Sneek Peek at ClassiPress 3.0

Yes, the rumors are true. ClassiPress version 3.0 is late, behind, belated, blown, delayed, held up, hung up, in a bind, in the lurch, jammed, lagging, missed the boat, overdue, postponed, put off, slow, tardy, and any other synonym I failed to list. Why do you ask?

Well, as you might have read from my forum response, there are several reasons but that won’t stop us from working hard on getting it completed and released as soon as we possibly can.

If you haven’t already purchased ClassiPress and are holding out until 3.0, I recommend you get in now while the prices are still low. They will increase once 3.0 comes out so even if you don’t want to install 2.9.3, you can lock in your price and just wait for the free 3.0 update. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 😉

In the meantime, I wanted to treat you to a sneek peek at what the new ClassiPress will look like. This is a first hand look of never before seen screen shots. There will be 5 different color variations so don’t be upset if you don’t like this shade of blue.

classipress 3.0 homepage comp

The inner pages are still being finalized but i will post them as soon as they are finished and approved. When will ClassiPress 3.0 be available? Read the forum post link included above to find out the details. 🙂

Any feedback of this design is of course welcome but it’s already pretty much locked and loaded at this point.

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  • Annonces gratuites

    Very great work !

    I hope this is simple to update and not a big price in difference.

    Very cool for the customisation and cities.

  • Anuncios Clasificados

    Awesome David!
    It is looking beautiful!!

    I’ve been waiting fot so long for 3.0, and i’m very very happy to know the day is close…

    Best Regards.

  • Amir

    It looks Fantastic… can’t wait for the new version to come out!!!

    Here is one pointer – its a need I have (other’s may like it as well):

    A Portal look and Feel (expansive view of all Categories on the front page)- not exactly like Craigslist or OLX or AllTop, but something similar… that makes it feel Larger and All Encompassing.

    Currently everything is hidden… other than whats visible in current listings (just added).

    I do understand that the original goal for Classipress is to be a niche site (hence the small window view). But there are some of us that would like to do bigger things with it.

    A theme for Portal experience would make it easy to deploy for people who need this feature. Others can use the niche look and feel.

    I am really looking forward to the new release.



    • David

      @Amir, yes that’s something I plan on adding in version 3.x. Ideally there will be a home page option to select a directory-style layout.

  • Lu

    Thank you for the update David, I appreciate it. I am also very happy to learn that you will be working on a solution for enabling the admin to add cities as desired.

  • kiltin

    Love the new look and thanks for the update! But one thing is going to have to be modified for the new look to work for me and that is the categories. they all need to be listed on the opening page I have 9 categories with 110 subcategories and I do not believe that will work very well on a drop down… just too much to display.

  • kiltin

    Adding a third column to the far left and putting a category list on it would probably work perfect. Having the option to choose if you would like the 3rd category column to display or not would be awesome.

    • David

      @kiltin, there won’t be an option to add a third column but a developer could easily do it for you.

  • Louis

    David, regarding Countries / States / Cities.

    After a site user selects desired category, you could have just 2 fields that would need to be filled out.


    WITHIN (10) miles of ZIPCODE (91344) to see all classified ads that are located within 10 miles of their specific zipcode and in the desired category that they have selected.

    So if they selected category Antiques & Collectibles and specified WITHIN 10 miles of ZIPCODE 91344 they would see all classifieds posted for Antiques & Collectibles within a 10 mile radius of zipcode 91344.

    What do you think?

    • David

      @Louis, that would be a nice feature but it’s pretty difficult to build. If you’ve got any suggestions, I’m open to them.

      • Louis

        Hello again David, here is another suggestion you may want to consider that would not be as difficult to implement as my prior suggestion above.

        Some of us will be using Clasipress for State / Cities purposes and others will use it for a more broader purpose that will need Countries, etc.

        From what I see you have provided a Categories drop-down menu that allows for the creation of Parent categories and Child categories.

        I would suggest another drop-down menu (exactly like Categories) that can be renamed by the site admin to be either Country / State / or City.

        Rather than you having to populate all countries and states and cities, is there a way that you can provide the framework and allow the site admin the ability to populate what fields they desire?

        For Example:

        If I had a domain named Wisconsinclassifieds, I would need to be able to rename the 2nd drop-down menu to Cities and have the ability from the admin panel to populate my drop-down menu with Wisconsin cities of my choice.

        Ideally, there would be 3 search options available.

        1. A site user would be able to select a category such as
        Animals & Pets / Dogs and do a search which would display all classified ads for Dogs.

        2. A site user could do a search by City and see all classified ads by city.

        3. PREFERABLY >> A site user could select (for example) the sub-category named Dogs and select the City of Pasadena and they would see all classified ads for Dogs that are located in the city of pasadena.

        Just a thought.

        Thanks again for your hard work, have a nice day.


  • Nimet


    I have succesfully installed the theme. Is it possible to remove price column from the theme. I will use it as career website

  • masrah

    really nice, is that possible to arrange directory listing system inside it?

  • PHH

    David, can you make it possible to have a feature where the number of ads is displayed beside each category and subcategory e.g. For Sale(500) Apartment(250) Rooms(360).

  • Wilson

    Thank you for the update.
    Nice job 🙂

  • Fuzzy

    Hello David,
    Great job… I have upgraded my cp to dev . I just want to know what about .pot file cause i have translated to other language on my present theme, Will i be able to use the same .pot file or do i have to work from the scratch?

    Will it be compatible with all the browsers? Cause i had a client saying they got an error on win 2000 running on IE8

    At last i am happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel…
    Best of luck….

  • New York Herald

    for our purposes, country>state>city is not as nearly useful as city>region>neighborhood

    trying to do country > state etc is trying to dominate the world, not realistic. Even craigslist and backpage use subdomains for each city so that it can further target by region and neighborhood.

  • Chabri

    David. I’m very interested in CP.

    I would like the ability to add/create fields, in order to create a search form capable of filtering by categories, subcategories, etc, that is, by almost all types of fields included per record.

    For example, these four fields (in pull down menus) for motor vehicle records (ads):
    Vehicle Type, Brand, State, City
    that is, CARS>LEXUS>FL>MIAMI


    For example, these four fields (in pull down menus) for real estate records (ads):
    Property Type, Property Status, CITY, Price
    that is, COMMERCIAL, FOR SALE, MIAMI, $950,000

    One of the top three KEY features in any classifieds ads site is the power it has to perform complicated queries (searches).

    These features will increment site’s organization and will make it easier for users to find what they are looking for, increasing exposure, traffic, loyalty and sales.

    POWER/ADVANCE SEARCH CAPABILITIES is one of the KEY tools any successful classified ads system should have.

    Do these feature will be available in CP 3.0?

    If yes, please comment to proceed with purchase.


  • da fonseca

    soon the 3.0 classipress is ok.I am very impatient to have this new version.

    i am sorry for my english is awful.

    i am french and i love us scripts, for me are the best in world!!!!

  • Mike

    If I purchase 2.9 now, your site says I will get 50% off if I sign up with one of your partner hosting companies. I will not use the script. Instead, I will wait for version 3.0.

    If I make the purchase now, will I get 3.0 without paying any extra charges?
    Will the hosting company install version 3.0 at no charge?

    • David

      @Mike, Yes there is no extra charge to upgrade to 3.0. No, the hosting company won’t install it for you. The instructions provided once you purchase CP are pretty straight forward though.

  • Waiting Patiently

    I would like to expand on New York Herald’s question:

    Will there be any Twitter, Facebook, RSS or Newsletter integration?

    I just purchased the script in anticipation of the 3.0 release, and would love to see these included. On the newsletter side, it would be great if you could create some integration with Constant Contact, iContact or Mail Chimp.

    Looking forward to the release!

  • Jay

    Will this support PayPal Pro integration?

  • Carlos Takemura

    I’m liking the look of the new design but the larger screen shots are big enough – they are barely bigger than the thumbs 😉

    Would it be possible to show larger versions so we can see more detail?

  • Bryan

    @Mike, You may know this already but the web host WILL install WordPress for you automatically. But the classipress theme like David said should be easy to install on your own.

  • jaffamonkey

    I have heavily added to form, but have tried best to stay away from other code (apart from adding a little more, rather than taking any away). Will the transition be reasonably easy? The new look is very nice!

  • JP

    looks amazing David! Looking forward to 3.0!

  • atgib

    Hello All,

    David, I would like to know how many Categories and sub-categories will your template support. I was building a Real Estate site but I scrap it and now I am waiting for you to launch 3.0.

    btw. please tell me more about the (no extra charge to upgrade to 3.0.)

  • Marc Ferguson

    Hey Guys

    I cant wait for Ver 3 to be released as I have a classifieds ad site ready to go and definately want to use wordpress for it.

    Any chance of having some sort of Mobile Payments option, so that customers could pay with their mobile.

    This seems to be a growing trend with these sort of sites (well in EU it seems that way 🙂 )


  • Grant

    I’m not sure what to think. The design reminds me of a theme I saw the other day (meant for blogs) but with advanced categories. I understand the use of WordPress perfectly. What I don’t understand is forcing a classified system into a typical blog type design.

    I hope this next release goes above and beyond! I will be sure to check back in the future and see how everything is going in the support forum.


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