ClassiPress 3.1 Preview

It’s been a while since we’ve released a major feature update to ClassiPress but the good news is there’s one just around the corner. Version 3.1 has been in the works for a while now and will include lots of sought after features.

We actually planned on releasing it a while back but wanted to wait for WordPress 3.0 to first be released so we could benefit from its new features.

The first most noteworthy change will be the usage of WordPress 3.0 custom post types and taxonomies. All ads will now be completely separate from blog posts which makes post and category management much easier.

Other features include:

  • Checkbox and radio button custom field types
  • New users can create a password on account sign-up
  • Tool tip icon added to custom fields on form
  • Advanced search which includes radius option
  • Custom ads write panel
  • Facebook sign-in & account creation module
  • Coupon code module
  • Ability to mark ads as “sold” and keep them live
  • TinyMCE option for each custom textarea field
  • Unlimited ad posting for xx days option
  • Email sent to ad owner 3 days before ad expires
  • Main ad image will be clickable
  • Adding Google maps character encoding option
  • Report this post feature
  • and much more!

We are feverishly working on this release and it should be ready by October 8th. See our theme release status page.

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  • Emile

    Hey Dave… I’m very afraid.

    Are you falling behind on the release date for Classipress 3.1 ???

    I have see this message ont the forum about the Clipper template :

    For my project, everything is planned in relation of your release date… The progress bar bar is not updated
    Will you respect the release date please ?

  • Luke

    Can’t Wait. Hope it arrives soon.

  • Alvin

    Could you please integrate the “iDeal” payment option?
    This is the most used direct internet payment in The Netherlands. (more than 50%)

    Please consider this in this or future update!


  • singapore seo

    hey been waiting for this release, how long can we expecting? It was 8 Oct initially?

  • H Réda

    Hi I am new and not yen costumer,

    do i need to get my domain names before buying classipress ? and send them next through dns to classipress host ?

    I’m seeking for an app wich may run the small adds using a country map (France for me)

    Do the price of the classipress must be payed each year ? or is it for ever ?

    Thank you for help.

  • Emile

    Salut Réda

    contact-moi on en discute : someone.defrance (@)

  • Andy

    Any news from the new version ??? Thanks

  • Ryan

    One feature that would be nice is the ability to group custom fields together, so they display together on the ad post. For example, custom fields a,b,c all belong to group one, and custom fields d,e,f belong to group two. So on the ad, the headers are group one, and group two with their respective member fields displayed in order below.

    Love the theme, looking forward to v3.1!

  • customer
    Michael Bianchi

    Sorry if this has been asked already, but with this new version (3.1), will there be local search capability like you are implementing in Vantage? I think the local search with Google Maps API distance would be a great key search feature.

  • Andy

    Hy there guys, any chance for a custom field widget for version 3.1 like David said in this post here ???…ch-by-Location

  • Luke

    I’m excited about the new classipress 3.1

    Hope it is released on, or close to target date of Oct 31, 2010.

  • Emile

    We are all anxious for this next version.
    I hope it will be done at Oct 31

  • Funny Pranks

    WAITING new version!

    It will be great, if you added more color options!

    Great idea with Facebook sign-in!!!

  • customer
    Marcos Huisman

    Anything new??? Is everything still on track?

  • Jakarta Apartment

    Can we limit the max of picture width and height ? The system will resize if needed.

  • Andy

    Hy there once again and hope Veriosn 3.1 of classipress will be out by the end of the month.

    Would you implement a custom search field generator for the search in this version ? Something similar as this plugin here:

    I think all of us will be very interested in it.

    Also I see David is talking about something like this in this thred of the forum also.


  • Tiago Baron

    David Do not hurry, and not be afraid of people pressuring you. Just do a good job to be done only once and not have problems later!
    Do whatever is necessary.

  • customer
    Rick Adlam

    Hi David,
    Firstly, I am relaxed about when the new themes will be tested, ready and released. Murphy’s Law. I have always believed that we cannot control what someone will or will not do, and I guess that may apply in your situation too.
    [For instance Drupal 7 was going to be released in September 2009, then January 2010, then June to August 2010, and we are still waiting for that. The bigger the changes, the more that can go wrong.]
    I noticed that suddenly 3.05 is on the drawing board, and is ahead of 3.1.
    Is this because you have decided to have 3.1 line up with WordPress 3.1, which I understand may be released by WordPress in Mid December?
    If so is there a preview for 3.05 and will it have all the features that 3.1 was going to have?

    • bellboy

      Rick. Check this thread out:


      ClassiPress 3.05 will be an interim release (no region search support) as 3.1 is presenting some technical issues for upgrading existing installations.

      ClassiPress 3.1 may be released in Q4 of this year (which could mean sometime in the next 2 months).

    • Yumiko

      Hi Rick,

      I’m one of the AppThemes support team, and also the same person who wrote the long reply mentioned by bellboy ;).

      For the benefit of those who aren’t existing customers (and therefore can’t read the thread in question), and to elaborate on the summary given, yes we have made a decision to release v3.0.5 due to the complexity of the custom post type feature being implemented, and its impact on existing customers with established ClassiPress sites. We want to ensure that the migration process runs smoothly with this major change before the addition of yet another major feature (the advanced search).

      The v3.1 release won’t be far behind, as you can see from the releases page

  • Emile

    Waiting waiting and wainting again…. it’s bad to run more rabbits at once.

  • Esther

    I understand that developing so many themes may delay the planned schedule. But it would be easier to cope with if there was some attention for present bugs that are posted in the feature request forum. These are two lines change but make a huge difference for international sites that may use multibyte characters

    It would be nice to see support of multibyte characters count if shortening titles containing umlauts in the next release. Thanks.

  • customer
    Paul Littlebury

    so true – this is getting to be a real pain in the rear – sort it our guys! you are trying to do too much at once – this is very disappointing given the good start made. and wondering how much point that theme release page actually is. Expecting a checkbox in a form builder is hardly asking much.

  • customer
    Paul Littlebury

    In fact, I am giving up waiting for the mythical release, and continuing with static form approach – but a big boo hiss! for these annoying delays. “Must do better” for your existing customers.

  • Andy

    Happy Holloween guys and hope at least 3.0.5 will come out these days. We are all waiting for it. Like I said, at least 3.0.5.

  • customer
    Lucas Starbuck

    We’re starting a custom development, and I’m very keen just to have more details on the advanced search.. it’s pretty critical to us. Anyone with any more information other than ‘radius’?
    We’re looking for a ‘refine’ search option.. so users can trim results by price, location, etc.

  • Andy

    How long will we have to wait for at least version 3.0.5 to come up ??? Some of my projects are awaiting for it’s release to start.


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