JobRoller Theme Sneak Peek

With the roll-out of ClassiPress 3.0.3 behind us, we can now focus some of our resources on our next theme slated for release, JobRoller. This new premium theme will address the need for those looking to have their very own job board.

We decided to keep the design simplistic since many customers will want to style their job board to match their existing website. For those of you who don’t, it’s elegant enough to run as a standalone website so you can charge people to list their job reqs on your site.

Some of the features will include:

  • Charge visitors to list jobs
  • Custom job listing post type
  • Separate write panel for job creation and editing
  • Customer dashboard with ability to edit, delete, and renew job listings
  • Integration with PayPal using their IPN functionality
  • Multi-step new job posting wizard
  • JQuery job application form with upload resume/cover letter
  • JQuery auto complete for certain fields
  • Search filtering based on job type (part-time, full-time, etc)
  • Support for other languages
  • and much more!

Here are a few screen shots to wet your lips:

We’re still on target to finish this next month. We would love to get your feedback on what you think thus far. That’s one thing we enjoy about working on new themes is the collaboration process. Some ideas are credited to the community and end up benefiting everyone.

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  • S

    how much do you plan to charge for it?

    any discounts for folks who already own a license of classipress?

  • bellboy

    Great stuff. How will this impact the release time table for ClassiPress 3.10? Are you still on target for a September-ish release?

    • author

      It shouldn’t affect CP 3.1 at all. We’ve got two different developers working on each theme.

  • customer
    Jean-Paul Bernadina

    Good stuff David!

    I’ve created a job board using classipress..
    Take a look:

    Let me know what you think 🙂

  • Howiej

    Hi David,

    1st off, congrats to you and your team on all you’ve done on CP, awesome bit of kit!

    Your jobs theme sounds interesting! probably a good thing that I haven’t spent too much time on jobslondon dot info, my first jobs site (currently using cp).

    If you need a beta tester for the jobs theme I’d be happy to work with you.

    All the best,



  • bellboy

    Hi David. I see you have autocomplete functionality in JobRoller. Will you be bringing this to ClassiPress 3.10 as well? This would likely do away with the need for chained fields. Here’s to hoping! Keep up the great work.

    • author

      As we release new premium themes, you’ll start to see new features and more innovation. If a new feature is well received and it fits into an existing theme like ClassiPress, there’s a good chance we’ll be adding it.

  • Rob Palmer

    Looks ideal for us…do you have a launch date?

  • Barry

    That looks good, cant wait to take it for a test drive, very interested! Well done guys so far

  • customer
    Darren Booker

    I am extremely happy to seethe development of JobRoller as the most important part of my classipress site is jobs. Will it be intergrated into my existing site using the same control panel, or will it be separate?

    • author

      The control panel will be very similar to ClassiPress which makes it easy if you’re a CP customer.

      It’s a theme so you’d have to have a separate instance of WordPress if you wanted to run both CP and JR.

      • Momin

        I am thinking to have classipress, Jobroller and other themes under same URL with different menu link, is that possible?

  • Cecile

    Hi David,

    Great job so far ! Regarding the functionnalities, would it be possible to combine a multiple search filtering for example by job type + location ? Or job type + range of salary etc..

    Will the user be able to filter as well by keywords or publication date?

    Some other ideas could be :

    – Subscription to specific job listing category by RSS (made easy for the user )
    – Possibility to post a job query or a kind of online resume and promote it by social networks / –> Distinguish the job board site into 2 main parts : the job offers and the available candidates.

    – About the job listing : possibility for the employer to upload a logo.

    Well.. that’s it for now, I’m sure you already though about it !

    • author

      Thanks for the suggestions Cecile. We’ll be rolling out v1.0 and then be adding new features based on customer feedback.

  • tbase

    Hi, any plans for social media integration with targeted Facebook ads, etc. I have heard that it has worked like a charm for some.

    What do you think?

    • author

      @tbase, can you explain a little bit more about what you mean? Facebook does have an advertising platform but I don’t see how it would integrate with JR.

  • Bob

    Any more info about a release date?

  • Momin

    I got few questions,
    1) If I have Classipress Professional which has option to hide credit. Will I have to buy JobRoller Processional as same feature?
    2) Will there be a script to migrate data from Classipress job category to JobRoller tables?
    3) Will the job poster be able to search resume based on keywords?
    4) Will it have custom field by category, eg. Web development may have option of, jsp, php, coldfusion, ruby, etc. and Accounting may have options for financial audits, reconciliation, CPA, budget and expense, etc.
    5) Will it have filter by custom field.

    • author

      JobRoller and ClassiPress are two totally different themes. They both use similar back-end code but the themes are designed for different purposes.

      There won’t be a script to migrate data over but you could export posts from CP and import into JR.

      When someone applies for a job, the cover letter and resume are emailed (via a apply form) to the job owner.

      The categories will be a custom taxonomy so you can create as many as you like.

      There will be filter options as well based on tags, job-type, and category.

      • Momin

        Regarding cover letter and resume,
        As an employer, can they search candidates based on the keywords (full text search) from their resume and CV?

  • Mario

    This theme looks very promising! I want to make a site where people can apply for jobs by showing their CV/resume. Some people might want to apply for jobs in several cities. To do that, they will have to choose several cities at once when creating their “ad”, or “anywhere” if they applies for jobs in the whole country. Is this possible? Will it be possible to make premade questions for their cv that will be diplayed nicely in the add if answered? The employer would then want to search/filter the site for people applying for jobs in a particular city and/or category…will that be possible?


    • author

      Thanks Mario. Each applicant can apply to the job which gets emailed to the job poster. They can specify the location(s) they wish to apply for.

  • Joachim

    Hi, I think its a great development and I wanted to ask if your jobroller theme will incorporate the ability to post in xml. Google Base uses fields to pick up jobs using strict fields and rejects any posting that is not compliant. Simplyhired too uses this and it would be great if this is a feature which would pop me to the top of your buyers list….

    • author

      Initially not in v1.0 but if it’s a popular request, it’s something we could consider adding.

  • Mario

    Hello David. I dont think you understood my english :). What I want to do is a “reverse” job posting site where ordinary people posts their cv´s/resume´s in a category. The employer can then browse through the category “Mechanics” for example, and read the cv´s/resume´s from people who want´s to work as a mechanic. Have you thought about this idea? It would be nice to be able to have some kind of default premade cv/resume with questions in the “Submit a job” page! It would be very easy for them to create their cv/resume that way!

    • Momin

      I am asking same as Mario.

      As an employer, can I search candidates based on the keywords (full text search) from their resume and CV?

    • author

      No, we haven’t thought about that but it’s a good idea. We’d have to make the CV’s accessible only to logged in job posters though.

      It won’t make it into the first release but like I said above, if it’s a popular request, we will consider adding the feature.

  • sammwan

    Sent you some details earlier through the contact us by error. Hope that info was received well. Thnks.

    • author

      @sammwan, I don’t think we received your separate request. You can post it here instead so others can benefit from our answers.

  • Steve

    Any chance you’ll have integration? It seems to be the most popular payment gateway for US users.

    • author

      @Steve, PayPal is by far the most popular payment gateway in the US so we’ll be including it with JobRoller.

      Eventually we plan on having additional gateways which include Google Checkout and

  • customer

    First, i want to congratulate you for the excellent work you have been doing with cp and now with jobroller it looks cool!

    Have you thought making a adserver theme? it would be awsome!

    • author

      @Luchoa13, thanks.

      No plans to develop an adserver theme at this time. We’ve got too many other themes lined up at the moment. 🙂

  • tbase

    Hi David, please have a look at the link below, I am interested in knowing if JobRoller will have some or all of these features.

    >> Single 30 day job posting — $275 and our new Value Added feature: Select up to 3 employment categories that best match the job you are trying to fill. All for just $275.

    >> 3 Pack of 30 day postings (good for 3 months): $775 — a 6% savings!

    >> 5 Pack of 30 day postings (good for 6 months): $1250 — a 9% savings!

    >> 10 Pack of 30 day postings (good for 1 year): $2200 — a 20% savings!

    >> 20 Pack of 30 day postings (good for 1 year): $3300 — a 40% savings!

    >> Let us post the job for you – If you already have an account, email us the description & we can post your job for an additional charge of $20.

    >> Resume Database Access: Gain access to thousands of job seeker resumes in the area. $400 / 30 days

  • tbase

    Hello again David, please let us know if you will be implementing a franchisee checkbox with drop-down menu with franchises listed.

    I think this was a great idea. See it implemented in the site below.

    Navigate to employer link and see how the Franchisee checkbox and drop down menu function and look.

    What do you think?

    • author

      Wait for the initial version of JobRoller and then we can start taking ideas for new features. Thanks for your suggestions though. 🙂

  • CJ

    All very cool guys!
    I think I’ll be using all of the scripts.
    Am especially interested in the Business Directory Vantage theme. Any news about it? a.n.x.i.o.u.s 🙂
    Congratulations for all your work!

    • author

      We’re still working on the initial designs for Vantage. There will be a post about it once we’ve got something to show you.

  • Mark James

    When will the initial release be available? I’m working with an agency who require this theme – do you require any beta testers? I really want to work with this theme but if the release is going to be a while I may have to use another product – I really dont want to do this but the client is exceptionaly impatient – please advise.

  • CC

    Hey David,

    I was browsing job boards and classifieds wordpress templates online and I bumped into you guys. Great work.

    I am willing to buy a license for France once published.

    – Regarding features needed, that would be great to be able to select French States as well as US when posting a job.

    – Also get enough ad spaces

    Btw, maybe you guys need some translation work? let me know by email.


  • Lars

    i’m about to start a project where a job board is the main feature to the website.

    However haven’t started it yet as im waiting for a demo to be released of JR (Hope is soon :)).

    If you going to do a CV/Resume function, when will this come into JR?
    So far i have only seen two job boards that would fit my project.


    • author

      In the first release your applicants will be able to upload a resume and cover letter. We will be adding a CV option eventually.

      Just trying to get the first version released…then we will get feedback from our customers as to what features they will need. 🙂

  • Ben

    Hi all,

    Is this definitely going to be released today?

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