ClassiPress 3.0.3 – Out Next Week

A new version of ClassiPress is scheduled to be released next week. It is a general patch release that will address a handful of bugs along with a couple of new enhancements. Not all fixes are listed below but rather just the higher priority issues.

This release was actually delayed a few weeks because two important things had to happen first. The release of WordPress 3.0 (to make sure we didn’t have any compatibility issues) and the launch of AppThemes (so you can login to your account and download 3.0.3 instead of searching for your original e-junkie email).

Now that both of those milestones have been reached, it’s time to push out 3.0.3.

Key Bug Fixes

  • Bug where certain admin pages weren’t being translated
  • fixed google maps where TM overflows out of the box
  • fixed the “Pack Price” issue where it rounded all prices
  • fixed the option “Allow Ad Editing” to work properly
  • fixed problem where text-area custom fields show up with the list items near the photo
  • fixed contact form tab issue where contact tab would not be shown after form was submitted
  • fixed sidebar widget issue where widgets wouldn’t work if using a different language file
  • fixed the sidebar widget issue where the “Blog” categories were still showing up
  • fixed the problem where the 4 column option for the category menu drop-down didn’t work

New Enhancements

  • Full native support to create child themes (tutorials coming soon)
  • Members will be able to relist free ads
  • Image container on single ad page is better styled and centered
  • Many functions are now pluggable and can be overridden without editing core files
  • Enhancements and deprecation of certain CSS files (details below)
  • Replace existing ad expiration engine with native WordPress cron scheduler
  • Ability to use CSS on the custom fields by giving them an HTML tag ID
  • Added upgrade assistant tool available on the ClassiPress dashboard

We have fixed a large array of the issues found by community members in the forum (thank you guys). We expect most ClassiPress members will want this upgrade for since you will no longer need mods for “free relisting of ads” and also the ability to now create “ClassiPress Child Themes” in a much more reliable way.

Finally, we managed to sneak the “Cron Scheduler” into this release which will assist all users who posted on threads about “expired ads” showing up as our first step to eliminate this problem.

It is recommended to always upgrade to the latest version, however there aren’t any security or stability issues that will be fixed in 3.0.3 so it’s not mandatory.

Reminder – Support questions are not to be posted within the comments below. Please use the customer forum for anything related to product support.

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  • bundublog

    Thanks for the update. This is a great theme and i am looking forward to the updates.

  • michael

    Has anything have been done in this upgrade regarding the Ad Sponsors widget ie configuring sponsors and abilty to place on all pages/posts?

    • Seth Carstens

      No, no in this minor update, maybe something you will find in 3.1, althought I think the focus is going to be on custom post types and the features associated with them.

      There is a “paid” plugin that works with ClassiPress. I developed and installed it for a client. You can see the sidebar text ads (which can be purchased seperately) in the sidebar! Just an FYI, it doesn’t come pre-built with the fancy jQuery popup windows… that’s all me : )

      Demo of On Screen Ads (

      • michael

        Thanks for the offer seth but I don’t see why I should pay extra for something which is supposed to be part of the theme.

        • Seth Carstens

          Its not an offer, its an example. Nowhere does it say that “Sidebar Sponsors” or “On Screen Text Ads” are a part of the theme. You always have the option of google ad words, which are supported in the header area and single page ads under the ad. The widget was intended for example only. You could very easily place a text widget in the sidebar with 3 images using HTML in order to manually sell and place ads yourself. I have done this as an example at where I am advertising the classipress software using some affiliate links.

          • michael

            Seth, In former editions of Classipress this was pointed out as one of the features and if its not now not part of the theme WHY is the widget still included in it?

          • Seth Carstens

            Interesting, could you show me where this feature was explained as being a part of ClassiPress? I haven’t been around since inception, but I’ve never seen or heard of anything related to bring this particular feature in, at least not in version 3.1 which is the next set of Major changes.

            Widget is included as a sample area until you actually sell ad space. Then you convert to a text widget or use a plugin to manage all that.

          • michael

            Seth, as you aware the site has now changed but it was certainly featured and shown in example pages showing something like Your Ad Here with sizes.

  • Peter


    Look forward to the release of 3.0.3. I was wondering if upgrading will affect the customization I have made to the design. I have not changed any function of the site only colors, background ect. My question is can I upgrade with affecting and work we have Done?

    Thanks again for all the great work

    • Seth Carstens

      Yes it most likely will affect the customization, but it depends on exactly, how did you customize your design? Which file(s) did you modify?

      • Chocks

        Same as Peter. I’ve modified sidebar.php, header.php and index-directory.php files.. will I have to recall every single modification?
        Also.. I don’t know if its a bug or my pc but every time I tried reading the documentation /*Configuration +*/ I’m asked to login.. but I’m already logged in! ( wonder what’s going on?

        Thanks for such great work


  • Mark


    Really looking forward to new release.

    Would it be possible to let us know what files have changed as my site is heavily modded and I want to prepare for what I’ll need to do after next release.

    Kind Regards


    • Seth Carstens

      I cannot. David is still finalizing some changes to other files before the release. I can tell you that its about 20-25 files most which have multiple line changes (not simple changes), files have been deprecated, and new files have been added. Your going to have to do a theme-folder diff check if you have made a lot of changes and implement all your changes into the new version… better yet make a child theme so you never have to upgrade like this again. If you don’t know how to make a child theme, you will have to wait until after the release when I start the “child theme tutorial series”.

      • Mark

        Thanks Seth,

        I will most definitely be creating a child theme after the new release. Looking forward to it.


  • michael

    Shame that a couple of months ago when posted on the forum the answer came back “You can manually change it through the theme-widgets.php” and ” All I can suggest is to remove the Ads Sponsors widget from being dynamic and manually put it on sidebars that you want it to appear to.”

    Thanks for the idea regarding using text widget, now implemented.
    Looking forward to rest of updates in new version/s.

  • John

    Just wanted to say thanks for all your work, David, Seth, and co!

    I’m really excited to finally upgrade my CP site to the 3.0+ line.

    Also, the JobRoller theme, when it’s ready, I think could be perfect for a niche job-board I’d like to create.

    Your software product(s) are really useful, and fun to play with.

    Thanks for all that you’re creating 🙂

  • Ralph

    I like to buy classipress. should i wait for release 3.0.3.?
    When release of 3.0.3. comes out?
    Thanks and greetings
    from switzerland

    • Idealizer

      Hoi Ralph

      Du chasch 3.0.2 scho chaufe und chunsch 3.0.3 ohni wiiteri choschte über. Wenn’d aber viel eigeni apassige wötsch mache, denn empfiehlt sich, uf 3.0.3. z’warte (müässt i äs paar täg use cho) und direkt a dem z’schaffe.

      Viel Erfolg 🙂

    • customer

      You can buy now, updating the theme will be very easy and it will be good for you know be able to play with the settings and configuration to see what works for you.

  • myown

    when it will be released? waiting ……..

  • jack

    Good afternoon, I have a question, is it that hard to intergrate the location/region mod? Can you give us a date on when will this happen? That is the main thing missing on the script.

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