Quick Update + Handy mySQL Query Code

Over the last few months it’s appeared rather quiet here at ClassiPress HQ. In actuality, we’ve been quite busy behind the scenes working on a new update (v3.0.3) and a brand new company web site. We plan on launching the new site early next month (which we’ll announce in a separate post and email to all customers) and then the 3.0.3 update will be released soon thereafter. It’s a bug fix and feature enhancement release so nothing major.

Anyhow, the reason for this post was to provide a handy bit of mySQL code when migrating your ClassiPress site to another domain.

While going through the demo site migration process, we had to change a bunch of legacy meta_values which have the image urls hardcoded in them so the thumbnail and ad images weren’t showing up. Instead of manually having to go through hundreds of records, it made more sense to write a custom sql query to handle the same change in a matter of seconds.

I wanted to share this just in case any of you plan on migrating one of your web sites to a different domain. Keep in mind, this sql query would only be necessary if you were previously using version 2.9.3 or earlier since 3.0+ doesn’t rely on the “images” meta field.

So you’ll need to login to your mySQL admin and go to your SQL tab. There you’ll want to paste in the following code (replace the oldsite.com and newsite.com of course first). You might even want to do a test run on one record first just to be safe.

UPDATE wp_postmeta
SET meta_value = replace(meta_value, 'oldsite.com', 'newsite.com')
WHERE meta_key = 'images'

After you run this query, all your oldsite.com’s will be replaced with your newsite.com’s!

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  • Ballon Publicitaire

    Maybe you’ve solution to convert quickly cp2.7 to 3.0?

    thanks 😉

  • Al

    So what will this update have? I have made so many changes to the theme (3.0.2) Will I have to do them all over again after the update! (That would suck!)

    Looking forward to it 🙂

    • Seth Carstens

      Well as a teaser, we have well integrated the ability to create child themes now! Which to answer your question, yes you will want to upgrade. Why specifically for you? Because now you can do all your mods in the child theme to avoid ever loosing them ever again. Shortly after the release I should be able to provide a well received “How To Create a Child Theme for ClassiPress” tutorial, as well as “Creating your first ClassiPress mod” tutorial in order to get all of you started on your creative masterpieces!

  • Al

    Waw…. that sounds cool! Can’t wait for it. I hope to launch my site by mid July if all goes well! 😀

  • Jennifer Knox

    From a features standpoint, can you give us an idea of which requested features have made it into this release? It would certainly save me some MacGruber’ing things in the meantime if I knew some features I was hoping for had made the cut. 😉

    • author

      Yes, we will be providing an summary of what to expect from 3.0.3. It’s a patch release so not really any new features.

      Those will be included in 3.1 which is due out sometime in September.

  • Leigh

    What Jennifer said! 🙂

    (LOL MacGruber’ing)

  • Carlos Takemura

    David, any future plans on utilising custom post types and custom taxonomies instead of custom fields? WP3.0 has now been released!

    Btw, if anyone is looking for a good way to filter content based on custom taxonomies, then check out the plugin over at: http://www.scribu.net

    • author

      Yes, we plan on using custom post types and write panels for v3.1.

      • Chris

        This is a must, I am waiting until this has been completed before I create my site, already bought Classipress and it is really good still 🙂

      • bellboy

        Kudos on your site update David. Looking good so far! Regarding version 3.1, what is the expected time frame for the release, are we looking at a month or several months? Please let us know. Thanks.

        • author

          Thanks Bellboy. 3.0.3 is slated for release later this month. 3.1 is scheduled for September.

  • steve

    Congrats on the new site. Looking forward to the new themes from Appthemes.

  • Chanoc

    Hello, great news on the update, but I just bought my license of CP a couple of weeks ago and have hired a designer to work out a new custom design template as well as a coder to perform some custom modifications. I plan to have my site launched somewhere around the end of July.

    Will I be able to transfer those modifications to 3.0.3?


  • Ray Gulick

    Cool, David! So CP3.1 will use custom post types and taxonomies! Can you guess when that release might happen?

    • author

      @Ray, well I didn’t actually say taxonomies but it will support custom post types in 3.1 which is slated for September. Custom fields is a much better fit anyhow since taxonomies can’t do field types (drop-down, description, etc).

      • Ray Gulick

        I think that’s fine. Mostly what I’d like to see is separating “listings” from “blog posts.”

  • Leigh

    September? I thought it was supposed to be July? Or is there still an update coming out this month (3.03)?

  • Leigh

    Nevermind. Reading comprehension is not my strong point this morning.

    Just a little panicky 🙂

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