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It’s time for some spring cleaning and the customer showcase page needs an overhaul. Are you an existing customer currently using 3.0 and want to show off your work? Heavily modded or straight out of the box ClassiPress sites are both welcome.

If your site is selected for inclusion, you will be featured in our ClassiPress Customer Showcase  which is one of our most popular pages. This will put you front and center and includes such benefits as a free link from an authoritative WordPress Premium Themes site (great for SEO), additional free traffic, and bragging rights. Interested?

To enter, please submit a comment below with a link to your site and a brief description. All entries will be reviewed and then selected by the end of May. Good luck and we’re looking forward to seeing a few of the thousands of ClassiPress sites being used all around the world today!

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  • Vezubuhle

    I managed to get the drop down menu with the city, region, i haven’t launched the site but you can still see how wonderful this script is.

    Thanks guys.

  • Vezubuhle

    I will post something the next few hours, i was just on my way out. I think it’s best if post it on the support forum for everyone to see.

  • Roma Annunci
    Il sito con tutti gli annunci di Roma

  • Mika


    Here is one of my sites that I have migrated to 3.0. It is a Canadian specific site for Rentals in Maui:

  • Mika

    BTW, on the current showcase page the links to these sites are dead

    this site has only test ads:

    and this site doesn’t appear to be using classipress at all

    I would be happy to migrate some more of my classipress sites over to take the place of these dead ones so you can use those to show people what 3.0 looks like. 🙂

    If you’re interested in a list of the sites, shoot me an email and I’ll send them to you. I just don’t want to spam this thread with them.

  • rtibbs4

    I keep trying to post my url here but it says it is spam and the captcha won’t let me through. I guess you can click my user name if you want to take a look at it. Thanks.

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  • rubencio

    See my HARD ClassiPress mod at and follow the updates at the forum.

  • Cecil

    Hey guys,

    just wanted to share what I’ve done with ClassiPress. It’s still in Live Beta testing to work out a few final bugs, but for the most part it’s solid. Haven’t promoted the site yet so it only has a few test ads that i placed to work out functional stuff.

    I’ve lost track of everything I’ve changed, but here’s a few things:

    – when logged in, added the ability to create a “quick listing” from directory by clicking a plus button that appears when you roll over a category name. basically just skips the first page right to the details form.

    – reworked search to include auto-complete keywords, auto-complete zip/city and search by listing id

    – city state and zip are all based on a database i added of the entire united states so that city names will always be the same and associated with their zip code and state (no user typos that way, and i have reliable city,state/zip to place in each listing to search on)

    – Video pricing and enable/disable options in admin price settings
    – Video up sell on post form
    – “featured price” by category options in admin price settings
    – “new ad period” options in admin settings (show a nifty little new icon if an ad is less than “x” days old)

    – reporting form for listings (user moderation)
    – Live search filter on dashboard to search through posters listings quickly
    – added thumbnails, total views #, and quick renew link to dashboard listings
    – recently viewed listings in user dashboard
    – added ability to save favorite listings to your dashboard to view later

    …and lots more.

    Thanks, hope you like it!

    • Buhle

      This is the best i’ve seenso far. Well done. I think this is the standard Classipress should try to keep up to.

    • Cecile

      What a great work ! I really like all the new functionnalities that you added to the original script ! The video “how to” is also a great service to the end-user !

      Can I just ask you if you used a plugin for the auto-completion search , and how did you managed to add icons to the category parent names on the homepage ? (I got lost there a few days ago..)

      Thanks a lot !

      • Cecil

        thanks guys!

        @buhle, :blushing: lol

        @cecile, for the auto-complete i started with this plugin:

        and then changed the way it worked for my searches. it works great without mods for the main search too though. The category icons are fairly easy with a little CSS and a slight mod to the directory function.

        started a thread in the forums, i’ll try to post that code soon.

        • Cecile

          Thanks I’ll have a look at the plugin ! Regarding the catgory icons, I was ok with the CSS, it’s just the “slight” mod, as you said , into the directory function that kept me awake for some nights .. And I also have a thread about this topic in the forums ! 😉

        • customer
          Vezubuhle Sigidi

          Hi Cecil.

          Do you mind sharing about how you did the icons? How did you get the functions to print the id?

  • Mamunur Rasid

    This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post.

    Mamunur Rasid
    Outsourcing Provider.

  • Tony Hayes


    Im not sure if you are still looking for new websites to showcase but my website is here – – great theme.

  • Geek occaz


    I want to present my new site. It finished on classipress 3.0.2

    It’s a site of free announces for Geeks !

    Thank you to the quality of your work.

    Best regards,

  • rubencio

    Another ClassiPress customization for my client…
    (not finished yet)

  • Paul

    Been live for about a month and a bit!

    may 24 visitors

    june nearly 300!

    I love classipress thanks so much –


  • Tony Locke

    I am developing a site that needs certain functionality. It is like a craigslist in that people can post for free. Someone browsing or searching the listings needs to be able to sort according to proximity from their inputed zip code, and I need to keep the contact information permanently confidential. Sending e-mails needs to work like Ebay. They go through the website. Once contacted both persons have each others e-mails and I have provided the connecting service. End of service.
    Here’s my BIG question. What plugin would allow me to charge a fee to then enable someone browsing to contact someone who listed and made the post? I want posting to be free, but contacting those who post needs to collect a fee. I could have each registered member load a credit of $20 to their account and then I could debit $1 per click when e-mailing another member. I could also charge a yearly fee and allow unlimited contacting during that time period.
    I know this sounds like a porn site but it is actually a religious networking site.
    Elgg has too much functionality, Buddypress allows too much contacting between members and I don’t want that without a fee. Where do I go? I use WordPress for all my sites. I am hosted on Godaddy. I am not looking for a free site. I can pay a reasonable fee for this functionality. Of course, free is always good. =)

  • Weiss

    Hope you like it. -> – [Still Beta] I am waiting for the much needed Loction Based Search Filter said to appear in a future classipress update.

  • Farm Classifieds Ads

    Just Setup, looking forward to the cash flowing in…..

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  • Eduardo

    Hello, look this

  • Mashfiq

    Dear Eduardo,
    which plugin u use for slideshow at “” & how?

  • Laura


    Just wanted to post my newly launched site. I have only had a few small modifications done, and though the site still has a few more things that it needs, I love the “right out of the box” look and feel of Classipress. This is a great product and I am very pleased that I purchased it for my business.



    Vou fazer a aquisição do Thema, para alavancar os negócios em meu domínio, porque atualmente está muito estável

    Aceito sugestões de temas para serem usados.

  • customer
    Ms Mohale

    I use the theme to run a transport portal where truck owners post their empty trucks in search for loads in South Africa.

  • Mashfiq

    Hi is a B2B Classified site with Classipress.

  • Mashfiq

    Hi is B2B Classified site with classipress.

  • customer
    Marco Langhorst

    HI there,

    Any feedback welcome.


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