Upgrading to ClassiPress v2.9.2

Over the weekend a new version of ClassiPress was released bringing us to v2.9.2. For those of you who are still using v2.8, you’re sure going to love this update. It addresses many of the feature requests everyone thought was missing. If you haven’t already read about the new features, check out the ClassiPress Features page to understand all the new goodies you get for free.

If you are already using v2.9 or v2.9.1, the main difference (besides some bug fixes) is how the ad form works and looks. There were some people who were having trouble with the modal box form button (it just wouldn’t work) but others didn’t have a problem at all.

Myself and my developer spent many hours working with customers trying to troubleshoot and isolate the problem. We released one patch that fixed it for some, but I still was not satisfied until it was working for everyone.

So v2.9.2 now has the sliding jquery form which is actually the original one CP used (what v2.8 uses). It will be the supported ad form going forward so it’s highly recommended you upgrade from any flavor of 2.9 to 2.9.2 immediately. If you’ve made any changes to your CP theme, I advise you to bring them over into v2.9.2 instead of trying to upgrade your existing v2.9 or v2.9.1.

View the changelog.txt file included in the download and you’ll see the exact changes and files affected. The /classipress/classifiedform directory has also been removed and replaced with process_form.php and post-form.php in the CP root which is how v2.8 was structured.

Upgrading from v2.9 or v2.9.1

  1. Download and unzip v2.9.2. You can get the latest version by clicking on your original e-junkie email link. If you deleted or lost the email, contact me and include the email address you used to purchase CP (your PayPal email address). Please don’t be lazy and actually look for the original email first before contacting me.
  2. Put your site in maintenance mode. Download and install this plugin if you don’t already have it.
  3. Turn off any WP Cache plugins such as WP Super Cache (if applicable).
  4. Rename your existing ClassiPress theme folder to “classipress_OLD”. This will essentially turn off your CP theme and use the default WP theme.
  5. FTP only the v2.9.2 “classipress” folder into your themes folder. Also FTP the contents of the “plugins” folder to your WP plugins folder. Skip if you’ve already got the latest plugins.
  6. Now go and activate v2.9.2 from within WordPress. You will see two that look exactly the same. Pick one and activate it. If it says v2.9.2, then you selected the correct one. If not, activate the other one.
  7. Step through your CP config, settings, and payment pages and save each one. Your settings will still be the same as what you previously had before (except maybe the color scheme).
  8. View your site and try submitting a new ad. You will notice the form is different than what you previously had.
  9. If everything looks ok, then delete your test ad and turn off maintenance mode. Activate your cache plugin (if applicable).
  10. If you were using CP in a different language (i.e. using a .mo file), you will need to update your classipress.pot and regenerate a .mo file. Read below for more details.

Upgrading from v2.8, v2.8.1, v2.8.2

This upgrade will be a little more involved for those who are using the 2.8 version series. The good news is there are a lot more features and benefits in the latest release. If you haven’t already read about them, check out the ClassiPress Features page to understand all the new goodies you get for free.

  1. Follow the first 7 steps above.
  2. When you get to step #7, make sure to review the new options on each of the ClassiPress admin pages. You will see lots of new features which will need to be setup and saved. If this isn’t done correctly, you will have problems with the ad submissions. CP admin pages (configure, settings, payment) must be saved first.
  3. There are three new pages you need to setup to create the dashboard, profile, and ad edit functionality. Detailed instructions can be found within the install guide in the “User Dashboard & Profile Setup” section. Please read it carefully before asking for support. Most questions asked are because people didn’t read everything. 🙂
  4. Now continue with steps 8-10 listed above.

ClassiPress in your language

If you are already using ClassiPress in a different language you will need to update your .po and recreate your .mo file. There is new text in v2.9.2 that needs to be translated and some text has moved to different lines. If you do not do this, your upgraded CP will not translate the text properly and look funny on your site.

Once you receive the new v2.9.2 .pot file, you need to open your existing translated .po file (i.e. pr_PR.po) in POEdit and select the “Update from POT file” option under the “Catalog” menu. Point it to the v2.9.2 .pot file and PoEdit will show you what text is new and needs to be translated. After you have translated the new text, save the project and then it will create your new .mo file. Overwrite your old .mo file in your /themes/classipress directory and look at your site.

Questions or comments

If you have any support or upgrade questions, please post them in the online support forum and NOT the comments section below. You can use the comments section below for general remarks or to thank me for spending my entire weekend preparing the upgrade for my customers. 😉

I am sure you will enjoy this update as it addresses the most popular requests from everyone. ClassiPress has come a long way since it’s inception last year and you can expect it to evolve even further!

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  • Samuel Almeida da Silva

    Where do I download the latest update

  • Steve Krause

    Thanks for the updates. I’m really enjoying the classipress software. I look forward to being able to utilize all of its features.

  • Dns

    Really great updates Thanks alot. 😀

  • Melayu Boleh

    love to know its finally released!
    I will straight away do the update to version 2.9.2

  • Bill Bremer

    I would like to have a classified with beginning category listings limited to “find a house church, contact me” “have house church, contact us” Christian Childrens Books, House Church Books, Christian Music, Mission Opportunites.

    I would like to sort find a house church to 50 states and international.

    Can I do that with your software?

  • Agus PW

    Thanks for update this theme. Really great..

  • Manny L.

    I have a site running under WordPress 2.6, and as it has several plugins activated, I don’t want to update wordpress. My questions are:
    1) Will ClassiPress version 2.9.2 works find under WordPress 2.6 ?
    2) Is it possible to fully integrate ClassiPress under my running theme?


  • Samuel

    For the test I did the Classipress works on any version of any plugins, I see no problem in also upgrade just because of wordpress plugins, disable the plugins and upgrade the wordpress and then activate them.
    I hope I have helped

  • Duarte


    where can i download this version?

  • Samuel

    I did not understand … if you have a previous version to download through the link in the email that you bought it.

  • Premium Theme Info

    My clients are waiting for the update of this theme.


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