Ideas Exchange Launched

Gathering customer feedback about our products has always been a priority for us. It not only gives us valuable information about how they use our products, it also provides us direction for future product updates.

Previously all feature suggestions and ideas were posted in our “Feature Request” forums which worked great….in the beginning. Our support team combs through those forums on a weekly basis and gathers all ideas for us to review. The only problem now is the high volume makes it hard to determine what feature ideas are the most popular and great ideas could potentially get buried and we wouldn’t even know about them.

Enter the Ideas Exchange

The Ideas Exchange is a new tool that allows customers to suggest and vote on features they’d like to see in our products. The most popular feature ideas will bubble to the top of the list which will allow us to see what the most sought-after features are. Ideas with the most amount of votes will be considered (and likely built) for future product releases. Feel really strongly about a feature you’d love to have included? Well, rally your fellow customers and get them to vote for your idea!

How does it work?

The Ideas Exchange is easy to use. Once you login, you’re able to vote for existing ideas and/or submit your own ideas. Keep in mind that you only get a limited amount of votes per theme (25 votes). This is to prevent people from voting on everything which basically defeats the purpose of this tool.

Once you use up all your votes, you have to wait until any of the features you voted for is marked “completed” in order to get a new vote back. You can always remove your votes from other ideas if you’d rather apply them to a different idea. So use your 25 votes wisely. 🙂

Follow these steps to get started:

  • Login to the Ideas Exchange
  • Select the theme name category from the sidebar
  • View all the ideas currently listed
  • Create your new idea if it doesn’t already exist
  • Vote for other ideas

Think you have a great idea for a feature? Great! Head on over to the AppThemes Ideas Exchange and see if it’s already been suggested. If not, claim your idea and keep your fingers crossed that other customers will vote for it.

Note: We will be closing the “ClassiPress Feature Requests” and “ClassiPress Feature Requests” forums so any new threads will no longer be permitted.

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 Comments (8)

  • JIm

    Great idea and I know this should highlight key functionality – I will try and get the ball rolling on this myself 🙂 For me its all about Vantage and getting some Key features moving on it 🙂

    dcowgill likes this.
  • Pete

    You guys never cease to amaze me with your genuine desire to create and provide the best WordPress themes and customer service around. Keep up the outstanding work!

    dcowgill likes this.
    • Ryan Naylor

      @Pete. You should be on their certified partners. You have a lot of info for beginners.

      • Pete

        Thanks Ryan! I’ll be sure to submit an application in the near future. I’m in love with AppThemes and think they are really paving the road for WP theme development.

  • Ryan Naylor

    Also like the exchange feature. Definitely makes it easier for all.

  • Tiago Baron

    Remembering that it is not because an idea is doomed to be bad bad idea 😉

  • Alvin

    Very nice! I really like it that you guys added this , because it gives a better view of what the people really need.


  • Paul

    Country selection should be something that you know about before you see the ads. How do I separate areas of the world so that people dont have to open every single ad on my site to see if it’s located nearby? I’m creating an events classified site.

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