How to Bold Your ClassiPress Parent Categories

Some of you have been asking us how to make it easier to distinguish parent categories from sub-categories in your drop-down lists. It’s a great question and pretty easy to do.

Here’s what your drop-down lists should look like currently before the change we are about to make:

Here’s what your drop-down lists should look like after we make the change:

See how the parent categories now stick out and better display the hierarchies? Below you will find the steps you need to take to make this change. Some of you can skip step #1 if you’re already using a custom.css file on your site.

  1. Navigate to your /styles/ directory and rename custom-sample.css to custom.css
  2. Open custom.css in your favorite code editor
  3. Enter the style code below and save
  4. Upload the file to your web site
option.level-0 {
font-weight: bold;

All this does is tell your site to bold any level-0 (parent categories) within your drop-down lists.

That’s it. You might need to flush your browser’s cache (Shift + reload in Windows) and/or clear any WordPress caching plugin you are using before the change will show up.

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