Introducing the AppThemes Marketplace

Today is a very exciting day! The brand new AppThemes Marketplace is officially open and ready for business. This online outlet of child themes and plugins is full of products meant to tap into the full potential of our already powerful application themes. Now’s your chance to blow away the barriers holding back your internet business. Get bigger features. Choose more designs. Make your site everything you always wanted it to be.

Dazzling Child Themes

Our application themes are made to look great and the default designs deliver attractive layouts. The only problem is that hundreds of other sites have exactly the same look. You want something unique but hiring a designer can be costly and beyond budget constraints. Well forget all that because the AppThemes Marketplace is chock full of child themes that will bring your site to life. Colorful and attractive, the latest designs and the hippest graphics are available to you. You’re site is going to look fantastic and stand out above the rest.

Of course, for some child themes, it’s not just about looks but functions and features, too. It can be as simple as adding sliders and galleries to revamping the whole theme to fit a niche industry. Or how about responsive child themes that can be viewed on all devices? Now that’s something almost everyone would love.

Prima Child Theme Phoenix Child Theme zpGids Child Theme ClassiClean Child Theme

These child themes not only look and work great but they’re priced right, too. A custom redesign would cost hundreds of dollars, but you’re going to find a brand new look for far less. Priced from $29 to $59, these child themes give you a lot of bang for the buck!

Make your site stand out, check out child themes in the AppThemes Marketplace.

Productive Plugins

We can’t build themes that include every feature under the sun. The result would be utterly unusable. Instead, we focus on building lean, robust and very usable application themes with an essential set of core features. Building this way, you get better themes and fewer problems.
Sidebar Search pluginFXtender pluginDaddy Like plugin
So we give you a great theme to start with and now we’re giving you the ability to add functions and features that make your site perform at peak levels. Your online business is unique and Marketplace plugins allow you to pick and choose the advanced features you want. Each plugin provides a targeted feature with specific value to site-owners. Mix and match to make the site you always wanted. With developers creating new plugins all the time, there will be no shortage of options to choose from.

Add high-performance features to your site, view plugins in the AppThemes Marketplace.

Community Created, AppThemes Tested

The AppThemes community has thrived and it’s attracted a fair amount of talented developers and designers. We invited the best from the community to create products for our marketplace launch. These people know our themes as well as anyone. They are rock solid developers and designers that know how to create great products. You can be sure that their child themes and plugins live up to our rigorous standards. But just to be sure, we test every item sold in the Marketplace. Each one has our seal of approval.
AppThemes Marketplace developers
So we have some top-notch code wranglers and pixel pushers, but what about support? Each Marketplace developer is committed to supporting their product to the fullest. AppThemes customers will be able to get personalized support direct from the developer in our forums. And we’re keeping Marketplace developers in the loop when it comes to theme updates and changes. We’ll make sure they have ample time to update plugins and child themes. The goal is to create an interruption-free experience for you.

This is Going to Grow and Grow and Grow

This is just the start. AppThemes has created many items for the Marketplace and will continue to add more. We’re sure that our community developers will continue to create many more items, too. In fact, maybe you have a plugin or child theme you would like to offer to AppThemes customers. If so, check out our guide to selling in the AppThemes Marketplace.

We’re excited to see how the Marketplace grows and we’re excited to see how your site will benefit from new designs and added features. Check out the AppThemes Marketplace and let us know what you think!

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 Comments (8)

  • shobhitagarwal

    That’s great 😉 but I’m not completely happy, because there’s still no child theme for Clipper 🙁

    2 people like this.
    • author
      Shannon Dunn

      Ahhh, but there will be. AppThemes will create at least one child theme for each application theme. In fact, our first child theme is complete and will be available soon. It’s a child theme for ClassiPress that will knock your socks off.

      By the way, child themes created by AppThemes will be included in AppThemes Club subscriptions. That adds a lot more value to getting AppThemes Club.

      4 people like this.
      • shobhitagarwal

        Now that’s amazing, awaiting to be the first to grab a copy for Clipper!

        • adam

          SERIOUSLY need to get a child theme for clipper – the default just does not cut it, and the support for editing things is not great either.

          More tutorial based stuff and or wiki is needed just for clipper……!

  • customer

    Come on developers, we urgently need more unique futures for Clipper:

    – new attractive themes
    – store ratings/reviews
    – group buying sites integration (Groupon, Living Social…)
    – option for the store picture
    – related coupons/stores
    – community page: latest contributor, top contributors, who is online…
    – more options for the front page that can be switched on/off:latest coupons,top coupons,top stores,hot topics/tags…
    (at the moment almost all Clipper sites look the same; not good for the user experience nor for the SEO)
    – deal alert system for individual stores
    – advertising option

    Some of these futures hopefully will be part of the core Clipper code.

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    • shobhitagarwal

      I completely agree with you, Clipper should include every single feature you mentioned. Those all are must to have features, for a modern coupon code site.

      Especially that coupon/deal alert system for individual store.

      More customizable front end, that’s right- nearly all Clipper installation on the web looks same.

      Coupon store logo/image option.

      Store rating, would be a plus to the visitors and help us in more conversions.

      And the most important these days, a how to page opened in new window once user clicks to copy the code. Similar to retailmenot. That shows coupon/deal usage instructions, shows related coupons of that individual store, and greatly helps newbies buyers.

    • dillonwar

      All the above comments are for clipper and I totally agree with them all. Feels like I’ve purchased an uncompleted product (although I knew what features there were before I bought) I still cannot edit the css or php to how I would like to to look. I cannot find enough support for the clipper theme, it seems vantage and classipress take precedence over it. So yes please more features and more child themes! 🙂

      There is so much you can do with it! See stefalex’s comment above – nail on the head.

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