How to Prepare Your Site or Child Theme for ClassiPress 3.2

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Attention: anyone using a child theme with ClassiPress or developers that have created a child theme for ClassiPress should absolutely read this post!

ClassiPress 3.2 Child Theme ChecklistClassiPress 3.2 Child Theme ChecklistAs you know, the creation of Vantage brings a lot of changes to our other themes. The goal is to make all our themes a little more alike and a little less different. Common functions should use standardized code. Common features should be similar from theme to theme to theme. The benefits are great. Themes are easier to maintain, they’re easier to build and much, much more.

While we strive to implement these changes with minimal impact, there are some changes that are going to require a little extra work on your part when you update to newer versions. With ClassiPress 3.2 on the way, we want to give everyone ample opportunity to prepare for changes that might have an impact on your site.

Our ClassiPress developer, Andrzej Piotrowski has created a checklist of debugging tasks for anyone that uses or has developed child themes for ClassiPress. The list is pretty short and should not take too long to complete. Once you complete the tasks, you should be in pretty good shape for the official release of ClassiPress 3.2.

How Do I Know if I Need to Make Changes?

If you’re not a developer, you might be thinking, “oh my gosh, I have no idea what I’m supposed to do!” Worry not, this tutorial is mostly for advanced users and developers. Just to be sure, here are some simple guidelines to determine if the changes mentioned above will affect you:

  • If you’re a novice user – you’re not a developer – and you bought and simply installed ClassiPress on your site, you probably do not need to do anything.
  • If you bought and installed a child theme, you will want to contact the developer of your child theme and ask them what their plans are for updating.
  • If you hired a developer to modify your theme in any way, you will want to contact that developer and direct them to the checklist.
  • If you have created a child theme or modified the theme code in any way (not recommended), then you really should read the checklist.

Suggest a Tutorial

Child themes and custom things. Action hooks and custom looks. Plugins, filters, PHP. We provide these tuts to you for free! Tell us in the comments what you want to see.

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  • customer


    Multi-city in this version?

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    • author
      Shannon Dunn

      We have had to delay multi-city a little longer. It will not make this version but it still is a very high priority.

  • Kim

    Look forward to the new version! I have quite an old ClasiPress installation (version 3.0.3) – I have not yet updated to the custom post types edition. Will the migration tool be included in version 3.2? Or will I need to do an incremental upgrade first?

    • author
      Shannon Dunn

      Kim, I think you should probably hop into the forums and get one of our support agents to help you with that. It might require a little extra work. There have been many changes to the theme since 3.0.3 and updating should be handled carefully. We want to keep your site up and running without interruption.

  • mounika

    Classipress is the number one classifieds software for wordpress CMS and it has number of features.
    But classipress doesn’t have main and important features. Those are

    1. why multi-city option is not added
    2. Theme style is very bad (Some best styles and attractive looking sites ex:, olx, indialist, clickindia,

    Once classipress added these two options, it becomes more popular. This is advantage to you(Sales are increased) and your customers.
    Please add These two options.

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  • mounika

    hi Shannon,

    Please tell me answer to below question.
    Why Classipress not included Regions (Multy-City) Option. why i am asking this feature i want to buy classipress within one or two weeks. But i am on confusion, because no multi-region option. I am waiting for this feature, can you release this feature in the next version.

  • Arslan Qamar

    I am using ClassiPress theme. I am facing spamming problem. daily 100+ spam user register. Please tell me how I can control this problem..

  • Arslan Qamar

    Thank you so much Shannon Dunn…I try to open both link but this message show on [You must be an AppThemes customer and logged in to view this response. Join today!]

    • author
      Shannon Dunn

      Yes, you do need to be an AppThemes customer to access the forums.


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