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You have spoken and we have listened. To provide a better mechanism to communicate when themes will become available, we have built a Theme Release Status page.

Previously, we’ve tried several different ways to communicate our theme updates (i.e. blog post, forum thread, blog comments, twitter, etc) but not everyone receives the same message (or at all). Unforeseen circumstances can also arise so release dates get pushed back. Then old blog posts, etc become outdated (for instance the ClassiPress 3.1 Preview post) and people still expect it released by that date. It makes us look bad and worst of all, it confuses everyone.

This new status page streamlines our efforts and provides a central location where anyone can view our progress. It will not only give you an estimated release date, but will also give you insight into where our team is with respect to development. This page will be updated when progress has been made so bookmark it and come back often. The “Last updated” text at the bottom of the page will let you know once something has changed.

Thanks again for all your feedback and we hope our Theme Release Status gives you a better view into our theme release cycle.

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 Comments (44)

  • DAS

    I saw that v3.0.5 has been released for your customers, but on the status page the design column says N/A…has there been an announcement about this version being released…or should I wait to see the Design column say “Complete”?


  • Will Castillo


    I want to know if there will be any form of rebate or payback for those who bought an Ultimate License.

    All best,

  • Alvin

    Ow no , the progress bar is stuck again ! 😉

  • MrZero

    Is there going to be any update of status page? Or does this mean that nothing has happend during the last two weeks?!

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