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With the release of Vantage coming soon, our new theme framework is mostly done. All our themes will now have the same code for similar features and functions – including payment processing. In addition, all payment gateways will be created as plugins. This allows us to create a single gateway plugin that can be used in ClassiPress, JobRoller, Clipper and Vantage.

We wanted to know what gateways you are interested in having the most. We have seen suggestions in the forums and on the ideas exchange but thought a poll would be a great way to measure the demand for this.

The options in the poll below represent some of the gateways we might consider adding as a plugin. There are a ton of gateway solutions available. If you don’t see the one you’re interested in, mention it in a comment below. There’s a chance that one of our community developers would be interested in creating it for our upcoming plugin and child theme marketplace.

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  • customer

    How about a international SMS payment option from a company such as Fortumo?

  • spartac

    It’s great news to create a new themframe work.so all your themes be going together, mainly in development.

    About gateways, I think plugins give more flexible options to the users but I have little questions.

    Would be a plugin for each gateway? or this to be implemented later by community developpers?
    Also, there would be no gateway integrated inside the themes?

    Anyway, I cant wait for the big release, vantage and Jobroller’s new version.

    Wish you best luck.
    Voted 🙂

    • spartac

      If you allow me to add that almost almost all the gateways are necessary ( depends on the users’ experiences) and I personnaly use paypal the most, which is not listed above .


    • author

      PayPal is included in all the themes. It comes as a bundled plugin.

      There would be one plugin for each gateway that would work with each theme from AppThemes.

      We will likely produce two or three more gateways. We think there will be enough demand for some other gateways that community developers would have an opportunity to create some and sell in our marketplace.

      • customer

        Hi Shannon,
        After PayPal and Google checkout as universially understood, I would then look at your theme sales.
        For Example Przelewy24 is big in Poland, and would be in Polish, but if you have no theme sales in POland what’s the point? Unless you wanted to start selling your themes in Poland [a good idea by the way]
        eWay is big in Australia, and has New Zealand and UK gateways. weel understood and trusted by buyers here.
        The biggy for Australia would be NAB transact, as Nab is a big Four Bank in ustralia, Known and trusted by wrinklies. There would also be a Coommonwealth Bank and Wesptpac bank gateways, again top of the line in trust.
        So maybe choose the gateway to suit the theme buyers country, as its the customer/user that needs to feel the trust factor IMO.
        Hope this helps.

  • Laura

    It’s great that the themes come with Paypal by default, but having a few different choices would be nice also. Thanks for the opportunity to vote and be a part of expanding the payment gateways within the themes we own.

  • Joris

    You forgot Ogone 🙂

  • customer

    1 Plugin Payment Gateways API

    Make a plugin for connecting any gateway – at the option of the owner of the site. In different countries there are many payment gateways other than those specified by you. We are able to connect any payment gateway.


    • author

      Every gateway has their own API. Building a plugin that includes all of them would not be feasible.

  • Bartosz

    Hello, I’m glad that You try to make gateways much more flexible. I (and not only me as I guess) would be so pround and happy if You would consider to add http://www.payu.pl/ to one of the gateways. PayU is payment from Poland which is the most popular. WooThemes added it to theirs gateways so therer is a huge need in Poland to have our own gateways in Your scripts!

    Please rethink it : )

  • customer

    Please iDeal !!! where can i see the reults of the votes ?
    This is one major thing for all Dutch customers and users!

    • author

      iDeal has been mentioned in the forums and the ideas exchange.

      We will reveal the poll results in a few days. We did not want people influenced by how others voted.

      • Alvin

        Yeah that seems fair 😉 Now really busy translating Vantage and really excited about the new Jobroller features!

      • Carlos

        Hi ,what about payment by mobyle phone, this is the most important.
        paypal and mobyle phone payment it will be great.

  • customer

    How about Sagepay or Securetrading for UK customers? Perhaps not the big enough proportion of your customers though…?

  • customer

    Fortumo Mobile Payments please.

  • rajiv

    This is really a nice blog for module Payment gateway. It helped me lot in my work. Will you help me To add AJAX Contact form on my website. Please post a blog on this topic.

  • sbaa

    What about manual payment + invoice issuance ?
    This is important in some countries where mainly business do not use the Paypal like sevices.

    • author

      I know that ClassiPress has bank transfer capability. Bank transfer is available in JobRoller via the FXtender plugin. Not sure on Clipper. There is the potential that we would add this to all themes natively.

      • alvin

        Of course! BANK TRANSFER is very basic and important..
        If we are talking about the whole world (that means all countries in the world !) bank wire is a must.


      • customer

        FXtender supports bank transfer? I don’t see that in the list of features, and a search of the forums gave me the impression it wasn’t possible at the moment without custom coding.

        As I live in a country where direct bank transfer is the primary form of payment, I second the need for a bank transfer option within jobroller.

  • Peter Middelhoek

    I just voted for iDeal.
    For dutch users it’s really the only way we want to pay on the internet.

    If you decide to build a plugin for iDeal, please inform with some dutch insiders about the way you want to do that! There are several payment providers and different banks, all using another way to implement iDeal.

    • author

      Well then, are there any developers out there that would like to work on an iDeal payment gateway? Seems like it would require someone that has knowledge of the idiosyncrasies mentioned by Peter.

  • customer

    If i could i would! I think Mollie as a psp is a great option and covers most iDeal options.
    If i can help in one way or the other i will ofcourse!

  • Shane

    Would like to see bank transfers and mail in payment along with Paypal, with the ability to issue a invoice.


  • Chris

    Would I be correct that the only payment gateway at the moment is paypal?

  • NS

    I love the flexibility and easy setting up of AlertPay, it’s my favourite payment gateway so far.

    Please consider implementing this.

  • gaffer

    Please include AlertPay and bank transfer on all your themes, especially JobRoller & Vantage. These methods of accepting payments are vital for countries which are effectively blacklisted by the likes of PayPal (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Nepal, to name a few).

  • Muhammad Anwar

    you add liberty reserve payment option in classipress because paypal not allowed for pakistan

  • Shannon

    Though we are still taking votes, we thought it would be worth revealing the results so far. Seems like there is a clear favorite.

  • NS

    How about Escrow.com?

  • Saqib

    PayPal and Google Checkout does not give account in the all countries of the World, so their use is limited. Setup fee of Authorize.net is very high. I will go with AlertPay because it cover lot more countries of the World.

  • customer

    A Dutch company has modified their plugin to make iDeal payments possible within classipress! Please read my forum post!

  • Gordo

    Payfast for the SOuth Africa Market?

  • Michael

    Is Job Roller with Simply Hired now available?

    • Shannon

      Unfortunately, we have to delay JobRoller by a week or two in order to address an issue with job alerts. We’ll have a blog post on it within a couple of days.

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