JobRoller v1.2.1 is Now Available

We just released the latest version of JobRoller yesterday which includes a bunch of great new features. Some of the highlights include:

Advanced Search

New advanced search filtering available in v1.2

You can now further refine your search results with a whole new set of filters. First and foremost, we enhanced the existing search bar to include “location” and “radius”.

This allows your job seekers to narrow down their criteria within a mile/kilometer. It’s super accurate since it’s integrated with the Google Maps API.

We’ve also added a new sidebar widget where you can filter results based on job type, job salary (new field), job category, and date posted.

Job Packs

Create your very own job packs with JobRoller v1.2

Create custom job packs so your customers can choose from different offerings instead of one static pack.

You can also setup a “credits” job pack so customers don’t have to pay separately for each job posting.

They can buy say, 5 credits which allows them to post 5 job listings at anytime. This allows you to offer discounts for larger purchases and collect more money up-front. Integration

Seamless integration with Automatically pull in fresh job listings from their site.

We’ve done some neat integration with the most popular job search engine,

You can now automatically populate your JobRoller site with fresh and relevant job listings from After you setup your publisher account, you define your criteria from within the JobRoller admin.

Within a few minutes job listings will start coming in. In addition, you can also include their “JobRoll” sidebar widget and get paid when your visitors click on the jobs. It’s very similar to Google AdSense and their PPC program.

Real-Time Chart Widget

Measuring how well your job listing site is doing is important so we’ve built a new dashboard widget that will give you insight into your business.

This jQuery widget (no Flash) shows you exactly how many ads and sales have come in over the last 30 days. If you mouse over each day, it shows you specific details.

Please note that this new feature is only available to Small Business Edition (or higher) customers. If you’re a Personal Edition customer you can easily upgrade to take advantage of this.

The rest of changes in this version per the changelog.txt file can be found below.

1.2.1 – 12/07/10

– Featured status maintained after edit
– excluded date archive page from menu
– Remaining days hidden on indeed posts (which have no expiration)
– job description field left blank

– Added salary column to admin job view page
– Salary = hierarchical for checkboxes
– removed reference to jobs-by-location
– currency position option

1.2 – 12/03/10

– Category counts
– Expire emails for pages issue fixed
– Fixed empty search bug
– Fixed broken links on user dashboard for active jobs

– Added ‘Job Packs’ functionality
– New orders system/class/order page
– My Jobs page improvements
– Re-list Page Added
– auto-posting of jobs
– Job Salary (and option) field added
– Pack Pricing widget
– Sidebar nav widget
– Added template for job tags
– Browsing by date posted feature
– Browsing by location feature
– Allowed tagging of jobs
– Merged pricing and payment admin
– Added admin page to manage site advertisments
– Added and improved the ad widgets – 250×250 and 125×125
– Updated localisation strings to AppThemes standard
– Added jquery Google CDN option
– Added option to change all custom post type and taxonomy base urls (job tags, categories, salaries, types)
– Added debug option
– Added stats engine to track most popular jobs & blog posts. Daily & all-time stats available
– Added daily and all-time job view sidebar widgets
– Added new column to customer myjobs page which shows total views for each job listing
– Added job tag cloud widget
– Added new twitter sidebar widget with lots of options
– Enhanced Facebook like sidebar widget so you can now add options (title, connections, size)
– Added new widgetized sidebar for customers dashboard area
– Added support for custom hierarchical taxonomy permalinks (only works in WP 3.1+)

How Can I Get This Version?

Existing customers can login to their customer account and download the latest version and immediately start taking advantage of these cool new features.

Got some ideas for new JobRoller features? Head on over to our new Ideas Exchange and submit/vote for your favorite ideas!

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 Comments (58)

  • dave

    I don’t seem to be able to ask questions in the forum unless I’ve already bought JobRoller which seems odd – but was wondering if all job listings can be moderated before going live? and to stop subscribers spamming the job board if it is a free one.

    Is it possible to run JobRoller in a category like and still be able to retain a basic front website that might be more of a blog etc., or is it best to create a wordpress install dedicated to JobRoller, and maybe likewise Vantage when it is released? I’m hoping to create a jobdesk and directory and front blog setup.

    • customer

      Our pre-sales forum is open to anyone to post thread and ask pre-sales questions, it’s only the support forums that are available to verified customers.

      In answer to your question, yes, you can set this option to moderate free job listings from within your JobRoller admin.

      Yes you can certainly install JobRoller in a subdirectory if you wanted to (note: this requires its own instance of WordPress)..and do the same with Vantage later.
      i.e. <== Your homepage <== Your JobRoller installation <== Your Vantage installation

      If you have any further pre-sales questions please do head over to the forums and we'll be happy to assist further. Thanks.

      AppThemes Support

      • Michael

        Hi Pepsi,

        Can the user access all themes with all their features and functionalities with just one login?

      • dave

        Thanks for the reply pepsi –
        So would that mean 3 installs of WP – 1 install for homepage, one for JobRoller and one for Vantage ? or would it be best to use WP multisite?

        especially if you wanted users to just have to register once.

  • Haque

    Bengali language pac would good for me.

  • Ben


    This theme looks great and with continued development of it as well things look great!

    On another note it would appear that you have a rather high profile user of this theme none other than nice to see other devs using each others themes etc.

    Instills confidence in products it’s the old (if there using it, it must be good!)

    Good work guys & girls!



    • author

      @Ben, thanks. Yes we’re very pleased to see WooThemes using JobRoller. They’re a great company using a great theme. 😉

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