Clipper Coupon Theme Design Preview

Now that we are officially a “theme company”, it’s important to produce more high quality, well, themes of course.

Launching AppThemes took many months of development and migration which slowed us down on product development. With the new infrastructure in place, we are now in a good position to scale and offer more products to our customers.

Our goal over the next several months is to release a handful of nifty new WordPress apps and sprinkling in some typical premium themes.

Now many of you have asked if there will be a subscription-based pricing model so you can get each theme as it becomes available. The good news is yes, there will be a “theme club” which we will announce later this year.

One of our newer projects called, “Clipper” is a coupon management premium theme. This is a great affiliate money maker theme or a theme you can use to have visitors share coupons they find. Either way, this type of site has become very popular and can produce high traffic if filled with coupons….

Some of the key features will be:

  • Clean, functional design with 5 color schemes
  • Form so visitors can easily submit coupons
  • Featured slider for coupons or stores
  • Integrated email subscribe sidebar widget
  • Custom post type, taxonomies, and write panel
  • Separate blog using native WordPress posts & categories
  • Dedicated store pages which list out all their coupons
  • Yes/No buttons to vote if the coupon works or not
  • Easy to use admin options panel like ClassiPress
  • And much more!

Here are the final screen shots for the red color scheme design. Feedback is of course welcome.

Follow our theme release status page to view the progress and approximate released date of Clipper.

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 Comments (85)

  • Surendran H

    The screen shot of the Clipper Coupon Theme shows this is going to be a real money maker affiliate WordPress theme so far. That’s great appearance and functionalities!

  • imomin

    This can go in Classipress as well, where subscribers can submit coupon code for their business with expiration date when they create new classified ads.

    It would be nice to give counts or statistics for number of click of the coupon ad to the subscribers in Classipress.

  • Wp Dezign

    Wow! Really can’t wait for this theme. Looks very sophisticating!!

    Planning to use it on my newly registered domain 😀

    For the guys behind, can you please expand payment methods to google checkout and 2checkout please, I cant use paypal and this will surely boost sales as woothemes and themeforest has unlimited payment options.

  • Steve

    This looks good but I really need a directory site. Is that theme on the way?

  • Jen Knox

    As much as I like the functionality of this, isn’t there a concern that this is a little “too” much like Retailmenot? It looks good, don’t get me wrong, but it’s very, very similar to RMN that I’d worry they’d find a reason to make a stink about it.

    • author

      Glad you like it Jen.

      Actually Clipper originated from our current site, We collectively thought it needed a cleaner, professional, and more polished look before we started selling it as a premium theme (hence the new design comp).

      The retailmenot site is a pretty common look (right sidebar, featured listings, search box, tabs, etc) and Clipper does share some similarities but I assure you, it’s a uniquely designed theme.

      Did you have any specific requirements besides what you see above? We’re always open to feedback.

  • Boca Coupons

    Been searching high and low on the internet for a coupon theme to use for my new site and this looks like it could be it. Please email me when it comes out with price and other details. I assume it would work well with local merchants as well as for national coupons. Not sure how to monetize it other than via adsense clickbank and affiliates.

    • author

      Check back next month and it should be available for sale.

      Yes, you can have any type of coupons listed. It’s more popular for online purchases since they usually contain a coupon code.

      What you could do is find some great coupon deals and add them on your site. Then encourage others to contribute which will help your site grow.

      Another popular way is to contact retailers and tell them you run a coupon website and would like to list their product(s). They usually provide you with a coupon code and affiliate link so you benefit from the purchase.

      Lots of ideas to profit from this type of site. I’d love to hear what others plan on doing!

  • Riley Fox

    David, Like your ideas and design for the coupon site. I’m extremely pleased to see you are using WordPress to power it. I look forward to your release!

    What is the best way to learn when it is released?

  • James

    Hi there, super job on clipper looks good. I was just curious clipper is coming after Vantage right? Is there any chance of a sneak peak at vantage if there is a screen available. I presume this is still coming before clipper? Thanks for your time

    • author

      Hi James, we are still working on the design comps for Vantage. Clipper was a bit easier to do which is why it came first.

      We’ll be posting Vantage comps once they become available. We are targeting to have both released in the middle of September.

      • James

        Thanks David for the prompt reply, cant wait to see Vantage and im hoping a nice Blog and standard pages will be in there too like classipress hint hint 🙂 Thanks again for the update. I have a few ideas/suggestions I could forward and you can discard if you want too.

        • author

          Yes, it will be our best theme yet. Not only will it have a blog and standard pages, it will also have a rating system and other cool features similar to More of a social aspect to it.

          Would love to hear your ideas. Feel free to post them here or send us an email.

  • Vastgoed

    The looks are great! If it’s possible to add extra pages with content, I will use it for sure. Regards, Jasper

    • author

      Yes, there will be a full width and regular width w/ sidebar page templates included as well. I will be including some more design comps later this week.

  • Vastgoed

    Hi David, Thank you for your fast reply. An import tool for CSV files allow to import affiliate products (from affliate websites) , would be very helpfull too.

  • author

    Just uploaded the final Clipper design comps (red color scheme) including several new pages.

    Our development team will begin work on it starting tomorrow. Everything is according to schedule. Tentative release date is the first part of September.

    • James

      Final screens look great David. Just wondering if there are options to just have printable coupons as well?

      • author

        No printable coupons option in the first release. How exactly do you see this working? It would help us figure out the best way to build it into the next release.

        • WP Dezign

          I think the best way to achieve this is by uploading a jpg image of a coupon and enabling the user to “print the coupon”.. similar to print a page.

          • N,S

            I really want this feature too. It’ll help boost local businesses.

            Like in the share a coupon page, enable the user to upload a coupon image and link it to the front page to either print or link direct to the users webpage.

            I think that will be a fantastic feature for a first release.

          • author

            That’s a good idea. I’ll see if we can squeeze it into the first release.

          • N,S

            Would be great to squeeze it in the Vantage theme aswell.. it’s an advantage 😉

  • 50

    Brilliant work David!! I did send you some infor and site on jobblogger. Hope you took them into consideration. thanks

  • Linda

    Hi David,

    What’s your timing for the Business Directory theme? And how will it be different from the ClassiPress theme?

    We’re hot to trot on a business directory site and want to know if it’s worth waiting for that theme or whether you think we should go ahead with ClassiPress…your opinion, sir?

    Regards, Linda

    • author

      We’re targeting the end of September for Vantage.

      It will be very different compared to ClassiPress since it’s built specifically for a business directory. It will be the first of it’s kind. Think of your very own site. There will be a blog post about it later this month.

  • Frank


    Do you have printable coupon feature?

    • author

      Yes, printable coupons should make it in the first version. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions!

  • Barbara

    Hi David –

    I am very excited about Vantage as well. I own PhPMyDirectory (very buggy) and have played with numerous other options.

    In fact – I was about to undertake building a custom WP directory using another premium theme when I stumbled upon ClassiPress.

    Even better – I was THRILLED to learn you were about to release a directory theme.

    If you are doing a private BETA for feedback prior to release – please count me in!

    In the meantime – here are some items on my wishlist:

    * Integrated payment processors – PayPal, Google Checkout, etc.

    * Multiple & CUSTOMIZABLE listing levels so businesses can choost which listing suits theme best – EX: Free, $49 yr/$99 yr/$149 yr, etc.

    * CUSOTMIZABLE PRICING comparison chart – like you have for Job Roller – or integrate something the chart in the Freemium themes on ThemeForest

    *Integrated Google Maps

    * Downloadable/Printable Coupons – this is BIG (There is a WP Plugin for this that lets you customize the coupons)


    * More importantly – CUSTOM FIELD SEARCH!

    * OPTIONAL ratings – some business directories allow ratings – others do not. Want to be able to turn this feature on or off.

    *BLog – of course.

    Probably lots more – but can’t wait to see a Seank Peak!



    • author

      Thanks for sharing your wishlist Barbara.

      Vantage is really going to be groundbreaking and we can’t wait to share a sneak peek in the next week or two.

      Would you mind sharing the WP coupon plugin you are referring to? We’d be interested in seeing how it works.

      • Barbara

        Hi David –

        Of all the plugins tagged “coupon” in the WP Directory – this is the most basic AND the most customizable:


        You can select from a number of backgrounds, text/fonts, etc. –
        Nothing really fab to look at but the better news is that you can CUSTOMIZE.

        Other coupon type plugins are tied into either you competition – OR tied to larger integrated media companies for paid campaigns – EX Wildfire.

        If a am a publisher of a coupon site – I want to charge local businesses for publishing their coupon or offer on my site AND I want t o be able to customize the coupon to match their biz.



  • Stevo

    The theme looks great David. I am already using the Classipress theme and am excited about the upcoming release of Clipper.

    I have one suggestion for you:

    In my humble opinion, is the best designed coupon website out there both aesthetically and from a functionality standpoint. If I were you, I would use it as a model for Clipper.

    • author

      Thanks Stevo. Yes, we agree retailmenot is nicely designed but we are trying to make our design unique in it’s own way. You will like the final product I’m sure. 😉

  • Boca Coupons

    I agree. In fact, in researching coupon sites on I came across a site that was built with a newly created wordpress theme patterned after that sold for over $300. The site looked great. Unfortunately, when I went to download the free theme I came across comments on teh internet that the theme has unwelcome links and other unwelcom addons that could be difficult to remove.

    • author

      That’s the problem with downloading free or espeically nulled copies of anything online. There’s no guarantee that it’s free of maleware, spyware, or even viruses. Gotta be careful.

  • NS

    Hi David,

    Will you be integrating a backend system similar to classipress/jobroller, so the user can save submitted coupons or will you keep the current submission form?

    If your planning to implement the print a coupon function, can you include a multiple price plan payment solution so we can charge users to submit coupons, for example local businesses.

    I’ll go into abit of detail as to how perfect Clipper should be, 2 options, free and premium. Free for users to share and submit online coupons. Premium for users/business owners to submit printable coupons, clicking the coupons displayed on the index page takes you to a blog like post but with a “print coupon” and googe map.
    Similar to this site;

    Here’s some other coupon examples;

  • NS


    Some highly sought-after requests for Clipper.

    1. Users can recommend/rank vouchers.

    2. Some people need call to action in order to make a purchase. Set a coupon expiration date to create some urgency, enticing the visitor to redeem the coupon more quickly and then come back for new coupons.

    3. Implement the “Printable Coupons” function in single store page so we can populate it with maps, business images etc.

    4. An email subscription box in the single store page, underneath active coupons to follow-up customers after their purchase, notify of new coupons available.

    Now hurryly along, I can’t wait to put this into action 😛


  • customer
    Michell Kieffer

    Any news yet on when this (Clipper) will be released? (im)Patiently waiting – LOL

    • author

      We’re finishing up the development this week so best case is to have it available next week. Soon. 🙂

  • Phil

    Hey David,

    Will this have have the following features and if not can they be incoporated in there:

    Built in import tools for CSV files
    Built in support for extra plugins and widgets
    SEO optimized
    Integrated tools to share each coupon via facebook,twitter,email (like

    Also could this be customized to look and function like say a site like

    • author


      -You should be able to use the native wordpress import tool.
      -Clipper will have it’s own look but you could always hire a developer to customize it however you like.

  • Phil

    Forgot to include 2 more things in my previous post lol:

    Auto removal of expired coupons
    Google Analytics integration

  • Andre


    Just found this and really looking forward to the release. One question:

    Will it be possible to restrict the coupons to paying members using any membership plugin?

    My idea is to have local stores show their coupons for free and then charge users a membership fee in order to download the coupon. In the long run, I have an idea of using a affiliate system and give local sport clubs and school classes the chance to earn some extra money selling memberships.

    • author


      We haven’t tested it with a membership plugin but I’m guessing it will need some custom work for it to work properly. Hard to say though without testing it.

    • NS

      That’s a great way of boosting local economy.

  • NS

    Can’t wait for the next JobRoller update release and to purchase Clipper. My local business community is waiting for this patiently.. I’m also planning to integrate a “one day only deal” tool similar to 😀

  • Boca Coupons

    The screenshots and/or features of the theme look similar in my opinion to a different theme being sold on the Internet. Can you tell me how your theme differs from the other one either in appearance, features or price?

    • author

      @Boca, the Clipper design is quite different compared to that other theme you mentioned. It will also include a separate blog and leverage WordPress custom post types for the coupon module (among other things).

      It’s also built by WordPress veterans so the code is solid and we have a great support team to help you along the way.

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