Version 3.0.2 is Now Available

The latest version of ClassiPress has just been released today. It is a general patch release that fixes 10+ bugs and includes 15 or so enhancements. It is recommended that you upgrade to this release so you can benefit from the changes. Existing customers can login to their account and download the latest version.

Below you will find a list of all fixes and changes in this release. For specific files affected, please see the changelog.txt file accompanied with the 3.0.2 download.

Anyone who has already translated ClassiPress into their native language will have to update their .mo file. I have written a tutorial on how to do this at the bottom of this page: How to Translate a WordPress Theme.

Bug Fixes

  • fixed sidebars & footer widgets so they now work when cp is translated into other languages.
  • fixed google maps get direction function so it no longer gives you a 404 page not found.
  • fixed category bug for nav menu and directory home page view of sub cats options.
  • fixed TinyMCE js validation on new ad submission form so you don’t have to click next step twice and the error message appears correctly.
  • replaced all date functions with date_i18n for better internationalization support
  • added body background color style to prevent white background on slower page loads.
  • added a fixed height to the featured ads slider box so on page load, it doesn’t leave a huge space below it.
  • fixed “% of sellers ad price” pricing option bug and spelling error. it now calculates the correct price.
  • fixed ad inquiry form confirmation where body has quotes or apostrophes is adds a forward slash.
  • fixed new ad submission form step 2 when clicking on the “go back” button in IE.
  • fixed home page pagination bug where blog posts were making it seem like there were multiple pages


  • removed title attribute from ad image so hover doesn’t show image file name.
  • added function to automatically insert an expiration date on an ad if it’s manually or auto-script created. This fixes ads that immediately expired because they didn’t have a date set.
  • added new ad submission form validation support for 30 default languages. new option added on the admin settings page.
  • added new function (cp_make_clickable) to automatically hyperlink urls or email addresses found in custom fields.
  • added new option to override the generic WordPress new user registration and forgot password email headers.
  • added custom.css file so you can add their own styles without having to touch the core .css files. Thx Levi.
  • added new admin section called advanced options which includes the option to disable core .css files so you can easily build child themes.
  • added empty index.php files to the core directories for security to prevent directory browsing.
  • on new theme activation, set the default new WordPress user role to contributor only if it’s currently set to the subscriber default.
  • added new trim function to ad listing titles on the home page to prevent pushing the price field down.
  • added new option to show zero sub categories in the main menu and index-directory.php page.
  • added new plugin called “New User Email Setup” in the plugins folder. This allows you to customize the generic WordPress new registration emails.
  • made some minor adjustments to the styles on how the background gradient image was loading.

Lots of good stuff packed in this update and I appreciate everyone who submitted their bugs/feature requests. ClassiPress gets more and more stable with each release which means a better product for you all.

NOTE: Any support questions should be posted in the forum and not in the comments below. We have a dedicated team that can respond much faster and usually with multiple answers from the community. Thank you.

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 Comments (50)

  • Cristian O. Balan

    Please take a look in this DEMO page:
    You must find a little “bug” with the Google Map text copyright footer. 🙂

    • David

      Thanks for pointing that out. It doesn’t appear on the US maps but luckily it’s an easy fix.

      Just edit /styles/master.css and add “overflow: hidden;” to the “.content_res .mapblock” element (line 185).

  • Albert

    Thanks for patch release David. I’m going to upgrade mine with this patch release…

  • Magnus

    you mentioned in the previus post “Admin page text is not included in the .pot translation file”

    As far as I can see the pot file looks kinda the same.

    when I translate I only want to change the end user text. everything in admin mode, can remain in english.


    • David

      The .pot file has been updated and it includes all text (even the admin pages). When you translate it and create your own .mo, just don’t translate the admin text and it should stay in English.

      I wish there was a way to have two .pot files. One for the site and one for the admin area but there isn’t an easy way to do this.

  • dubya

    The regular addition of requested features and tweaks, along with an awesome community support forum, makes ClassiPress The Classified Theme for WP. Period.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Magnus

    you could make a po file where you have copied english to the translations field, of all the fields that belong to the admin part.

    That would Really help people get starting on the translations. I if recall almost 50% of the text in there is admin area only.


    • David

      That’s a good idea. I’ll see about creating a separate .po file that excludes the admin text.

      Just out of curiousity, why don’t you want the admin pages translated into your language?

      • Cristian O. Balan

        Surely, only that it can take a long time, and in some cases is not a strict necessity.

  • fred

    Thought I could use my widgets, because i’m using another .po file.

    I did the upgrade as mentionned. Nothing happened.

    As my website is in french, i’ve deleted all ” ‘ ‘ occurences in the .po file and reuploaded it… still not working.

    And now, I can’t find the topic about this in the forum area. Damn, what a day !

    Can someone help ?


    • David

      Sorry to hear Fred. To get the widgets to work in your language you’ll have to update your .po file with the 3.0.2 version. You will find instructions on how to do that here.

  • J.L. Faverio

    Hey David, ClassiPress community.

    Loving the theme, appreciate the hard work. I’m hoping to be able to see what the inside provides before the purchase. I plan on buying the Ultimate Edition, for I have many ideas and investors interested in being a part of this. However, I’d really like to see what the inside holds, as far as what the page listings look like, what a post can provide, if I can have a site that offers services rather than items for sale, etc.

    Is it possible to login to the demo version? This would make this an easy purchase and selling point to my investors.

    Thanks in advance gang, keep up the beautiful work.

    • David

      Hi J.L.- Thanks. Did you have a chance to look at the admin demo?

      Pages look just the same as regular WordPress pages. The posts summary has an additional column that shows the thumbnail. If you drill into an actual post (ad) it will be pretty much the same as a regular WP post except there will be a bunch of custom fields below that.

      Let me know if you need anymore info.

  • flagged

    Cool updates.
    How hard would it be to intergrate a video upload system?

    What i mean is users can upload video directly on the site (like youtube)
    instead of posting embedded codes.

    and yes i have the resources/servers to do that.


    • David

      You’d have to make some significant code changes in order for that to work since ClassiPress is built for images.

  • Magnus

    The thing is, if you are a website developer then you probobly know a fair bit in english.
    Also I find translating settings and properties, kinda loose the real meaning when they are translated. Therefore making it prone to misinterpentation. But that kinda depends on the translator.

    I personally, just want the back door stuff beeing in english, + it saves me some time translating.
    Also if it was fx. Seperated in the po file then developers could start right away to trsnslate the site stuff, then when the job is done and the site is up, they could take all the time in the world to translate the back office stuff 🙂

    Magnus Gunnarsson

    • David

      Magnus, that makes sense. I’ll work on getting a new .po file out there without the admin text.

      • David

        I’ve just posted a new .po .zip file on the resources page that includes both with and without the admin text. The smaller files are obviously the ones without the admin text.

        Let me know if you have any problems and thanks again for the suggestion Magnus!

  • localriding

    Just successfully built Classipress 3.0.1 into my equestrian site when you hit me with 3.0.2. aaaaagghh.

    Had amended quite a few files, mostly on the fly, to match my look and feel and thought … “Oh bloody hell”, but got it upgraded and all sorted out in about an hour with no problems worth mentioning.

    New user and very impressed with everything so far.
    Debs …

    • David

      Glad to hear you’ve got it all upgraded without any hitches. Your site looks great, btw.

    • tbase

      Hi Debs, I found your post here at clasipress and took a look at your site. I love your header custom logo and would like the same layout for mine.

      I also see the margins have come in a bit, I like that also.

      If you would be so kind as to tech me (newbie) what file(s) I need to modify and what code exactly, I would appreciate it very much. If you charge for this, please let me know too.

      Thank you so much.


  • flagged

    Thanks for the reply david, yes i want users to be able to upload images as well as videos.

    Do you think you could do such a change (for hire that is).

    • David

      flagged, I actually don’t do any consulting work but I recommend posting your project in the forum or on a site like

  • flagged

    Ok, yes was thinking of elance and such,just thought i asked the developer himself first 😉

    Thanks for this great theme, all da best.

  • Magnus

    Thats Awesome David. now I just hope you keep updating that file in the future 🙂
    Also There is 1 bug with the translations files that has irritated me since version 2. The “hours” text, when looking at a ad in category/search view or in the blog, and the “Comments Off” text in the blog (might be more comment texts if you turn on comments. But in my case I have them always turned off.) is not translated in the classipress po files. the only way I can have them translated is in the wp-includes/languages folder


    • David

      Thanks for letting me know. I’ll see if I can find and get those translated for the next release.

  • flagged

    I bought the ultimate edition earlier today, just a quick question, should i allow “anyone can register” in general settings?


    • David

      flagged, yes you want to make sure your registration is open otherwise they won’t be able to post ads.

  • Masfiq

    David, is that possible to add coupon management system with Classipress ?

  • Cristian O. Balan

    Is possible to improvement the Search function? Or “simply” create a advanced search function?

    I’m sure in most classified sites there is a need to search for geographic location (and others). While here we have the classic Search typical WordPress…

    • David

      The ClassiPress search is much better than the standard WordPress search. It automatically indexes all your custom fields which the standard search does not.

      There are plans to have an advanced search in a future release of CP. Some of the framework has already been built into the existing product. Release date is not set at this time.

    • Cristian O. Balan

      I wait impatiently. My site based ClassiPress, I left (still has the old version) because I’m not entirely convinced of his capabilities when there are various free solutions around much better (see eBay). I think the feature “advanced search” with more form choice, would give ClassiPress an indispensable tool for a classified site. 😉

  • Karol

    I can’t see subcategories i wp3.0
    on the main page and Categories

  • adrienne

    I’ve purchased classipress so how do I get this latest download?? Also, the 3.01 version I have up really messes up the layout in my pagemash and pages admin areas… will this new version fix that??

  • xcyber

    hello. i have question . how to disable registration . i want that users post ads without registration. its passible and where in settings i can change it?


  • Rick Lomas

    Hi David,
    I’ve only just started playing with this, so my site is a bit of a mess!

    Now then….
    how easy would it be to automatically send the advertiser a reminder (by email) that their ad is about to expire?
    It could have a kinda ‘click here to renew’ link maybe?
    This would be wicked.
    Also is it possible to increase the size (in kb) of the photo that could be uploaded? – it’s not a problem for tech savvy people, but people I have tried it out on, don’t know how to make their pics smaller.

    Excellent product BTW:)

    • David

      Hi Rick, an email already goes out once their ad has expired and offers them a chance to renew it then.

      Regarding the increase in picture size – the max limit is 5MB which is pretty large already. If you’ve got a lot of ads you could run out of disk space fast.

      If it’s really something you had to change, you could edit the admin-values.php file but you’ll have to ask for the solution in the support forum on how to do it. 😉

  • Karol

    I put widgets to footer and I cann’t see them on WP 3.0 beta
    WP 3.0 have Menus, how can I put it in the head row to left side?


    • David

      Hi Karol, please post your support question in the forum and one of our support staff will be able to help you.

  • Pieter

    Hi – I got the latest version and i am very happy thank you 🙂 I would like to know is there anyone who can help me add an extra drop down menu next to the publish ad button – Reason i want to have multiple sites running in diff regions and this will act as a quick way to switch to another region.

  • Tiago Baron

    Hello David, what is the best type of paypal account we use for our sites …
    Personal, Business or Products and Services?
    For more convenience, our and our customers?
    Sorry automatic translation ..

  • H Réda

    Hi everybody

    i am french, i am not yet costumer, I want to know if there is any possibility to run the small adds with a clickable country-map ?

    Thank you for answers.

    See you

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