Vantage Status, a Mea Culpa and a Sale

The end of the year is upon us and it looks like I’ll be eating banana slug stew. Vantage will not be ready by December 31.

Our development team has been burning the Vantage candle from both ends the last several months. We’re close – we just need a little more time. It’s important to us that we get it right before releasing it into the wild.

We understand that everyone has waited a long time for Vantage. As we come closer to completion, we are prepared to offer up a mea culpa. So here it goes:

30% Off All Themes

Next week, all our themes and Club packages will be on sale. 30% off ClassiPress, JobRoller, Quality Control or Clipper. Or take 30% off either of our Club packages. The sale starts at midnight January 1st thru January 7th (PST -8 GMT). Coupon code for the sale is: BANANASLUG

Any Love for Club Members?

That’s great for new customers, but what about all our loyal Club members that have been waiting patiently for Vantage to be released? Well, all AppThemes Club members will receive Vantage first. That’s right, you’ll have exclusive access to Vantage before we release it to the rest of the world. It’s the least we could do for our most devoted customers.

Another Sale Later

Finally, when we do release Vantage to everyone, we’ll be offering it at a 30% discount from our normal price.

We really do appreciate our customers and we’re very excited to offer Vantage to the world as soon as possible. We thank everyone for their patience while we complete the final details of what will be a great theme.

What about the Slug?

And lest you think we have forgotten, we’ll have more news on the fate of our friendly banana slug soon. Happy holidays and have a great New Years!

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 Comments (108)

  • sam

    Thanks guys. Keep us updated.

  • Ray Gulick

    Thanks for the update, Shannon. I have a suggestion for Vantage (wanted to get in early): What would rock my world is Vantage with an events module, so that member/listing businesses or organizations could list upcoming events, which could be displayed on the homepage. I may give this a go by adding a custom post type to Vantage, but not sure I’ll be successful integrating it with member permissions.

    My other suggestion: chicken-fried banana slug. Big in Texas;-)

    • author

      Well, the first version of Vantage will not include events but we will absolutely add it in a later version.

  • BB

    Thanks for keeping us updated on the progress. Like many others I have been waiting for vantage since it was mentioned. However, knowing that you guys didn’t forget about it makes me feel better. Thanks for being honest and upfront about it. Can’t wait to see Vantage in action. 🙂

  • Alvin

    No Vantage… but i am not surprised, completing and releasing such a complex theme during the busiest time of the year.
    Geotheme or Geoplaces is full of bugs, need heavy modification to get it working as it should.

    I need Vantage 🙂

  • daniel

    How do u become volunteer for testing vantage?

    • staff

      @Daniel, at this point we’re no longer taking any new beta testers for Vantage. Thanks for your interest though!

      • customer

        It this true, did I miss my chance? Just asking b/c of conflicting comments below.

  • Ralph

    It would be great if I can run Classipress and Vantage seamlessly both on the same website… so that people can be logged into the classifieds section and automatically be logged into the business directory section (and vice versa)… also a single dashboard/profile section that summarizes the classipress and vantage and bbpress personal details and posts would be great

    • staff

      @Ralph, if you run WordPress multisite, you can achieve this functionality. There wouldn’t be a single dashboard/profile, however since they are different themes. You’d have to do some custom development for that.

  • Dustin

    What?? Really?? No Events???? I thought this was already in Vantage.

    • author

      It will be soon.

    • Kees

      That’s what I thought as well. Isn’t the event part what has been communicated as part of the Vantage package thus far?

      • author

        Instead of including events and delivering Vantage later, we have decide to wait on events and release Vantage as soon as possible. Once we get Vantage released and stable, we will immediately work on adding events.

  • Adriano

    Aspettiamo anche dall’ Italia 🙂 Forza Forza 😛

  • jamesweb

    Will this possibly work on a multi-site. Is it on course for end of month release?

  • Frank McClung

    Very much looking forward to the release of Vantage. How soon is “soon”?

    • staff

      @Frank, we’re just about ready for beta testing. We’ll announce it once we’re ready which should be by the end of the month.

  • arnold

    hello shannon,

    i have a business listing website using classiPress, would it be possible to migrate all the info (DB) to Vantage?,

    would it be part of the consideration during the development phase of Vantage?

    • staff

      @Arnold, ClassiPress and Vantage are two totally different themes so it won’t be a 1 to 1 data mapping.

  • customer

    Hey… Should I invest in another theme or can i expect some good news in only a few days?
    Best regards,


    • staff

      @theafter, beta will be ready by the end of the month. If you can wait a bit longer, it’ll be worth it. 😉

      • customer

        Splendid. I am so expecting this theme. It was the main reason why I choose to become a customer almost a year ago.

  • Monika

    need price comparison wordpress theme ???? Please help

    • staff

      @Monika, sorry we currently don’t have a theme like that available. Possibly in the future though.

  • customer

    I see on the schedule that they now have Vantage showing a January release time. I’m not sure how accurate that is considering this thread, but I hope it does mean that it’s very close.

    Myself, I’m launching a new site on the 1st of March and would like to use Vantage as the theme I launch with. That said, I can’t wait too long to get rolling with it in order to work through my bugs or issues and have it ready for primetime.

    Before anyone writes to tell me I’m crazy for thinking of waiting on Vantage, let me say I understand. I’m just not one that wants to fight other programs only to have the one I really want show up a week later. Besides, if Vantage doesn’t come on the scene soon, I will research other options to keep the ball rolling.

  • Laura

    Will Vantage come in different colors like Classipress does or is it or is what is seen on the preview page going to be the one and only standard design?

  • Brandon

    I can’t wait for Vantage, I’ve been waiting forever!! I’ve used Geo Themes and the GEO Places but neither seem to be advanced or simple enough for what I’m going for. Let us know when you have an ETA! 🙂

    • Carson

      I have been using Geoplaces since this time last year. Really looking forward to seeing what Vantage will offer.

  • customer

    Please state the exact date of the 1.0 release – it seems you have it all sorted out, as beta testing is in progress and you are planing it to do so close…so…
    So – let us know when you have an ETA? Please. !.
    It will really easy things for me (I think I am not the only one here).

  • Vincent

    Throw us a bone and release the beta already!

  • thesyndicate

    This theme is long overdue. I am sure you do not want to give people a bad theme but just stop pushing it forward with more dates. Eating slug and giving discounts is not really what paid customers want to see. Well and we have not seen the video you eating slug either have we?

  • Dario

    Sorry for my bad english!
    Vantage will have the option to have a different payment plans?

  • Tyler

    I hope this themes it’s really cool!

    But is the same position of the last year, not ready!

    I took a different direction the last year and I bought another script!

    Best Regards!

    • author

      Sorry to make you wait, Tyler. We hope that you will check Vantage out when it becomes available.

  • author

    We expect to push Vantage to our support team for internal testing at the end of next week. Once we complete internal testing, Vantage will be released to Club members and a select group of beta testers. We’ll be updating our theme release page as things progress.

    • Sara

      Hi there,
      Could you tell me the biggest differences between Vantage and Listings by Woo Themes? I am trying to make an informed decision between the two. Thanks!


      • staff

        @Sara, Listings is more comparable to ClassiPress, our classified ads theme. Vantage is a business directory/review theme comparable to Yelp.

  • customer

    Jeez man, I’ve been waiting for Vantage for a while. Hope it will be good, didn’t want to buy one of your competitors’ themes.

    Keep on working AppThemes team!


  • Pie

    Cant’we have a screenshot from the beta version 🙂

  • customer

    The preview looks great, the same excitement feelings when we first saw classipress 3 years ago. While agreeing with most commentators about the delay, but since we know the quality of Appthemes products, it’s worth a wait anyway… Good luck David & the Team…

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