Sneek Peek at ClassiPress 3.0

Yes, the rumors are true. ClassiPress version 3.0 is late, behind, belated, blown, delayed, held up, hung up, in a bind, in the lurch, jammed, lagging, missed the boat, overdue, postponed, put off, slow, tardy, and any other synonym I failed to list. Why do you ask?

Well, as you might have read from my forum response, there are several reasons but that won’t stop us from working hard on getting it completed and released as soon as we possibly can.

If you haven’t already purchased ClassiPress and are holding out until 3.0, I recommend you get in now while the prices are still low. They will increase once 3.0 comes out so even if you don’t want to install 2.9.3, you can lock in your price and just wait for the free 3.0 update. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 😉

In the meantime, I wanted to treat you to a sneek peek at what the new ClassiPress will look like. This is a first hand look of never before seen screen shots. There will be 5 different color variations so don’t be upset if you don’t like this shade of blue.

classipress 3.0 homepage comp

The inner pages are still being finalized but i will post them as soon as they are finished and approved. When will ClassiPress 3.0 be available? Read the forum post link included above to find out the details. 🙂

Any feedback of this design is of course welcome but it’s already pretty much locked and loaded at this point.

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  • Mika

    It would be fabulous to have some built-in support for IAB ad sizes.

  • Chris

    I like the new design David. Well done. I await patiently for version 3.0

  • Fuzzy

    Nice job David…
    I have to admit Just to update your costumer’s with little bit of info make’s huge positive impact.
    I am definitely glad to see the screen shot but i will love to see the screen shot with + zoom cuz the pics is to small.
    Did i say ( Happy new year ;-? )

  • da fonseca

    hello good job for the 3.0 classipress version.

    when the version is ok ?

  • Chris

    Looks awesome David, thanks for the update!

  • New York Herald

    Coming along nicely! Wanted to ask, any social integration (twitter, fb), also it seems very product oriented, do you have a look in mind for a service – that is a whole category of potential listings. Finally, is there the ability to manage geographical locations – e.g. NYC is parent of Brooklyn is parent of Williamsburg (suppose this could also be done with zip code fields) thx for all of your hard work.

  • Mega Sale

    is it possible to have Grid Layout for ads on homepage for 3.0?

  • Marc

    Absolutely lovely.
    The designer hit it right on the nail with this new design.
    Great find and looks like a fantastic upgrade!

  • michael

    Initial impression is positive – like the sidebar, footer, drop down menu, listings and featured, Negatives are as follows: All the Categories are hidden under one small menu heading. although i presume you could place them in the side bar using a widget. I think the Categories heading should definitely be separate from the [home- about – blog} menu and much more promient. I think the (post an ad) should be a little bit more prominent also. I hope it would be possible to change the dark grey background. the over look is a little bit word press bloggish! i think the menu needs more consideration.

  • Mike

    I want to purchase it now but I don’t know what features it has. Can you post a feature list of version 3?

  • dalia

    looks very profissional i hope arabic language and RTL will be supported

    • David

      Dalia, all languages are supported since ClassiPress uses the GNU gettext localization framework which is the WordPress de facto standard for localization.

      The community usually provides the different .po localization files for free and if your language isn’t available, it’s pretty straight forward to localize it yourself.

  • dalia

    i want to ask if i purchased the current version 2.9.3 now when 3.0 comes will i pay more or i will have free upgrade

    • David

      Upgrades are free which is why I recommend buying CP now (if you haven’t already) because prices will go up soon.

  • Mario Johnston

    Can you make it so the featured ads area is can be a categories list(like the dropdown). Please, please, please make it so existing classipress ads (posts) on 2.9.3 can keep working. I want to change over and would love it to be really easy and hassle free.

  • michael


    You should learn from Carlos (GorillaThemes): look at his framework

    What about much-needed multiple-category search?

  • Robert Gonsalves

    Love this news. Based upon this and your forum post – I subscribed today to help support your new business. My approach is looking at this as a directory platform for services & businesses, not a for sale product classified site. I will let you know how this evolves over time. Good luck this year!!

  • Louis

    Excellent addition with the Categories drop-down menu. However, it begs the following question.

    Where is the States drop-down menu so a site user could mouse over a parent category like California and see a drop-down sub-menu of Cities from which they could select their desired city such as Pasadena.

    I believe that having the ability to refine the search locally is much more user friendly and effective.

    For example: Site user mouses over Categories and then mouses over a parent category such as Appliances and clicks on sub-category named Dishes. He / She then mouses over States and then mouses over a parent category such as California and clicks on sub-category names Pasadena.

    This would enable the site user to see all Classified Ads posted in the city of Pasadena in the Dishes category specifically.

    Just a thought.

    Nice job and thank you.


  • Leigh

    Exciting! From what I can see of the front end it looks great to me! As long as all the parts are in place for the user to have an intuitive, easy to understand way to place and edit their own ads I will be a very, very happy camper.


  • Nirok

    Hi I want to buy this however i haven’t tested on my site yet, if I buy the single license version now will the upgrade to developer be the same cost when 3 comes out? or will it be more?

  • Nirok

    oh well to late i just went and bought the single user no link 😉 will add it and test it out, but this looks sooooo coool!!

  • da fonseca

    i buy the last version of classipress and i wait for the 3.0 to work in them.

    good job classipress the new version is beautiful!!!!

  • David

    @Lu, 3.0 will include a filter for country and states. It’s a little more tricky for cities because there are just so darn many of them. I’m working on a solution though.

    @Nirok, welcome to ClassiPress! The upgrade price will increase as well once 3.0 comes out so you might want to upgrade prior to 3.0 otherwise you’ll just have to pay the difference.

    @da fonseca, Thanks!

  • David

    @michael, thanks for sharing that site. Theme frameworks is a pretty loosely used term right now. You will be able to build child themes off ClassiPress 3.0 and style the site as you like via a custom css file.

  • Nimet

    Is Turkish language will be in the next update.

    • David

      @Nimet, ClassiPress comes translation-ready so you or somebody else could easily translate the .po file and then plug it right into ClassiPress.

  • Hani

    Great job David! looks really awesome

    Will it be easy to translate via .po file and modified direction:RTL like older versions?

  • Mark

    Those screenshots are awesome. Can’t wait for this…even though my project is waiting for it 😉

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