Wow! April’s Going to be Huge!

We have three big updates and more coming in April that we’re excited to announce.

Vantage 1.0

The first, widely available version of Vantage, the business directory application theme from AppThemes, will be on sale by April 27. That’s right — this release will be available to everyone, not only club members. Of course, all AppThemes Club members will have access to Vantage 1.0, too.

The release of Vantage has been a long time coming. To show our appreciation for your patience, Vantage will be on sale for the first week following the release. As mentioned in a previous post, Vantage will be available for 30% off the regular price of $99 for standard and $159 for developer. This sale will only last a week, so make sure you mark your calendar.

JobRoller 1.6

Bruno, our JobRoller developer, has been doing some absolutely incredible work. 1.6 is going to be a fantastic release with some highly anticipated features.

Job Alerts

This version of our job board theme will introduce the popularly requested job alerts feature. End users fill out an easy-to-use form to define what jobs interest them most. Whenever a job gets posted that fits their criteria, JobRoller sends an email to them. It’s just another way that JobRoller helps you stay engaged with your audience. We’ll have a full blog post on this feature in the coming days.

Job Packs

1.6 improves on job packs by adding new options. And we’re throwing away the plain design of job packs and introducing a new, more polished design. Another simple feature that should have a lot impact is allowing the purchase of a job pack without buying a job listing. Your site’s customers will now be able to click a link in the sidebar and buy job packs whenever they want.

New and Improved Feeds

Not only are we adding a Simply Hired feed, we’re improving the ways that you can use the feed data. Pull jobs from job sites, direct employers or both — sort jobs by relevance or date; style sponsored jobs using custom CSS classes and more. More feeds mean more opportunities for you and Indeed and Simply Hired are just the beginning. We’re in conversations with Career Jet and JobG8 in hopes of adding feeds from them. Have your own favorite feed you want to see added to JobRoller? Let us know in the comments!

Leaner Themes, More Plugins

The Simply Hired feature marks a major change for AppThemes. Instead of continuing to pack in feature after feature, we’re going to create lean and robust themes that have a solid set of core features. With plugins, we can continue to create a ton of new features that will not bog down your site. As a site-owner, you will get a chance to choose the features you want and leave behind the ones you don’t need.

Speaking of Plugins…

AppThemes has a fantastic community full of talented developers and designers. You may have seen some of the great work produced by members like Mr_Green, Rubencio, TinyGiant Studios and more. These folks have been selling their plugins and child themes through the forums for some time now. Well, it’s about time that they have a proper place to offer their products to all AppThemes customers.

We have been quietly working on an AppThemes marketplace for child themes and plugins. It will be a one stop shop for fine tuning and customizing your AppThemes application theme. Want to change the look of your ClassiPress site? No problem. How about a plugin to add extra features to JobRoller? Get it in the marketplace!

We’re about a month away from launching. If you have a plugin or child theme that was created to work with our themes, drop us a line at But know up front that we are looking for only the best, highest quality products to sell to our customers.

Clipper Too!

The hits just keep coming! Clipper 1.3 is available now. That’s right, we just released it today and there are some big changes to the layout. Here’s what we have done…

  • Revised the standard Clipper logo
  • Created a much larger, full-width featured coupons slider
  • Added store thumbnail to coupons – a very popular request on our ideas exchange!
  • Added expiration date to coupons in coupon list
  • Added tags to coupons in coupon list
  • Revised voting and rating display
  • Submitting a coupon has changed – more info here ( )
  • Added editable text to “Receive Coupons by Email” widget
  • Enabled styles on retrieve password page to create a seamless, branded experience

In addition to these layout and feature changes, we fixed a number of issues and addressed many other items requested by the community. You can see a full list of changes here.

We think this is an outstanding release of Clipper. The new look is bound to please your customers and visitors. We strongly recommend updating to take advantage of the great new additions. You can either download Clipper 1.3 from your customer dashboard or upgrade directly from within WordPress.

Check out the demo to see the new layout.

We have more in store for Clipper. We’ve heard your requests to make this theme more effective as an income tool and we are working on making that happen. Stay tuned, there’s a lot more to come for Clipper.

Whew! Anything Else?

Yup! We sure do have a lot going on here. As soon as we release Vantage 1.0, we’re jumping right back in to work on the next release. We’re going to keeping pushing the limits on JobRoller and keep finding ways to monetize Clipper. And there are more themes on tap but nothing that we’re ready to announce yet. We’ve learned our lesson about pre-announcing themes. But it’s really going to be a banner year for AppThemes and it all starts with our big April. Get ready everyone, it’s going to be great!

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 Comments (55)

  • Kiran Chikkala

    What a delicious news!! Really very awesome evening for me to install clipper 1.3 and customize my site again.

    Waiting for more and more innovative enhancements as well.

  • domainkidz

    will 30% off available if i take the standard club membership…

  • customer

    Yeah! Really looking forward to all your releases, best functional and monetizing themes out of the box!

  • sholiviks

    I am just wondering if you have the Clipper version 1.2 user interface with version Clipper version 1.3 features.



    • David

      No, the new UI is part of 1.3.

      • sholiviks

        Thanks, David. If I may ask, is it still possible to buy version 1.2? Besides, how can I take advantage of new features of version 1.3 on customized theme that is based version of 1.2?



        • author

          Sholiviks, if you are using a child theme, you should be able to use 1.3 with a little modification to your child theme. I would work it out in a test environment first. If you have modified your core Clipper files, I’m not sure what I could tell you.

  • tbase


    Vantage v1.0 and JR v1.6, oh baby…Bring it on!

  • David Saunders

    Will Job Roller have Simply Hired UK capability???

    If so I’m in!


  • spartac

    what great news 😀 I am very excited to discover the next releases.and the market place as well. I really cant wait.

    Thanks Appthemes for was the best thing happened to me online since i discovered the internet!

    • author

      Thanks Spartac. If Y’all didn’t know yet, Spartac has created a child theme for JobRoller and is working on more child themes. Keep ’em coming Spartac.

      • spartac

        Thanks Shannon for the reply and thanks for the great news, as they said before, Vantage, Jobroller 1.6 with Job packs and email alerts, and Clipper too, and Bruno with You !!!!! Oh!, I really cant say more than, YOU ARE JUST THE BEST.

        Just to tell, many JR and CP childthemes are in the oven right now and my team and I are taking care to release them very soon. Every couple of days there would be a surprise.

        Keep the heads up Shannon, You are the best.
        I wish you the best luck.

  • samm

    While on the Jobroller just allow the employer to state a few conditions they may expect of the Job seeker. Some employers may require some certifications while others may not necessarily require such a condition.

    Most employers may need an upload of a CV, covering letter, and other documentation scanned and uploaded while others may just need the job seeker to fill a form online and submit.

    This submission should offer a possibility to be tailored according to that employer’s requirement.

    Send me an email to show you how such form looks like online.

    Nice Job

    Offer a possibility of pulling jobs live, 2hrs, 6hrs, or even 12hrs as the current(live) pull slows the website as it has to such every time. This delay may just send away impatient prospects.

    • author

      Email sent, samm. Jobs are pulled live from Indeed per their requirements. We do not have the option to do it any other way.

  • customer

    I just wanted to comment on the design facelift for Clipper….looks great! I like that the design is evolving and a chunkier, cleaner design is being phased in. I still see hints of the smaller text, darker, shadowed tabs at the top and the footer needs “fattifying” but I suspect most of us will change those on our own or see some design changes as future versions are released. I’d prefer the latter to minimize mods.

    Keep going in that direction with the theme design and I’ll be a happy camper!

  • Philip Sen

    Yes,Midwestmedia100 you’re right. Those applications themes are really fantastic. I hope I can add all these to my collections of amazing wordpress themes.

  • ovidiubica

    I appreciate all the new features of these themes even though I don’t use them. This means things are moving ahead. Still, haven’t seen a word about Classipress features being added. Its been a while since I saw a real feature being added. Mostly bug fixes.

    • author

      We’re pretty much in maintenance with ClassiPress until we can push our new framework to the theme. CP 3.1.9 will be the last maintenance release before we do that. After we migrate the framework, you’ll be seeing more features added to ClassiPress.

  • customer

    Very pleased to hear that JobRoller 1.6 is coming and really hope it does fix some of the issues being experienced with it. Thumbs up from me 🙂

  • tbase

    Hi AppThemes,

    Regarding Vantage, I have no idea if this is in v1.0, probably not. However, going forward, would you please be so kind as to consider implementing the following.

    As we all eventually will be seeking to have paid business listings in our directories, it would be great if you did some serious research into what a great business directory listing page could look like.

    I am sure we will all have something that say’s Enjoy our introductory rate of only $39.95 per year!

    Please see our sample business directory listing here. When a site visitor views the sample business directory listing, they will make a decision within 6 seconds as to whether they spend their $39.95 on your directory or go elsewhere.

    Just a thought.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    • Shannon

      Sorry tbase. I’m not sure if I catch what you are saying. You want us to create a great looking theme or you want us to have a great looking sample listing?

      • tbase

        Hi Shannon, sorry for the late reply.

        I am saying that if a potential business is looking at spending their $$$ with a site owner’s business directory there should be a robust full featured (social media enabled)sample business directory listing that they can showcase to potential business owners so they can see what they will be getting for their $39.95. You know what I mean?

        Pictures are worth a thousand words. If done right, the sample directory listing will be a great integrated resource that site owner’s can modify, enhance, add to, etc.. to further illustrate to a potential business owner WHY they should choose to list with xyzdirectory…

        If I am a business owner, I want to see the ROI and if I am a business directory site owner, I want to be able to showcase the sample directory to jump start my business listings.

        Thank you for the time and consideration.


  • Gary

    Hey it the 27th of april today and the theme is not online… Are you really ready?

  • customer

    Hey it’s the 27 today what’s happening with vantage ? Been waiting along time for this theme.

  • Shannon

    Vantage is ready, we just need to package it up, put it online, add pages to the website and finish up tutorials and documentation.

  • John

    It´s 28th where´s Vantage?

  • Branko

    Congrats for the launch of Vantage.

    How do we get 30% discount?

  • customer

    “As mentioned in a previous post, Vantage will be available for 30% off the regular price of $99 for standard and $159 for developer”

    Where is the discount?

  • Joe

    Thanks & congrats on the release.

  • Jens

    In Europe it is the 29th now… where is Vantage ???

  • Michael

    Just checking if Job Roller with simplyhired is now available for purchase.

  • James

    I have now downloaded and started to build our website with Vantage. Very good template well set out. The biggest issue is the smart phone/tablet view. The whole site is thrown out using these browsers.

  • shob

    Is jobroller 1.6 scheduled to be released in April 2013 end as April 2012 has just passed?

  • tim

    Hi Shannon,

    I know that another person’s already asked this, but I’d really like to know if ‘Featured Employers’ is going to available on the next release of JobRoller, i.e., is this feature going to be operative before the end of 2012?

    I’m looking forward to using JobRoller for my project!



    • author

      The next couple of JobRoller releases are likely to be maintenance only releases. We’ll likely have another feature update before the end of 2012 and we’ll consider this feature at that time.

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