Introducing AppThemes

It’s certainly been one heck of a busy year for the ClassiPress team and now after months of hard work, we are pleased to announce our new website, AppThemes.

As you could probably tell, AppThemes is not your typical WordPress premium themes business. Our goal is to fit a much needed niche of providing business software easy enough to use without requiring a technical person to setup. What better system to build these apps on top off than WordPress.

Not only that but we also take pride in the quality of our code so developers can easily understand what’s going on. How many of you have ever downloaded or purchased a premium theme before only to discover the code is a mess or doesn’t even work properly? I’ve been there before and it’s frustrating especially after you already spent the money.

I call this the Great Oz effect. You have this powerful-looking character that looks great on the outside only to discover that behind the green curtain is a tiny little old man. I regress.

The Story

The idea of an apps theme business came up a few months after I bought the ClassiPress business back in March 2009. The only problem was I had to put it on hold until I saved up enough money to quit my day job. That day finally arrived in January 2010 and I then was set free to start my journey.

Once all the business logistics were taken care of, I focused on building ClassiPress 3.0. I had a promise to keep to my customers and it was important to get that monumental update done before I could expand the business. I was heads down for two straight months.

ClassiPress 3.0 was released almost one year to-the-day from when I bought the company. It ended up being a huge success and essentially served as our “proof of concept” so that we then felt comfortable expanding the business into new areas.

So in a nutshell, that’s how AppThemes came into existence.

What does this mean for existing customers?

We will continue to provide our excellent support and product updates as usual. In addition, customers will get exclusive sneak previews and special offers on our upcoming themes. They will also benefit from our new customer portal which gives them instant access to download the latest and greatest versions (anytime and from anywhere), a new affiliate system with real-time stats, and a single sign-on for the portal and the forum.

All in all it’s a win-win deal for everyone.

So what’s coming next?

Our next premium theme is called, JobRoller which is a job posting app. It allows you to list and sell job postings similar to a or Craigslist with the ability for applicants to submit their resume. It’s due out in August and existing customers will get an early sneak peek and special offer to purchase it first.

Following JobRoller will be Vantage which is a business directory theme. You will be able to charge people to list their business and visitors can leave feedback and reviews similar to Yelp. I know many of you have modified ClassiPress to do this exact thing since there are no decent directory themes out there today. The good news is we have begun working on this theme and the release date is late September.

Last and certainly not least, ClassiPress 3.0.3 will be released in the next couple of weeks. It’s a maintenance/bug fix release with much better support for child themes. ClassiPress 3.1 is scheduled for September and will include several new features which Seth or myself will expand on in a separate post.

Lastly, we’d also like to thank those of you who sent us “congrats!” & “great new site!” emails. We look forward to building more themes and growing the business!

~Your AppThemes Team

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  • bundublog

    Thanks for the update. I am looking forward to seeing the new themes and the new version of classipress. Very Impressed so far!

  • Chris

    Looking forward to the updates, I want to see the JobRoller!

    About the submitting a resume, how do you plan for that to work, will it simply add an attachment to an email and then send to the job poster, or will there be some analytics where the job board can see how many cetrain types of resume they have then match them up to a job posting?

  • Stevo

    Thanks for the update David. I have already purchased ClassiPress and look forward to the new themes.

    Could you please provide some more details on how Directory Theme will differ from the ClassiPress Theme, and what features it will include?

    I ask because I am very anxious to launch a website using one of these two themes. I wouldn’t mind waiting for the Directory Theme if I knew that it was more appropriate for my website than the ClassiPress theme, but would be disappointed if I waited only to find that it isn’t much different from the ClassiPress Theme and I wasted two and a half months waiting.

    • author

      Stevo, Directory Theme is still in the beginning phases of prototyping so not much we can provide at this point. If you can wait a few months great, otherwise you might want to just customize ClassiPress to get what you’re looking for.

  • Wibowo Tunardy

    Hope Classipress will support offline payment or bank transfer. As it is very easy. You just need to provide a page contains information about bank account after checkout.

    • author

      Hi Wibowo, yes it sounds fairly easy but the tricky part is sending a notification back into ClassiPress once the bank transfer has gone through.

      If you have any examples of how this would work, we’re all ears. 😉

  • Admark

    what are the new features can expect?

    • author

      Admark, there will be separate blog articles later with details about upcoming releases and themes.

  • Jesse

    Great stuff you guys have done over here

  • Anton


    Thank you for your outstanding support and congratulations on your upcoming themes! I am sure they will be a hit!

    Looking forward to trying them out!

  • Craig

    Excited about the directory theme. I spent a bit of time trying to customize classipress for that purpose but decided against it.

    Not sure if you can say yet, but are paid listings part of the feature list?


  • RJ

    Hi, I want more info on the upcoming Directory theme please..!

    Also, is Classipress region specific? in other words can I setup a global classified website with some sort of region control module to allow for specific region classifieds.

    Thanks and look forward to combining Classipress & the new Directory theme..!

    RJ 🙂

    • author

      We will be posting more info on Vantage next month. JobRoller is set to launch first so we will be addressing that theme first. 🙂

      ClassiPress can be setup for global classifieds. You can create or modify the current fields to whatever you like.

  • customer
    Greg Dalberri

    Hey Dave and the Team,

    I usually do not do this. I have to say that for a long time I searched the net for a classified type theme.

    I wound up purchasing ClassiPress.

    I have made many purchases on the net for different digital products over the years and let me say:

    “ClassiPress is one of the BEST online purchases I have ever made! This is a First Class product made by people who want to establish a long term relationship with their customers.

    This trait is rare among online retailers and affiliates. It is quite obvious that those “Wizards of Oz” behind the curtain, really care about the product.

    The proof comes from the amazing support from their great forum. More proof comes from the continued work and improvements made on the product. This is an amazing product that is constantly being perfected.


    The developers actually listen to the customer’s feedback! Positive or negative and work that into the next upgrade (free by the way!) for it’s customers. Again…RARE!

    Kudos! Great product, Great service, Great improvements, Great support!
    You have gained a CFL (Customer For Life) with me.

    I am excited for the release of your next products!

    Thank you!”


  • Aaron

    Hi David,

    I know you are bombarded with questions about JobRoller but I was wondering if the theme would be out in early , mid or late August? I built a site using JobPress and was about to continue working on it but JobRoller has my interest! Any help is much appreciated. Also do you have an idea of what the theme will cost?

    • author

      We’re looking at mid-August for the initial release. There will be a teaser post about it early this week.

      The pricing structure will be similar to ClassiPress. Existing customers will be entitled to a discount.

  • J.L. Faverio

    David, Congrats.

    I have a lot of respect for you and your success with the themes you have, are, and will continue to develop. Extremely clean, professional, customizable websites straight out of the box. Well worth the price you set for them.

    With the help of one of your gorgeous themes, I am absolutely giddy about a new project I plan to launch which will combine 3 major social networking sites into one. I will be proud to show it to you when it’s ready to launch, in April 2011.

    Keep enjoying what you do, keep the passion fierce, keep learning by doing, and keep making that money.

    Much Respect,

    J.L. Faverio
    Founder & Lead Developer of
    Inspired Design & Development

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