this page in our documentation section.

By the way, the new form builder is part of our framework. We’ll be migrating it to our other themes sometime in the near future.

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  • Steffen K

    Looking good for once šŸ™‚
    All that is needed is a picture upload within the listing for say
    Pizza:upload image
    Pasta: upload image
    Salat: upload image

    If it can do that, I game to buy!

    • author

      Well, You can upload pictures to listings. Am I missing your point?

    • Carson

      You can do that, although I would leave the business owner with the freedom to name their own photos, unless you want your website to be a cluster f.

  • tbase

    Hi Shannon,

    Thanks for the overview. You guys are having waaay tooooo much fun!

    Love it!

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  • Alvin

    Sweet stuff! Thx!

  • Michael

    Will there be an advanced search where the form fields can be used as search filters (e.g. number of bedrooms, zip code, etc.)

  • port elizabeth

    We are looking forward to implementing this with the classipress we are running. Thank you for all your hardwork!

  • customer

    I know this is the wrong place for this question. Don’t know where to post it. Is it possible for you guys to add a video upload feature along with the images for listings? That would help my site tremendously!!!

    • author

      Uploading video is not going to happen. What you can do is upload to a video sharing service, like YouTube, and then embed the video code into the “Business Description” text area on the “Create a Listing” form. You can see the end result here.

  • junedc

    Hi, Example I created a custom field email and apply to all categories.

    Then in one specific category “Real Estate” I created another field like “No of rooms” Will the 2 special fields will merge in the “Real Estate” category listing?

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  • Ritesh

    Hi Shannon ,
    I want to create a community members directory , I am using Custom Forms but there is no custom fields for Images . Please tell me if your providing the same in next release ??. I need this Image field badly to complete this directory . Please show me some way if you can …

    • author

      You are correct, there are no custom fields for images. We plan on adding a custom field for PDFs. This would help with things like menus for restaurants.

  • R Krishana

    We are doing customization and child theme development for appthemes.
    Are you going to planing new update in near future?

    • author

      Well, we update the themes regularly. Maintenance updates come every 6-8 weeks. In fact, we just released the latest versions of JobRoller and ClassiPress last week.

      Do your plans include producing a child theme for sale?

      • R Krishana

        Actually one of our team is part of child theme and plugin development.
        The main reason is one of our client requirement is similar to Vantage theme but the client want like “yelp”. So some features mission that’s why i was asking.

        By the way the theme is really good as few months before we were working customization in favor of templatic but as your new coming theme is very good so we attracting toward you.


  • customer

    Hi there, thanks for this feature – very useful – will this be implemented on JobRoller in the next few weeks ? It would be useful for be able to add custom fields to the Job seeker’s profiles of which some can be accessible by admin only.

    An additional idea would be to show backend users which jobs each user has applied for in the backend to the admin.

    Would be very useful to be able to use the form fields as search filters.


  • JackM

    Is it possible to add a field for video (they can put their link to youtube, vimeo) and the listing would embed the video to display it ?

  • DCG

    Any eta on when this will be migrated to Classipress?

  • customer

    The custom form builder is great. However, it would be much better if there was an easy way to apply some basic styling to the form fields. Say you have 15-20 fields of information, the output rendered as plain paragraph tags will be compressed and less than readable.

    Are there any tweaks I can do in the single-listings.php file to apply some spacing between the form fields?


    • author

      You would want to modify the style sheet. Add .listing-fields p {styles here}. This would help you modify the styles for all the custom field data on the single listing page. I’ll write a tutorial this week that will show how to modify individual custom field lines.

      Remember, even for small modifications like this, please create a child theme.

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