ClassiPress 3.1 Preview

It’s been a while since we’ve released a major feature update to ClassiPress but the good news is there’s one just around the corner. Version 3.1 has been in the works for a while now and will include lots of sought after features.

We actually planned on releasing it a while back but wanted to wait for WordPress 3.0 to first be released so we could benefit from its new features.

The first most noteworthy change will be the usage of WordPress 3.0 custom post types and taxonomies. All ads will now be completely separate from blog posts which makes post and category management much easier.

Other features include:

  • Checkbox and radio button custom field types
  • New users can create a password on account sign-up
  • Tool tip icon added to custom fields on form
  • Advanced search which includes radius option
  • Custom ads write panel
  • Facebook sign-in & account creation module
  • Coupon code module
  • Ability to mark ads as “sold” and keep them live
  • TinyMCE option for each custom textarea field
  • Unlimited ad posting for xx days option
  • Email sent to ad owner 3 days before ad expires
  • Main ad image will be clickable
  • Adding Google maps character encoding option
  • Report this post feature
  • and much more!

We are feverishly working on this release and it should be ready by October 8th. See our theme release status page.

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  • Andy

    I see that on the Release Status Page you will test version 3.0.5 the following days but the release date changed to NOV-DEC.

    Hope you will come up with version 3.0.5 this week or the next one like you said in the mail we have received from you and not in December.

  • Josue-Brazil

    Vocês podem incluir o sistema Multi search? Certamente facilitará muito a experiência de busca no site.


  • Andy

    Come on guys , we are all waiting for version 3.05 to come up….

  • Alvin

    Come on guys , when do you release this update?
    If i look at other theme developers they spit out a new theme every week , and here an update costs 2 months ?!

    Please David , hire some guys before many customers go away

    • author

      Patience my friend. 🙂

      Our themes are not like your typical WordPress themes. If they were, yes we’d be able to release updates much faster.

      Instead, they’re WordPress Apps which take much longer to develop and test. It’s a common misconception.

      We’re currently fixing bugs found by the beta team over the weekend which means once all bugs have been fixed, we’ll release the update.

      The theme release status page will provide you with the latest info.

      • Jim

        Cool David, I would second that appthemes have some great themes here that go beyond your typical skin theme. Looking forward to the update the next 4 months or so for the other great themes such as vantage. If you ever feel you need another beta tester just give me a should David. Thanks

      • customer
        Rick Adlam

        Hi David, just to let you know, the 3.05 release has no documentation, no news post, no actual post on its existence, no benefit and feature post of it own. It would be good if these things were attended with the release. looks a great upgrade by the way, with heaps of improvements. Fantastic job.

        • author

          Hi Rick, thanks for the feedback.

          There’s actually several things that need to be tended to after a product update.

          -Update the .zip files
          -Update the demo
          -Update the install guide
          -Update the product pages
          -Write a blog post announcement
          -Notify our customers

          So instead of delaying the release by a few days by doing all those updates, we wanted to give our customers early access to the download.

          We’re writing up the documentation now and will work down the remaining items on our punch list.

          It’s one of the reasons we haven’t notified our customers yet. Imagine the strain on the server from the downloads and the lack of documentation. Our support team would be upset at me (well, more upset). 😉

  • Enver

    As soon as Checkbox and radio button added to ClassiPress I will buy the top version.
    Come on guys hurry 🙂

    • author

      @Enver, those features are done along with a ton more goodies. Once we finish bug fixing and it passes our QA process, it’ll be ready.

  • Pooya

    Hi David,
    Just wanted to know if there is any possibility for my customers on the website to post their add without having to register?

    • author

      Nope. Registration is required since it’s designed with member-only features.

      The good news with v3.0.5 is users can choose their passwords on sign-up. Then they are automatically logged in and can start posting ads. No more waiting for the sign-up email to get their passwords. It takes literally 10 seconds.

  • Toastman

    What are the key features included in 3.1 that are NOT going to feature in 3.05? I just want to know whether should upgrade from 3.0 when 3.05 is ready (as the main thing for me is the ability to generate a password on signup)or hang out until 3.1..


    • author

      @Toastman, the most important change in v3.0.5 will be the move to custom post types. This means your ads, ad categories, and ad tags will be completely separate from your blog posts (within the WP admin).

      This change alone has been why it’s taken us so long to release 3.0.5. Lots of structural changes and testing.

      So upgrading from 3.0.5 to 3.1 will be seamless compared to upgrading from 3.0.4 to 3.0.5. Both will be relatively easy, regardless.

      Highly recommended to upgrade to 3.0.5 first.

      • Toastman

        Thanks for the swift reply David. The change to custom post types sounds great and cant wait to upgrade now, have hung off upgrading until now partly down to laziness and partly because the ver. i have works so well anyway!

        I’m sorry you appear to be spending so much time dealing with people’s complaints about the upgrade schedules. Pleasing your customers is a difficult job!

  • Jerry

    David, I have to be honest. I love AppThemes. I love ClassiPress. However, your development schedule has really put me in a bind. I am hesitant to deploy a 3.04 website since the features in 3.05 alone are worth waiting for. You mentioned in the forums that the theme status page is meant to solve the communication problem. However, I feel it actually creates more frustration for us consumers. Every time you guys push back the release date, you leave us hanging. You also mentioned how Apple doesn’t release any information about their products until release date. Well, that is actually not a bad idea in your case. All this waiting is due to you guys not meeting your set release dates and own metrics. With Apple, this never (rarely, at least) happens. Therefore, no one is let down or put in a bind. I have been patiently waiting since October 8th for 3.1 to be released. That did not happen, nor did any other release plans since then. If you delivered on-time, or your releases were unannounced, then I wouldn’t be caught waiting for this important update. You can’t keep missing your release dates and expect customers to be happy.

    In any line of business, there is no substitute for good products and service. You guys have that. The one thing you need to work on is avoiding product launch delays. The most recent update on the theme status page shows november 8th. When I read that, I take that as meaning that no progress has been made since then. In order to make it work, you have to give daily updates. As I read through the forums on this topic, I feel like you guys are constantly having to explain your short-comings and convince us that you are working hard to complete this project. We are still left wondering, will it be November, or perhaps December, or will it get pushed back again because 1 programmer is ill. I don’t mean to sound rude or insult the individual who was ill, I am just pointing out your critical mistakes from a business perspective. You have to take a “no excuses” attitude when it comes to delivering products as well as customer service and satisfaction.

    I would recommend after this 3.1 release, do not give updates on ETA’s. Instead, deliver on your schedule when the software is ready. I promise you will have less angry customers and you guys will look like miracle-makers in your trade, rather than trying to play catch-up all the time and covering your backsides.

    Just my honest opinion from a business owner and friend in the industry, as well as a client.



    • author

      @Jerry, thanks for the candid feedback. I 100% agree with you regarding our release schedule.

      It’s an issue we’ve been torn with. Here’s what I mean.

      Some people ask, “when will the next release be out?” and not having an answer leaves them frustrated.

      On the flip side, when we do give an estimate, they hold us to the date. If we then push it, they are rightfully frustrated.

      We feel we’ve found a happy medium by providing a more wider date range (3 months) instead of a specific day/week. This will give people a rough idea of when to expect the next release and give us a larger window to deliver.

      We are excited to release v3.0.5 and I promise it’ll be worth the wait. 🙂

      • Emile

        All you said is good David… but can you tell us now a release date please for the 3.0.5… When I read you, I think this is the last way… maybe now you can give us a date.

  • Andy

    Also, all of us who bought version 3.04 received an email last week saying this week you will release the 3.0.5 version. Hope this weekend you will come up with it.


  • Mike

    I wonder if this new version will support “agency profiles”. I am planing to start a local real estate classifieds portal and I would like to offer some kind of “listing packages” to local real estate agencies…

    Thank you!

  • robin

    Would you implement multicity option

  • jon

    You folks need to add the option of us as ADMINS being able to remove all ads that have been cancelled or deleted from the server

    As it stands.. using this theme would mean having images piling up on my server even if they are no longer being viewed and active in the ads section. i.e customers ad is cancelled or expires. Those images they uploaded are still on my server even if they never use them again. I need to be able to remove them all in one go to keep my server costs down. Something you guys should of thought of right off the bat.

  • Alvin

    Is there an option to create usergroups where specific users like advertisers to have their own category ?

    3% left… im keeping my fingers crossed 😉

  • customer
    James O’Sullivan

    haha moving the status to 99% complete is just teasing to be honest now 🙂 haha love it

  • Luke

    Can’t wait for 3.0.5. Good luck in getting it all finished appthemes!


  • Alvin

    Uhm… what exactly is the difference between the $99 and the $159 version? Only the PSD file included for $60 extra?
    Expensive as Classipress doesn’t hold that much image files or am i wrong?
    Please inform me on this 😉

  • customer
    Gerald Kowalewski

    Holy Santa Claus $#it! What does ClassiPress 3.0.5 100% complete mean?

  • Emile


  • Andy

    Hy there, finally we got version …. One question, in case I want create a fresh install, will I be able to install this version from zero ??? I do not want to update my 3.0.4 to 3.0.5, I just want to have a fresh install.

    I see that when I am creating a fresh install, the important note to update the database still appears.

    And also wanted to know If I need to install some other plugins in order to work, because I see no plugin comes with the package.

    Thanks guys

    • author

      You shouldn’t see that upgrade message. If you do, just deactivate the theme and then reactivate it. It should go away.

      No plugins are required. Lots of features are already built into ClassiPress including new user registration email templates (since v3.0.5). Feel free to use any other plugins you like though!

  • customer
    Pavel Remus Ion

    I want to report a bug for .. For me registration form doesn’t work… I enter user, email and password and retype password ad when i click on create account , it show me all the time error “Please enter a password.”

    • author

      @Pavel, bugs should be reported in the support forum. I just tested creating an account on the demo site and didn’t have any problems.

      Make sure you enter the same password twice before hitting the continue button.

  • customer
    Pavel Remus Ion

    Also the page took to much to load and i only have 5300 ads live. When i use 3.0.4 version i don’t had this problems with page loading.

    • author

      @Pavel, we are aware of the slight performance issue and are working on a patch release due out next week.

  • Tiago Baron

    Hello David, ClassiPress 3.1 will have a new visual design?

  • hazara

    why ad photos are not washed with site name ? this is best feature to protect site’s photo property, i recommend it should be added in classipress 3.1 version.

  • Tiago Baron

    David and team, congratulations on the work being done despite the delays that occurred, the more this happens, you could build a community of people who enjoy their work and help strengthen increasingly giving tips and reporting bugs, etc.. What do you think of creating a page with a survey of the main features we’d like to see in ClassiPress Futures.
    You put the items that you think is better and can get some suggestions, we would vote only to see the most requested, so you had a greater sense of what their customers want with more ease.
    I for one would love to see the login fields at home with username and password (not having to click the link and go to the login page, it would be much faster), and also wonder how many more people wanted this feature, and I think other people would appreciate it very much.
    This would be possible?

    • author

      @Tiago, thanks for the kind words.

      Great idea about a voting mechanism. It’s funny you brought this up now. We’re actually about to launch a tool specifically for that.

      Customers can post their feature requests and everyone can vote on it. The ones with the most votes will likely be built in a future release.

      Stay tuned for our announcement regarding this.

      • Tiago Baron

        Ok David, I’m happy with it, so we know what resources are being most votes, and therefore would be the first to come in for new updates. Well since you said it is to launch it means that something may already be ready, I suggest you put a vote up to 10 items, not to dissipate much the votes or was one vote more than one choice.
        Surely people will like it, “knowing in advance” what would be the next version, and above all able to interact with the vote of items chosen by themselves and you too.

  • Andy

    Any news for the v3.1 soon ??? See that the release page it’s stucked 🙂

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