JobRoller v1.2.1 is Now Available

We just released the latest version of JobRoller yesterday which includes a bunch of great new features. Some of the highlights include:

Advanced Search

New advanced search filtering available in v1.2

You can now further refine your search results with a whole new set of filters. First and foremost, we enhanced the existing search bar to include “location” and “radius”.

This allows your job seekers to narrow down their criteria within a mile/kilometer. It’s super accurate since it’s integrated with the Google Maps API.

We’ve also added a new sidebar widget where you can filter results based on job type, job salary (new field), job category, and date posted.

Job Packs

Create your very own job packs with JobRoller v1.2

Create custom job packs so your customers can choose from different offerings instead of one static pack.

You can also setup a “credits” job pack so customers don’t have to pay separately for each job posting.

They can buy say, 5 credits which allows them to post 5 job listings at anytime. This allows you to offer discounts for larger purchases and collect more money up-front. Integration

Seamless integration with Automatically pull in fresh job listings from their site.

We’ve done some neat integration with the most popular job search engine,

You can now automatically populate your JobRoller site with fresh and relevant job listings from After you setup your publisher account, you define your criteria from within the JobRoller admin.

Within a few minutes job listings will start coming in. In addition, you can also include their “JobRoll” sidebar widget and get paid when your visitors click on the jobs. It’s very similar to Google AdSense and their PPC program.

Real-Time Chart Widget

Measuring how well your job listing site is doing is important so we’ve built a new dashboard widget that will give you insight into your business.

This jQuery widget (no Flash) shows you exactly how many ads and sales have come in over the last 30 days. If you mouse over each day, it shows you specific details.

Please note that this new feature is only available to Small Business Edition (or higher) customers. If you’re a Personal Edition customer you can easily upgrade to take advantage of this.

The rest of changes in this version per the changelog.txt file can be found below.

1.2.1 – 12/07/10

– Featured status maintained after edit
– excluded date archive page from menu
– Remaining days hidden on indeed posts (which have no expiration)
– job description field left blank

– Added salary column to admin job view page
– Salary = hierarchical for checkboxes
– removed reference to jobs-by-location
– currency position option

1.2 – 12/03/10

– Category counts
– Expire emails for pages issue fixed
– Fixed empty search bug
– Fixed broken links on user dashboard for active jobs

– Added ‘Job Packs’ functionality
– New orders system/class/order page
– My Jobs page improvements
– Re-list Page Added
– auto-posting of jobs
– Job Salary (and option) field added
– Pack Pricing widget
– Sidebar nav widget
– Added template for job tags
– Browsing by date posted feature
– Browsing by location feature
– Allowed tagging of jobs
– Merged pricing and payment admin
– Added admin page to manage site advertisments
– Added and improved the ad widgets – 250×250 and 125×125
– Updated localisation strings to AppThemes standard
– Added jquery Google CDN option
– Added option to change all custom post type and taxonomy base urls (job tags, categories, salaries, types)
– Added debug option
– Added stats engine to track most popular jobs & blog posts. Daily & all-time stats available
– Added daily and all-time job view sidebar widgets
– Added new column to customer myjobs page which shows total views for each job listing
– Added job tag cloud widget
– Added new twitter sidebar widget with lots of options
– Enhanced Facebook like sidebar widget so you can now add options (title, connections, size)
– Added new widgetized sidebar for customers dashboard area
– Added support for custom hierarchical taxonomy permalinks (only works in WP 3.1+)

How Can I Get This Version?

Existing customers can login to their customer account and download the latest version and immediately start taking advantage of these cool new features.

Got some ideas for new JobRoller features? Head on over to our new Ideas Exchange and submit/vote for your favorite ideas!

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 Comments (58)

  • Bart

    It works realy greate! Good job! I’ve got some ideas for the new features which might be included for the next releases.

  • Jim

    Great work. just a quick question, when you pull in jobs and populate the site from indeed, does the content get pulled in or just a job link? I guess my question is what exactly gets populated – all the fields – or is it just populating a widget? Or the main jobs area of the site itself?

  • Carson Coots | Austin Jobs

    Wow great news… I was just looking into integrating the XML from indeed yesterday. Keep it up guys.

  • Gino Lancaster

    Quick question I have customized the header on my current version..Will all changes and layout structure remain when I upload the new Version..

    • author

      @Gino, if you’ve modified any of the JobRoller files then yes, your custom header will be overwritten. We recommend that you make a backup of the theme folder before doing the upgrade so you don’t lose any custom changes.

  • john caster

    Is there a way to bulk upload jobs to Jobroller using XML or CSV data?

    • author

      @John, you should be able to use the native WordPress post import tool. Try importing a couple records first and see how it come in.

      • john caster

        Hi david

        i tried the import facility

        i could not find how you would import it

        which import plugin do you use and how do you target the information uploaded to go to the jobs listings?

        thanks john

  • san

    GREAT JOB . Thank you

  • Alvin

    Yeah guys , Christmas is early this year !
    Thx Appthemes

  • customer

    Nice work. Do you have instructions on how to upgrade as opposed to a full install? I have customized css to meet my needs and want to upgrade only the necessary components. Many thanks!

    • author

      @soaringpine, if you haven’t made any changes to the original JobRoller theme files then it’s pretty easy to upgrade. You’ll want to ftp into your account and rename your existing “jobroller” theme folder to “jobroller-bak”. Then you can either upload the unzipped new version or login to the WordPress admin and install the new theme (

      If that doesn’t make sense or you aren’t familiar with ftping, you can get help in our support forum.

  • Jim

    im definitely in the wrong blog here but I was just wondering if clipper is close? I know its at 97% but I guess I was hoping maybe in the next week or so it might come into the big bad world for us all to test it out 🙂

  • customer
    Mikkel in

    bad to see this got released before the main script of appthemes “classipress 3.1”

  • Michael Carpenter

    When will the admin demo be updated with latest version?

  • Kathir

    For me to use this theme, I need to create a sub domain the job board. I currently use frugaltheme and will continue to use that for blogging. How should I link the nav bar menus of the sub domain to that of the links in the main domain nav bar.

  • Andric

    Nice work I’m looking to find a good jobboard
    Will it support location search (Filter) by country and city?

  • customer
    Jon Mills

    So when you going to put that radius search in classipress? it said 3.1 nov-december

    Well november has come and gone… december is nearly over.. would love to see radius in classi david

    • author

      @Jon, radius search will be coming to ClassiPress soon. JobRoller was our proof of concept and it’s worked out well thus far.

      • Andric

        Will it also include country listing

      • Andric

        Hi have an ohter question, this time about social sharing
        It seems that you have integrated twitter and facebook (in hte job posting). Will you include sharing with Linkedin too? (personal/company page as update, group and subgroup message postings)Here in Europe Linkedin and Xing are the popular (business) social engines.

      • Andric

        Will you support resume listings?

        • Jim

          I think the job seekers element to the site has been added to the roadmap – so fingers crossed for this element as it could be very powerful to have job seekers listed on the site for potential employers…

  • Fanatic

    @Mikkel in: Thanks for rubbing it in lol as for the Radius, Advanced search filtering and the Job pack feature! WOW Thumbs up! On that note, can’t wait for ClassiPress 3.1! 🙂

  • Jim

    Just wondering if you feel David we might see Clipper this side of Christmas? I know its only 3% away but I guess if it does not arrive maybe over the next few days we will have to wait until sometime when everyone gets back after christmas 🙁

    • author

      @Jim, we plan on launching Clipper before the end of the year so hang on for a few more weeks. Thanks.

      • Jim

        Thanks for the update David, much appreciated. If you need some help testing – give me a shout. Thanks

  • BluePrint

    David, how are you? It’s seems like everything is coming together nicely. It was a little rough in the beginning with all the ClassiPress complaints, but you have turned things around nicely. Keep up the great work.

    I like JobRoller, I like ClassiPress and it seems like I’m liking everything you and your team are creating. Have you ever thought about creating more scripts like a twitter script (mobile ready with video, audio and picture upload), a FMyLife script (mobile ready with video, audio and picture upload), etc? I was looking at some of these script makers around the internet and all I can say is that you’re number 1 in my book. I was going to spend money on some of these other scripts, but I decided to keep my money in my pocket, be patient and spend it only on Apptheme Products. You’re very professional, have a great community, provide great support and now you’ve created a repeat customer in me.

    By the way, I want to create a type of FMyLife style website, that’s why I was asking you. Even if it takes you a year or two to create this certain type of particular script, I’m willing to be patient and wait. I’m in no rush.

    Just throwing ideas out there for you to think about.

    Again, Thanks For Your Continued Great Work!

  • customer
    Barbara Haywood

    Hi David –

    I’m glad to hear you will be adding Advanced Search to ClassiPress – I have been waiting for this functionality for some time.

    I want to confirm that you will be including RADIUS SEARCH – with zip codes or postal codes (for other countries).

    Will be radius search be dependent of Google – or will we have to upload individual databases of zip/postal codes?

    Also – what is the ETA on this for ClassiPress?

    Thanks very much.


  • sri ganesh.M

    IT will help many clients and commitee

  • Mike

    I am trying to decide if I should use jobroller or webjobs by

    I like their job listing syndication feature to google base, oodle, indeed, simply hired, etc. Do you have this feature too?

    I also like their facebook and linked in user data import tool.

    • AR

      I am in the exact same situation – deciding between webjobs (through webscribble) and jobroller. Please let me know if you guys plan on developing some of those great features (such as facebook and linked in user data input, etc.)

      • author

        @AR, we definitely plan on adding a lot more features so it’s just a matter of time before JobRoller achieves the maturity that webjobs has.

    • author

      @Mike, JobRoller is still quite new so we haven’t had a chance to build in any syndication features yet. It’s on our roadmap, however.

      I don’t know much about the webjobs product but from a quick look at their site, I can tell you that JobRoller is not only much cheaper but also a breeze to install since it uses WordPress. No complicated file uploading, permission changing, or database knowledge required.

      If you’ve got an IT dept to help and a larger budget, then webjobs might be better suited for you.

  • melfe

    I was about to purchase a script from webscribble until I came across your site. I have a few questions:
    (1) Can job seekers register?
    (2) Can listings be posted by city, zip code or county?
    (3) Can we charge for listing per zip code or location?


    • author

      @melfe, anyone can register but right now only job posters can really do anything. We definitely plan on building out the job seeker functionality next.

      Yes, you can post your listings by those locations.

      No, you can’t set prices based on location.

  • Mike

    Can we charge for resume views too or just job listings?

  • cs

    2 quick ones…

    is there a login to play around on the back end of the demo?

    is there any type of coupon system or an ability to issue free credits?

    i may want to either email free credits to potential job posters to get them using the board or i may want to issue free credits to good customers or to settle a dispute.


  • Michael

    Hi David,

    Is the job roller demo using data from Indeed? I can’t see any Indeed branding on the site. Is this the default setup? That will be nice if there is no branding but I am not sure if Indeed will say something about it.

    • author

      @Michael, no the demo site isn’t pulling in Indeed data. I don’t believe there is any branding either since it’s being pulled in via their feed.

  • Michael

    One commenter on the wplift review posted this:

    How do you address this issue about permalinks (/%postname%) created on job roller?

    Do you have a better alternative for /%postname%?

    • author


      There’s nothing wrong with using just /%postname%/ especially if your site isn’t that large. It uses a base url (/jobs/) so performance shouldn’t be an issue from what I can tell.

      Contrary to Otto’s article section about SEO, having keywords in the url really does make a difference. Not only for SEO but also more pleasant-looking urls.

      If you are really worried about taking a performance hit down the road (hundreds or thousands of jobs) since it’s resource intensive for WordPress (as Otto noted), there’s a safer option you could take.

      It would be including a numeric value before the post name which would look like this /%post_id%-%postname%/

      That would address both the speed and SEO issues. The downside would be the look of the url which would end up being something like this:

      • Michael

        Thanks for the reply, David.

        So if I expect to have lots of job listings, do you recommend to use /%post_id%-%postname%/ as soon as I install the theme?

        If I do it, will I still get the same benefits as far as search engines are concerned?

        I just want to make sure I won’t encounter issues if I decide to implement it later especially when I have lots of job listings. I’d rather implement it now if it will cause some problems down the road.

Discussion is closed.