ClassiPress 3.1 (Release Candidate 1)

The time to release ClassiPress 3.1 is here. After much coding and testing, we are publishing release candidate one and making it available to all customers. While we have completed extensive internal testing and had the help of many experienced ClassiPress users in the beta testing period, releasing the product to a wider audience is the ultimate criterion.

We are making sure that we are prepared to immediately tackle any problems that may come up in the next few days. Yumiko and her team are prepped to handle any extra activity in the forums and the developers are ready to attack any bugs.

What to Expect in the Coming Days

We will be taking the next few days to resolve any possible bugs or other problems that get reported. Expect a bug fix update, if necessary, within 10-12 days. We are also planning to release a minor update (3.1.1) in approximately 4-5 weeks.

So What’s New?

  • Facebook sign-in & account creation module
  • Custom ads admin write panel to better manage your customers ads
  • Completely customizable category advanced search with a built-in location radius filter
  • Custom membership pricing packages
  • Upgraded Google maps with geo-mapping for precision accuracy

So What Do I Do Next?

  • Log into your customer account, download and install a copy of ClassiPress 3.1 RC1
  • Read our tutorials on membership packs, activating advanced search and activating Facebook login
  • Take some time to test thoroughly to see if you notice any problems with your install
  • If you do encounter any issues, please go to the customer support forums to report the problem
    • Please search the forums first to see if anyone else has already started a thread regarding that issue
    • If no thread has been started, please begin a new one


We would like to thank the beta testers again for helping us solidify this initial release of CP 3.1. Your assistance has been invaluable. We would also like to thank everyone for their patience in waiting for this release. With the incredible new personnel we have on staff and the great customers that support us, we believe that this release is just the beginning of promising new phase for ClassiPress.

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 Comments (62)

  • Ben

    @David and classipress teams

    Is it possible allowing ads posting from a certain country?

    Like ad posting is allowed from the country X only, the rest of the world are not allowed doing so, but they can view and comment… unless they have a paid membership or so?

    Another nice feature would be “Verified user(seller/buyer)” stamp. Can this be included in the next release?

    • staff

      @Ben, no restricting ad posting by country is something a bit more difficult to do. You’d have to do it by IP address. There might even be a WordPress plugin that does something like that.

      Good suggestion. You should submit it to our Ideas Exchange and get it voted up.

  • Saeed Ahmad

    how to download

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