ClassiPress v2.8 Upgrade Instructions

Hello ClassiPress customers!

As you probably already know, ClassiPress v2.8 was released on April 6th and includes many new features and enhancements. Unlike previous updates, this version is quite different infrastructure-wise and requires ClassiPress customers to carefully migrate their current classified ads.

So why did we make the big change?
ClassiPress was originally built without using WordPress custom fields which in the long haul, limits the growth and potential of the ClassiPress product. Version 2.8 has since moved all non-description field information into custom WordPress fields. This is a huge change but will benefit you and your ClassiPress instance down the road so you can take advantage of several new and upcoming features.

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ClassiPress Announcement

You might have seen some changes here on over the past few weeks and for good reason. On March 13th 2009, ClassiPress was acquired and is now under new management. Gaby was the original owner and inventor of this wonderful product, ClassiPress but decided to move on and take on another project. So I (David Cowgill), will be managing all things ClassiPress from here on out and am very excited about this opportunity.

You might be wondering how this transition will affect current and new customers. Well I can tell you in one short sentence the answer to that. It won’t. There will be some lag time before I am completely up to speed on operations and the product but customer support will only get better over time. I also plan on taking ClassiPress to the next level by turning the first and already most popular classified ads theme for WordPress into a better product with each release.

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