Theme Release Status Page

You have spoken and we have listened. To provide a better mechanism to communicate when themes will become available, we have built a Theme Release Status page.

Previously, we’ve tried several different ways to communicate our theme updates (i.e. blog post, forum thread, blog comments, twitter, etc) but not everyone receives the same message (or at all). Unforeseen circumstances can also arise so release dates get pushed back. Then old blog posts, etc become outdated (for instance the ClassiPress 3.1 Preview post) and people still expect it released by that date. It makes us look bad and worst of all, it confuses everyone.

This new status page streamlines our efforts and provides a central location where anyone can view our progress. It will not only give you an estimated release date, but will also give you insight into where our team is with respect to development. This page will be updated when progress has been made so bookmark it and come back often. The “Last updated” text at the bottom of the page will let you know once something has changed.

Thanks again for all your feedback and we hope our Theme Release Status gives you a better view into our theme release cycle.

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  • customer
    Per Jespersen

    Thanks alot for that! ive been updating your pages every hour the last day to check on Classipress update! Awsome idea i must say!

    • author

      @Per Jespersen, glad you find it helpful. This was an area we wanted to improve in since we didn’t have a central location for status updates.

  • BluePrint

    David, very helpful! I love the idea.

  • customer
    David Anthony Schnoblen

    Great idea on having this page…you guys are sure busy…I wish you much luck and I can not wait to get the update for Classipress…

  • Ryan Naylor

    Just checked it out. Great idea. Page is bookmarked.

  • bellboy

    David. Fantastic and quick action your part! As upset as I am over the unfortunate delay for ClassiPress 3.1 this really shows that you guys are on the ball and take your customers seriously. My hat is off to you and your team. Keep up the great work!

  • tbase

    I agree.

    Well done David and thank you!

    As hard as this is to write, PLEASE take your time and put out themes that are feature rich, and stable, first and foremost.

    • BluePrint


      I 100% agree. David, take your time when building these products. Don’t rush it. Sure, I would like ClassiPress right now, however if ClassiPress or Vantage or whatever your creating are not stable and don’t have all the necessary features to be a top notch product, don’t release it. I know this is hard for many us who need to build websites right now, but I would prefer to wait a bit and have the product created correctly and not rushed.

      • author


        “take your time when building these products. Don’t rush it.”

        Wish everyone felt the same way. πŸ˜‰

        There’s seems to be a general perception that WordPress premium themes don’t take long to build.

        That’s relatively true for your typical premium themes but our themes are applications which involve a lot more development time & effort (and cost).

        Sometimes I wish we took the typical premium theme route instead. lol

  • customer
    Mikkel in

    thank’s for this, really usefull πŸ™‚

  • customer
    Mikkel in

    owh and with the new theme release status page, i think it’s important that you promise the themes will be released the date you defined.

    example a big company like ubuntu, they have a time that counts down the days till it will be released, and if they were delayed weeks, even 2 days, it would look very bad i think πŸ˜‰

    • author

      @Mikkel, we do our best to meet our “target date”.

      If we had a huge community of developers like Ubuntu does, then we’d of course be able to get things done a lot faster.

      But then again, if we were free like Ubuntu, we wouldn’t make any money. πŸ™‚

  • JohnnyPea

    That’s very nice idea πŸ˜‰

    I am glad to see it here.

  • Rich

    Great service for current and potential clients. This distinguishes you from your competitors and clearly displays your commitment to growing your business. I applaud this effort! I had given up on Classipress 3.1 but am now revisiting it.

  • Ryan Naylor

    @Mikkel in
    the goal in business is to put out a product or service that people want, need and buy..not release it by a certain date. The date gives those who are working on it a timeline to keep their pace…its an ideal end mark. I have to work on this while painting for customers. To give an exact estimate on when a job will be completed takes practice, especially when its fairly big and many factors are involved. Though I’m sure David and team could give a release date of 3/3/11 and he would be ok. If his goal is to release on exact dates, then he might consider making deadlines longer? Either way, customers get the product at the same time…when its finished.

    • author

      @Ryan, a release date of 3/3/11 sounds pretty good to me. Takes a lot of pressure off. πŸ˜‰

  • imomin

    @David, this was one of the request I wanted, thanks! However, it would be nice, if onmouse over of the version number or onclick on version number, it would list all the items that are going to be in upcoming version.

  • customer
    Esther Nowack

    Great idea! How about including this page in the navigation (for example subpage of Themes?). Then it would be available to everybody not only those who have read this blog entry and bookmark the page.

  • Ryan Naylor

    Good point.

  • John

    Thanks David for the status page, and for offering insights to us non-developers about the software development process.

  • Andy

    Any news or images from the ClassiPress 3.1 soon ????

  • hazara

    why classipress bar is not moving forward a bit quickly ?

  • hazara

    please David add this feature suppose some one upload any item’s picture. automatically the site name get washed/written on the picture.

    2nd when any one put mouse pointer on ads picture in sub categories, the picture should get a zoom up, its very nice and easy function which will make life easier for user of the site e.g

    check this site.

    these little functions would give classipress breath taking image for their users (though its great now)

    im posting these wrong blog deliberately to make it noticed πŸ˜‰

  • hazara

    *** im posting these in wrong blog deliberately to make it noticed πŸ˜‰

  • Dario

    I have a lot of time waiting por “Vantage”. I think it`s the perfect solution for my business directory project.

    • Iskandar


      You’re not the only one. And seeing the expected date to change from end of November to end of this year doesn’t help the wait either.

  • Mark


    Initially Vantage was coming out in August…then September…after it was end of November, and now it’s Jan-Feb.

    That’s it, I lost faith in your planning. Moving with something else since you may very well (based on history) move it again.

    No hard feeling and best of luck with your business

    • Inspiron1525

      I thoroughly agree. This is the kind of theme I need for my new project, but I have lost my patience as well.

      Now I’m considering using JReview for Joomla.

  • David


    Seriously, you shouldn’t post this kind of stuff. It’s not right to try to drive business away from these guys. If you want to put something like this up, you should put it on a review website, not the actual production site. Just not professional.

    -David (Not the AppThemes one) πŸ™‚

    • Dario

      You’re right David made a mistake in publishing this information. As you say it is unprofessional.

      Unfortunately I can not remove. So I ask the moderators to please remove it.

      • author

        Thanks for chiming in David.

        Dario, we appreciate you trying to share all the products you tested out but yes, posting it here is not the right place. Thanks for understanding. πŸ˜‰

  • Geeee

    Really cool idea and cool themes πŸ™‚ I was wondering how did you guys made that page? Plugin or hand-coded? I might need something like Status Page myself .. keep up the good work! πŸ˜‰

  • Ahmad

    like the job board them really nice

    any Release dates for the other themes?

  • hazara

    thanks David for making ads main photo zoom system , perfect. but when i checked
    > Home Β» Cars & Trucks there are two motor ads, when i put my mouse pointer on the first ad which is (Ferrari F430 Like New)the main photo do get larger but it doesn’t work with second ad (Ferrari F430 Used), and at many more categories such wii, etc. can you please explain it ? don’t say its only for featured ads. it should be for all ads.

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