Admin Pages Translation Issue Resolved

Some customers who were translating ClassiPress into their own language were getting frustrated because of a bug. Essentially some of the admin pages weren’t translating even after the correct text was being added to the .po file.

For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why only one certain includes file wasn’t getting translated correctly. I must say this was a sneaky little bug which actually turns out to be an easy fix.

The problem was the WordPress function that handles the translation, load_theme_textdomain was loading after one of the admin pages was being included.

I’ve written up a fix for this in the forum which will also be included in 3.0.3 next month.

On another note, I’ve also created a .po file that excludes the admin pages. This gives you the option to only translate the customer-facing web site pages which is much faster to do. This was a request by one of our existing customers, Magnus (thanks) and it makes a lot of sense.

You can download this file from our ClassiPress Resources page. It’s the Version 3.0.2 download link.

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