Child-Theme Challenge

How many of you have already started to take advantage of the child-theme feature within ClassiPress 3.0? I’ve started to see some forum threads on how to hack it a bit. All this is wonderful and the more I can get the community involved the better results for everyone.

So if you’ve started a child-theme, finished one, or just need someone to help you, please start the discussion below. I’m excited to see what the community has done thus far. Once everyone starts to get the hang of this, I’d like to hold a challenge. There’s nothing like good old fashion competition, right? This time it’s on a global scale and the winner will receive a prize (not yet disclosed). Who knows….we might soon be offering a theme aftermarket place where you can sell your stuff on our site.

So what are you waiting for and start those engines. For those who are still new and need some help, I recommend starting with these two articles.

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  • Mashfiq


  • Dotcom House

    really super

  • Kevin Tan

    Great news! It’s a good challenge for us theme designers and developers.

    With the new version 3.0.2, it makes customizing ClassiPress never been easier. All we need is just to edit a single file (custom.php) to further customize it.

    And when there are new releases, we don’t have to worry about the edits we’ve made as there’s only one file to replace – custom.php.

    Thanks for such a great classified WordPress theme. It’s the best one I’ve seen so far.

    Keep it up guys!

  • Ramsey

    I’m interested in the contest! Also, what is this custom.php file that is mentioned? I have not heard about it…

    • Kevin Tan

      Oops sorry I mean custom.css not .php.

      added custom.css file so you can add their own styles without having to touch the core .css files.

      • David

        That’s correct Kevin. Custom.css is a new file added to ClassiPress that allows you to add your own css. Anything you add will not be affected when you upgrade to newer versions so it’s your place to add custom styles.

  • Seth Carstens

    I’m in, the website is already built using a child theme (and a couple custom mods). Next I’m working on the “Classipress Modlite” child theme which is going to “minimize” the css changes originally setup in classipress and maximize the use of custom layouts, pages, and mod functionality. This is already built and will simply be tested this week. For me, it will hold the funciton of a “child theme template” where you can go into it with some features already built, and since its a child theme you can hack it up all you want knowing you can always return to the regular classipress theme.

  • Esther uses a child theme. One tiny parent theme hack was necessary though. It’s a site that lists photoshop tutorials so all price features have been removed.

  • krauses

    Sounds interesting. But can someone explain what a child theme is exactly? Is it just a new skin over the Classipress theme without changing any of the HTML or PHP elements of the CP files?

    So strictly CSS changes or does a child theme require functional changes as well?

  • Robert

    Thanks Krauses I was wondering what a Child Theme was as well.


  • krauses

    Thanks Esther.

  • Numan

    I have been working wince a month now almost to change the look of my classipress site. Somehow i liked the look of the previous version (2.9.x) but the features from the new version. This child theme idea seems like an exciting prospect.
    So my question is that is it possible to use child themes to bring back the look and feel of 2.9.x but still using 3.0.x at the back, so that when new features (the one i am anxiously waiting is automatic repostal come in i wont have to change most or all of my php files? I have tried using custom.css but it goes only some way along.

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  • Seth Carstens

    Yes, this is not the first request like this I have received. Like I mentioned on your forum post, wordpress 3.0.3 will have a huge upgrade for child theme builders and tutorials will begin to show up here on the site to take you step by step through making your first child theme and modification of the homepage. It’s almost ready and I’m sure we will be updating around the first of June… so keep your eyes out for the update.

  • Seth Carstens is my personal modified child theme website.

  • Numan

    Thank you Seth for your reply. Just a clarification, do you mean ” wordpress 3.0.3″ or classipress 3.0.3 ? The reason is that wordpress is also going to release the version 3 soon with lot more support for child themes. So will CP version 3.0.3 take advantage of that.
    (Actually i am pretty new in WP development so i am just trying to understand the technology/terminology)

  • Jona Espinel

    and WordPress 3.0 v. interesting too… imo Thelonious rocks… by the way WordPress 3.0 is out Joomla 1.6 is in Beta3 Drupal 7 — Alpha5 (expected Beta soon) exciting days for open source php CMSs yuppiii

  • rubencio

    Interesting challenge!

    … waiting for the 3.0.3 version in order to make real Child Themes but here are some of the mods I’ve made: (NSFW)

    Who wins?

  • rubencio

    mmm, I noted that… my last childthemes

  • rubencio

    Sale the content of your ClassiPress based site to premium members in three diferent ways paying via PayPal

  • rubencio

    Not a porn site

    (my last childtheme built)

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