Clipper Coupon Theme Design Preview

Now that we are officially a “theme company”, it’s important to produce more high quality, well, themes of course.

Launching AppThemes took many months of development and migration which slowed us down on product development. With the new infrastructure in place, we are now in a good position to scale and offer more products to our customers.

Our goal over the next several months is to release a handful of nifty new WordPress apps and sprinkling in some typical premium themes.

Now many of you have asked if there will be a subscription-based pricing model so you can get each theme as it becomes available. The good news is yes, there will be a “theme club” which we will announce later this year.

One of our newer projects called, “Clipper” is a coupon management premium theme. This is a great affiliate money maker theme or a theme you can use to have visitors share coupons they find. Either way, this type of site has become very popular and can produce high traffic if filled with coupons….

Some of the key features will be:

  • Clean, functional design with 5 color schemes
  • Form so visitors can easily submit coupons
  • Featured slider for coupons or stores
  • Integrated email subscribe sidebar widget
  • Custom post type, taxonomies, and write panel
  • Separate blog using native WordPress posts & categories
  • Dedicated store pages which list out all their coupons
  • Yes/No buttons to vote if the coupon works or not
  • Easy to use admin options panel like ClassiPress
  • And much more!

Here are the final screen shots for the red color scheme design. Feedback is of course welcome.

Follow our theme release status page to view the progress and approximate released date of Clipper.

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 Comments (85)

  • iPod

    When are you releasing it.

  • Michell

    Hi guys! Just checking on the release date. It’s the 24th and your post says middle of September. Really would like to get this for a client who wants it done last week. May have to go with something else soon.

  • Jason

    I started crafting my own coupon theme a couple of days before I found out about this one. It sounds like it will have everything I hoped for and more. Should save me a load of time!

    Safe to say if we buy this when its released there will be discounted rates for your future theme club?

    • author

      @Jason, we plan on announcing our theme club in the next month or two. Yes, existing customers will qualify for some sort of discount.

  • Jim

    Just curious to see if you think clipper could be used as a sort of mini groupon type site for local small deals/coupons. So for example a user could list there coupons and when purchased they get paid for them? Is this a big leap away from what clipper was originally made for? or maybe I am missing the point somewhere along the line on how customizable this theme possibly could be? The site I am getting my ideas from here is which basically lists some deals from groupon type sites etc? am I way of the point here 🙂

  • customer
    Michell Kieffer

    Any closer to a release date?

  • afton

    Any support for printable coupons? For instance, can you upload a jpeg or pdf in lieu of a coupon code?

  • Derci

    Hi David,

    Really looking forward to it and hope it will be released asap.

    Just some thoughts want to share:

    1. Agree to afton, (unloadable & downloadable) printable coupons are still very important, particularly when you going to restaurants. In fact other coupon theme created by other WP template producers overly emphasized on the Coupon Code side and let the printable coupon features very much poorly developed.

    2. Integrate with Facebook, e.g. login with Facebook Connect, ability to publish on the Wall, LIKE button on each post, to let the coupons promote itself among the social network of the users.

    3. Better favorite/bookmark system. Really look for a user-friendly system that can help the users to save their favorite coupons and manage the coupons they have downloaded.

    4. Regular (cron) email to users for the search result of the keyword (category) they have subscribed.

    In fact many other features proposed by other comments are also greatly anticipated, hope that the ideas will inspire you to prefect the theme and we can looking forward to it.


  • Mali rock

    Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  • pt

    Just woundering whats happening to the clipper theme? I have found other themes similar to the clipper and with no news here I will have to go with one of them. I can wait for a while still but I do need to know when I can plan on purchasing the clipper. Can you update something?

    • author

      Hi pt, we are a bit behind schedule as you can see. You can follow our theme release status page to track our progress. Once the bar reaches 100%, it will become available. I hate to lose your business but I understand if you are in a time crunch.

      • pt

        I have been watching that. I have also looked at your other themes that are completed and that is why I am still waiting here. I do like what I see so far. I there any way to release bits and/or parts of the theme so we can start customizing the theme to our liking (Wording, Colors, ect.). Reason I ask is, it will allow us to get a jump on things and you would start receiving dividens. Is there any way to make this happen?

        • author

          Unfortunately not. We’ll only be able to release the theme once it’s all done.

          • Sam

            I have also been waiting very eagerly for this clipper theme. Now since the nov-dec peak months are coming, I need to launch the site… I hope the theme is released within a week or else I will also have to go with my second option.

  • Boca Coupons

    I can’t wait much longer either.

  • Sam

    I want an update on this urgently. David, please give us a date.

  • sam

    seems like its not going to happen. You guys dont even care to reply to our urgent queries. i wonder not if you lose many customers like me.

  • Sam

    Thanks David for the update. Okay, for the last time, I will wait till 20th.

  • Andrew

    Hi David, is it support with Vouchers By multiple Stores?

    • Andrew

      Oh yea, 2 more question :

      1. Is it possible we only allow registered member to print/download the coupon.

      2. Can I add some of my Store Customer as sub-admin of this coupon website and they will have their own dashboard management.
      Some more Could I set/limit the access right to them?
      I mean it’s kind of sub-admin user management.


      • Andrew

        Oh yea last question here..

        The Coupon Code number is generated by manually or automatically?
        or optional on both?

        Thanks. ^^

  • John

    Can I charge visitors to submit their coupons to my Clipper website?

  • customer
    James O’Sullivan

    Any news on a release for this? Is testing completed yet? waiting patiently as ever 🙂

  • pt

    It looks like I will have to go with my other guy… I have clients waiting for this site… It has been way to long of a wait from the origanial completion date. If this theme is not complete by the end of the day I will have to say bye. I have lost money on the extra waiting, and I am really not happy with your customer service… Please have this done today.

  • sam

    Its already nov 20 and I am also kindof getting late for a project. Seems like I am left with no other option then to go with my second option.

    • author

      Hey guys, sorry it’s still not ready. We had some setbacks with the release of our other theme ClassiPress so it’s going to be a while longer.

      We understand if you can’t wait and decide to go with another option.

      • jim

        ouch 🙂 the only thing I ask David is that you update the theme release table as much as possible and give as honest a release date as you can so we can all manage our projects and when its done its done… I certainly am not rushing anyone thats for sure but I guess if you said clipper will be out on christmas day then I’d be happy and look forward to my pressie 🙂

      • Andrew

        Hi David, could you answer my questions on above mentioned?
        Thanks. I’m willing to wait but I need to make sure with you about the feature of your system.


  • pt

    Looks like they dont care they are wasting or time. Well good luck to all that stick with this company. While you are waiting for them to finish I will be making money.

  • Celina

    Will this theme have a “click to see code” feature? And I totally agree with Jim.


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